Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1550

Xia Tian after knowing day Lingshan can look up the news of crevice prison, has moved. Crevice prison. In any event he must go. No matter spends many painstaking care. He must rescue Brother Xiaoma, but he could not find the position of crevice prison, after he knows the news of little crevice prison, without hesitation will rush to seek. Now he listened to Zhao Yushu saying that day Lingshan had the news of crevice prison, therefore he must go to day Lingshan to seek for the news of crevice prison. Volume, joins day Lingshan not to be easy, but should not have the issue by your intelligence.” Zhao Yushu looked at Xia Tian one to continue saying: „The person who day Lingshan five annual meetings to major urban choice talents, selected can join day Lingshan.” Now past few years?” Xia Tian asked. Two years.” Zhao Yushu said. In other words also takes three years? Isn't that good, does have means a bit faster?” Xia Tian asked. „Has, but.” Zhao Yushu somewhat hesitates. What?” Xia Tian asked. Is a little dangerous.” Zhao Yushu said.

I do not fear the danger.” Xia Tian said. „The issue that this doesn't fear, the danger, another method is to climb up day Lingshan, but day Lingshan about 300 meters in height, the surroundings do not have any path, besides walking transmission, can only crawl, around there is very important, stone like knife sharp, absolutely does not have the place to grasp, moreover sunlight perpendicular incidence there, that above temperature are least also 70-80 degrees, upward is hotter, the maximum temperature may amount to 150 degrees.” Zhao Yushu reminded. Temperature is not the issue, I am also hot attribute, moreover I break through to the day erysipelas that Heaven Grade is takes, therefore I should receive not the big injury.” Xia Tian said. Is hot attribute is not good, it is different from the attack, this above temperature is the entire heat, your hand, the foot, the body, on the face all will be when the time comes hot, then like is the knife sharp stone wall you cannot hold, you cannot step on.” Zhao Yushu said. Does not give a try how to know is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Has quarried a mountain since day Lingshan, altogether has three people to crawl, a time shortest person crawled seven times, has used for one month.” Zhao Yushu said. Since some people succeed, that represents me also to have the opportunity.” The Xia Tian matter therefore is always others cannot achieve with has not been done, now makes him be others to achieve, he believes one also certainly can achieve. You left have thought oneself infallible, you know that what rank that three people were? You know how many people have dead above? The mortality rate is 1/100000.” Zhao Yushu is a little excited, she does not understand that her so will be why excited: Every day some people crawl, many people even soon crawled to the place, finally also plunged to death, your hand has built the crown, the above person will not draw your, because this is the custom, before some people closed right up against their will to crawl the crown, finally thinks that saw to hope, finally a hand loosen fell down directly.” All right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the success ratio 1/100000, in other words, under day Lingshan had died 300,000 people. Everyone has to seek the immortal dream, but these people have lost finally actually their life. Moreover was your successful joining to a day of Lingshan, others will not care about you, because cultivation this road, not only looked to have the will on the line, must look at the talent, your using energy untold hardships crawled also merely is only an ordinary disciple.” Zhao Yushu said. Many people think that this probability is so small, the person who that crawls must certainly receive the treatment, was regarded the talent to train.

But they made a mistake. The person who crawls, can only show that their wills are strong, but the way of cultivation, the will can train, day Lingshan also has the method of special training will, but the talent is inherent. The talent life of some people on. It looks like Zhao Yushu is the same, she in day Lingshan is also very famous, two years, the strength from cauldron Rank 1 cultivation to cauldron Rank 8, this absolutely is the skip-type growth, this speed in coming that the entire Tiantian Lingshan also looks up. I understand.” Xia Tian nodded. In spirit world, what looks will be talent and future strength. You know how many disciples day Lingshan does have?” Zhao Yushu looked that asked to Xia Tian. Does not know.” Xia Tian shook the head. Ordinary white clothing disciple more than 30,000 people, black clothing disciple 3000 people, yellow clothes disciple 300 people, scarlet disciple 20 people.” Zhao Yushu said. Disparity these many? The juniors of what rank are you?” Xia Tian asked. Yellow clothes disciple!” Zhao Yushu status unexpectedly is the yellow clothes disciple, she joins the day Lingshan two years, but his status unexpectedly so is high, but day Lingshan more than 30,000 disciples, but her unexpectedly is the yellow clothes disciple. Thus it can be seen her talent actually how high.

The white clothing disciple turns into the probability of black clothing disciple is 1/10, in other words only then the most splendid white clothing disciple has the opportunity becomes the black clothing disciple, moreover you want into the black clothing disciple, that will certainly the black clothing disciple die or is defeated by you, otherwise you are impossible become the black clothing disciple, because of quota such several. But the black clothing disciple wants to turn into yellow clothes disciple misery, is not only the strength, but must look at the talent, no matter in other words your strength is much strong, so long as your talent does not attain a designated standard, same is unable to become the yellow clothes disciple. As for the scarlet disciple, that is the day Lingshan status highest person. What rank can go to book collection pavilion?” Xia Tian asked. The black clothing disciple takes the degree of contribution, but enters the degree of contribution of book collection pavilion to need very high. How does degree of contribution obtain?” Xia Tian asked. Degree of contribution quite outside spirit stone, but does not allow to trade spirit stone in day Lingshan secretly, there currency is the degree of contribution, steps on the efficacious medicine, hunts and kills the ominous beast, catches the spirit beast wait / etc., some Sect mission can increase the degree of contribution.” Zhao Yushu said. Good, I understood.” Xia Tian nodded. Hey, you understood anything, what was main was joins day Lingshan is a very difficult matter, before you have not joined day Lingshan, these matters did not have with your relations.” Zhao Yushu said. Relax, these matters have the relations with me.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face. Actually you are which come self-confident? Who is your girlfriend? Is more outstanding than me?” Zhao Yushu looks to Xia Tian very earnest asking, she is very curious, actually the Xia Tian girlfriend is, why Xia Tian will reject itself for his girlfriend.