Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1557

At this time all people to the Xia Tian card in a hand have had on the spot the interest, because they are very curious, actually the Xia Tian card in a hand is anything, Xia Tian so will be why self-confident to own card in a hand. Is the Xia Tian card in a hand very really strong? Therefore he so will be self-confident. But now Xia Tian also in condition of poison. Puff! The Xia Tian words just said that is a black blood blowout, at the same time his body knees down. Xia Tian!” Seven young masters and the others anxious shouting, simultaneously wants. Do not come.” Xia Tian has stood once more. He has not thought that this poisonous toxicity is so violent. Snort, I thought how long you can also insist.” Saying of two young master coldly. Second Brother, he discovered us a moment ago probably.” Six sons' courage are quite always small. I know, but he impossible to say in the front of these many people, otherwise the Zhao Family face countenance did not have, therefore he can only endure now.” Two young masters when Xia Tian looked to him knows that the matter has gone bad, when he saw Xia Tian has not said him, understood the idea of Xia Tian. So long as he died, that nobody knows that is we do.” Six young masters clenched teeth, he also can only pray now. Prayed that Xia Tian a bit faster died. Puff! Black blood spout from the Xia Tian mouth. Do not show off power, now gets down the treatment also to rescue, I feared that you will die here.” Saying that Li Yuanba worries about, he really a little worried now, what to do if Xia Tian does die really here? That may go bad, his reputation also will definitely suffer a disastrous decline. My blood are many, spits several.” Xia Tian light saying.

The Zhao Family Patriarch vision swept to two young masters and the others, he can the lip language, when he saw two young master several people of dialogs a brow wrinkle, but he has not said anything, he finally understands why now Xia Tian clearly knows the murderer was the reason that no one said. I did not accompany you to play.” Li Yuanba said that must walk. ! But at this moment, he heard a sword cry suddenly. Li Yuanba, you lost.” Xia Tian said that the sword in his right hand float in the airborne, hot element covers his sword, afterward his sword, one point two, two points four, four points eight, eight points 16. The sword of quick that flame appeared over ten thousand, these over ten thousand swords moved to cover the entire arena. What?” Li Yuanba at this time already thorough being shocked. This is how possible.” Several people who on stage sat all have also stood. Domain! His unexpectedly grasped the domain.” Zhao Yushu whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Domain! How this type of thing he possibly grasps.” Miss zither Xiao has also opened the mouth. The domain is thing that only then in the legend presents, so long as the legend had the domain, that can jump the ranks the challenge, moreover is late stage is more obvious, the domain maximum might in certain space, this person is invincible. This space turns over to this person to control. At this time this arena is the Xia Tian domain, around the arena is the flame long sword, the entire space is the white flame. Li Yuan dominates cannot shunt these many flame. How regardless of he hits, these flame long swords are continuously. I lost.” Li Yuanba received the sword in oneself hand, he understands that he was impossible to defeat this domain, he had only heard the domain before, but has never seen, today he has experienced the domain might, he discovered that he dodged in this arena in any event, was the dead ends, regardless of he used any style unable to avoid this not to have the flame attack of blind spot continuously. If the ordinary flame, he can also resist. But the Xia Tian flame temperature is too high, he is unable to dodge.

! Xia Tian takes back the sword. Ka! The long sword of Spirit Tool rank crushes directly, after withstanding a Xia Tian domain, this has discarded the sword. Although the domain is formidable, but same the request to the carrier is also very high, moreover regarding the consumption of Xia Tian is also very big. Helps me watch two young master that group of people, this is I have won the request, if they get rid to cope with seven young masters, that kills.” Xia Tian passes message to Li Yuanba said that he knows Li Yuanba is a person of keeping one's word, therefore he decided that entrusts this matter to Li Yuanba. Xia Tian won. At this time on -the-spot people one's blood bubbles up to the brim, Xia Tian has ignited their dream, before Li Yuanba in their eyes was the perfection, was they felt for a lifetime is unable to surmount. However the appearance of Xia Tian made them know, Li Yuanba was also a person, an ordinary person. They will have the opportunity to exceed Li Yuanba in the future. Has won, Xia Tian won.” That person excited shouting of seven young masters. I have not really married wrong person.” Zhao Yushu somewhat excited saying. His unexpectedly grasped the domain, moreover won?” Miss zither Xiao a face strange looks at Xia Tian, her elegant micro wrinkle. „The Li old fogy, you lost, 10,000 low grade spirit stone I thought how you take.” Zhao Family Patriarch said that curls up the Chu bag on table, afterward jumped up directly the arena, when that moment of his jumping up arena, body of Xia Tian also but actually. However Xia Tian has not thrown down, but was given to assist by him. The hand of Zhao Family Patriarch built on the Xia Tian [lineage/vein]: Has troubled, this poisonous toxicity is quite fierce.” This is how possible, how he possibly can the domain.” The head of the clan of Li thorough hoodwinking, 10,000 low grade spirit stone, he has brought the disaster to Li. All Zhao Family juniors obey orders, all returns to Zhao Family.” Zhao Family Patriarch said that holds Xia Tian directly, then turns toward the Zhao Family direction to flush away.

Sees the Zhao Family Patriarch expression, everybody knows that the toxin in Xia Tian is definitely great. Whiz! Head of the clan Zhao Family leaves directly. Zhao Yushu followed. Father, is he how is it?” Asking that Zhao Yushu worries about. „The probability that lives is uncertain, you help me return to the family backyard to take that to revive pill, can preserve his life to look at his good fortune.” Head of the clan Zhao Family said. Good!” Zhao Yushu said that picked up the speed. Meanwhile, Zhao Family all juniors all hurry back to Zhao Family, because the head of the clan ordered. When they return to the family converges in the Zhao Family courtyard completely, but at this time the complexion of head of the clan Zhao Family is ugly, Xia Tian lies down in side, he has been pouring into spiritual energy to the body of Xia Tian. Father, he how?” Zhao Yushu also stands there. A scene silence. Head of the clan Zhao Family shook the head. Saw head of the clan Zhao Family shakes the head, seven young masters and the others all looked at dumbly there, but two young masters and the others relaxed obviously. „!” At this moment Xia Tian coughed suddenly suo.