Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1553

Li Yuanba, day Yong city youth generation of first Expert. Strength, cauldron Rank 4! Heart of ranking Songyuan fourth, holds up 3500 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. In hand bright moonlight sword 1700 cattys in weight, this strength on sufficiently being battered to death match. Perhaps ordinary Expert links this weight the cauldron unable to lift, do not say that was the resistance such heavy weapon. Regarding Xia Tian, challenges Li Yuanba is also he confirms oneself strength most good opportunity. He now is Heaven Grade Expert, the strength had the drastic change, he also wants to try the present true strength to defeat Li Yuan to dominate this rank Expert, although he has held up 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. But that is the merit of small cauldron, but is not his stamina quantity. If this stamina quantity has 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), he threw to throw casually to fly directly Li Yuanba, that also compared anything. Stands before the mirror, Xia Tian has changed clean clothes: Your T. M. Also led.” ! When Xia Tian opens the door, seven young masters and the others waited there. Confident?” The big young master opens the mouth to ask. This is not the issue.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really extremely arrogant enough, but the match Li Yuan dominates.” Five young masters laugh were saying. Volume, loves seisei, refuses to accept to hit, Martial Arts also fears the kitchen knife again high, Kungfu is good a brick to knock down.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, several people collapsed.

Which Xia Tian this must go to contend in martial arts with Expert, clearly is small rascal must the trend that goes to the street to fight. Patriarch went first, we, the sedan chair have also arranged.” Seven young masters said. Ok, did not ride sedan chair, I felt that was too free, we walk.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. Good, since you do not ride the sedan chair, we walk.” Seven young masters said. At this time the entrance presented a female, is not others, is Zhao Yushu. Saw that Zhao Yushu came. „!” Seven young masters coughed lightly: You a bit faster, I outside you.” Do not listen his, takes your time, does not worry, making Li Yuanba wait for going.” The big young master has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, afterward also walked. Em, no rush.” Five young master numerous nods of, exited afterward. Listens to nine elder brother words, leaves too the wound body, one must contend in martial arts.” Nine young masters said that also turn around exited. keep it up.” Four young masters have given a Xia Tian keep it up expression. Saw that they several movements add on the words that they spoke, Zhao Yushu soon has irritated, she is just deliberately considered that walks together, finally these person unexpectedly looked that she came to exit, this must irritate her simply, resembled her to have the matter to be the same with Xia Tian. You also come out to me.” Zhao Yushu shouts. Receives, wife Sir.” Xia Tian said that directly walks toward outside. Hears the name of Xia Tian, several people titter, but Xia Tian seems is flirting with one another to be the same with Zhao Yushu. You.” Zhao Yushu knows that everybody this time definitely has misunderstood, she of air/Qi, does not know really should say anything.

Walked!” Xia Tian waves, their this line of brothers several. Naturally, second child their this group of people had not gone together, the second child has been finding the opportunity to begin, wants to kill Xia Tian, recently but where Xia Tian had not gone, therefore the second child they do not have the opportunity to start. At this time in a Zhao Family room. This Xia Tian cannot run away absolutely.” Two young master corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Second Brother, does this medicine guarantee? I heard that the beforehand big brother they have put the medicine to him, finally was also discovered by them.” Saying that six young masters worry about. This time medicine is not easy to discover that I spent 1000 low grade spirit stone to take it, this was I saves completely, this type of toxicant was colorless . Moreover the toxicity was slow, this easily was not discovered.” Two young master excited saying, so long as Xia Tian dies, among them the balance immediately is broken, the team that the big young master they also will leave when the time comes perhaps seven young masters, he has thought big young master and the others under the obscenity of Xia Tian, the prestige, will therefore submit seven young masters. But the Second Brother, how do we prescribe medicine?” Eight young masters asked. This ease in doing, old eight, this must think your, you relate well with that girl, when the time comes your this.” Xia Tian and the others no one have ridden the sedan chair, the group such went out of Zhao Family. Their this line of noticeable, usual sons of the influential go out ride the sedan chair, but their these son of the influential young ladies unexpectedly are walks today, this has to make the people feel surprisedly. Therefore some people start following quietly behind them. Just started quietly, successor were getting more and more, is unable quietly has followed, several hundred people of over a thousand people, how quietly. However they discovered that Xia Tian and the others have not said their anything, therefore they finally on frank and upright following. The place that at this time they contend in martial arts is City Lord Mansion outside, this is in the day of Yong city is most greatly firmer than the practice grounds, ordinary Heaven Grade Expert full to martial arts contest stage attack , can only the reluctant staying behind scratch. This time Li Yuanba came. Is sitting well there.

The head of the clan and City Lord of four respected families also came, actually thus it can be seen this contends in martial arts to attract attention. They came!” At this moment, does not know that was who shouted, rear these people resigned a channel afterward, therefore Xia Tian and Zhao Family that several brothers walked. Excuse me, we came late.” Shouting of seven young master apologies. Late is not late.” City Lord said. You prepare.” Seven young masters look at Xia Tian to say. At this time front the places of that several seat, sit the head of the clan who person City Lord here adds on four respected families. How do you see this competition?” City Lord opens the mouth to ask. This also with asking? The Yuan tyrant definitely is wins.” Patriarch of Li said directly that he to Li Yuanba has fully self-confident, although Xia Tian has held up ten thousand jin (0.5 kg), but he had inquired, Xia Tian is just a Earth Grade greatly complete person, in his eyes this strength pulls on shoes to him does not match, so long as Xia Tian can hold up ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, in this definitely had to say the head. I also think that Li Yuan dominates to win.” Sun Family Patriarch said. I am also same.” Admires Rong Jia Patriarch to say. Finally their several looked to Zhao Family Patriarch, because Xia Tian was the Zhao Family person, how they want to listen to Zhao Family Patriarch to say now. This you.” City Lord looks that Zhao Family Patriarch said. He said that he can win.” Zhao Family Patriarch expression light saying, his words said unusual is optional.