Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1552

Fear death! Is the common failing of person. Recently these days later, their several people already ripe cannot be ripe, therefore anything also said exported. I know finally that your talent so was why high, because you experienced the wars of too many life and death, therefore you are also easier to break through.” The big young master said. More many that as they contact with Xia Tian, they discovered that Xia Tian is more mystical. Fights, if you do not go all out, finally that dies possibly is you, this matter is not the martial arts contest, does not compare notes, therefore you must hold the determination that must die to hit, you do not kill him, he will kill you.” Xia Tian said. If dozens do hit your one with your strength same person?” Five young masters open the mouth to ask. Five sons' topic raises, all people all looked to Xia Tian, for these days Xia Tian and they said the matter about fight experience, although Realm of these people were higher than Xia Tian, but the fight between life and death, they absolutely did not have Xia Tian to be many. They who therefore Xia Tian said are also interested, moreover they discovered these that Xia Tian said are useful in the actual combat. Issue that this five young masters asked was very good. If this issue Xia Tian replied, after them, comes across this matter, can solve. Meets person many times, that must first see clearly, who is the eldest children in these people, has settled on him, only hits him, must seize the opportunity, gets rid to be decisive, moreover must hit to vital point, this vital point can not kill him, but must strike down the opposite party, you want to kill the opposite party, that opposite party will definitely protect vital point, you are impossible to achieve, but if you attack his joint vital point, he will be affirmative is struck down by you, temporarily will lose the revolt ability, at this time on was your opportunity, started certainly to be ruthless, opposite party where. Where fires off will be very miserable, best is the blood flies horizontally.” Xia Tian said. Only hits words of person, will that other people same have killed you?” The big young master asked. Naturally not, so long as your front matter has completed, that then you lived.” Xia Tian said. Why?” The big young master does not understand the meaning of Xia Tian. Nobody does not fear death, even if I also fears death, but in that case, you must hold the determination that must die, very ruthless can rescue the method that you assign only, you must these to see your very ruthless, has remembered, no matter this person has killed do not call a halt, some big strengths hit the big strength.” Xia Tian said. I understood.” Five young masters nodded.

I also understood.” Seven young masters said: Frightens, if I am one of the surrounding these people, saw that such scene definitely does not dare to go forward, only if that person is my life and death brothers, I will go forward.” Right, so long as opposite party these people are not the life and death brothers, you lived.” Xia Tian said. If the opposite party is the life and death brothers?” Five young masters open the mouth to ask. Is impossible to appear.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Why is impossible?” Five young masters asked again. If these people are the life and death brothers, that strength will not be the same, reason that many people can condense are dealing with a person together, that definitely has figure of core figure and odd change, therefore their strengths will not be equal, you are impossible to win opposite fiercest that.” Xia Tian said. What to do if we did bump into this situation?” Nine young masters open the mouth to ask. Easy to do.” Xia Tian said. „?” Heard Xia Tian to say easy to do, all people all looked to him. Waits for death, you cannot in any case be inescapable, hit not to hit.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” All people have all smiled. You are very probably happy.” At this moment, a female arrived at the entrance of Xia Tian house. Little Sister, how did you come?” Seven young masters have stood hurriedly. He must compete immediately, I have a look.” Zhao Yushu walked directly, but she had not notified big young master and the others, this is because the childhood big young master they frequently bullied her and seven young masters, she thought that she afterward did not have to retaliate them to them the face, now seven young masters they related to relax, he cannot say anything.

How you such do not have the politeness.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, several people all is a heavy line of face, in Zhao Family, dares such to the person who Zhao Yushu spoke perhaps also only then his. Notified several elder brothers.” Xia Tian continues to say. You.” Root that Zhao Yu breathes a sigh of relief straight itchy, Xia Tian unexpectedly dares such to speak to her . Moreover the tone that spoke resembled her is the Xia Tian person is really same. My what I? Did you forget you are my person?” Xia Tian said directly. Humph! Hears these words time, seven young masters and the others all opened the mouth to look to Xia Tian. This is the flash news. Xia Tian unexpectedly said that Zhao Yushu is his person, in other words Xia Tian already to Zhao Yushu that but everybody does not know when Xia Tian gets rid. Zhao Yushu was insane. She now by Xia Tian being wild with rage, Xia Tian unexpectedly has worked as the surface of these many people to speak this saying, resembled her is the Xia Tian person is really same, although Xia Tian has kissed her, but she, but pure. Do not talk nonsense.” Zhao Yushu indignant saying. „Did I talk nonsense?” Xia Tian asked. You talked nonsense.” A Zhao Yushu such saying seemed the appearance of acting like a spoiled brat. Sees this appearance, seven young masters stood up directly: Nonsense, I walked first.” Volume, I also first walked, you continue.” The big young master shows a faint smile.

Afterward several other people also stood up leave directly. Their this walks, Zhao Yushu has not talked clearly, her angry looks at Xia Tian: Why do you destroy my reputation?” I do not have, I did not tell you, you are my person.” Xia Tian said. You said that is.” Zhao Yushu both hands fork waist. Right, I said am, that is.” Xia Tian very serious saying. How you can be so overbearing.” Zhao Yushu has soon been wild with rage. I was used.” Xia Tian said that went back to own room. Also has left behind a Zhao Yushu person there. Indignant under Zhao Yushu also walked. Two days later, all people get up is very early, because today is heroic Xia Tian and competition between day of Yong city youth first Expert day of Yong city, this fight has caused a stir in City Lord Mansion. Finally the City Lord decision watches personally, and works as this referee by him. Li Yuanba, interesting.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting.