Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1558

Hears Xia Tian coughs suo time, Zhao Family Patriarch squats hurriedly the inspection. Miracle, is really miracle, his body unexpectedly is detoxifying voluntarily.” Zhao Family Patriarch surprised saying. Hears Zhao Family Patriarch these words time, seven young masters and the others the complexions were finally more moderate, but two young masters and the others are the complexion becomes very ugly. Father, was he all right?” Zhao Yushu asked. Should be all right, at the disintoxicating speed of his body, within one day should not have what to obstruct greatly, matter that I first process intoxication.” Zhao Family Patriarch said. Intoxicate! This glossary is very sensitive. Reason that because Xia Tian now turns into this , because some people intoxicated to him. Is who does?” Zhao Yushu asked. Butler!” Zhao Family Patriarch waved. Sir Patriarch, I already Zha Guo, tea, although was drunk, but the teacup situation also remains, is a toxicity is violent and invisible toxicant, in this toxicant market condition the price is high, takes 1000 low grade spirit stone one, my also Zha Guo, that toxicant was sells our Zhao Family to come.” Butler said. What? In tea poisonous? Is impossible! The tea is I soaks personally, nobody can intoxicate before me.” Shaking the head that Zhao Yushu keeps, as if not believe that this matter is the same. Seven young masters and the others have not spoken. Second child, third child, sixth child, old eight, leave to me.” Head of the clan Zhao Family gives a loud shout. These eight people walk up hurriedly, simultaneously knelt on the ground.

Zhao Family can put out 1000 low grade spirit stone may few, moreover can under poison Xia Tian person few. Head of the clan, is not we do.” Two young masters have bitten to death this matter, he knows that cannot incur absolutely, did not have the evidence to prove that in any case now is they do, once he has incurred, they several fates will be very absolutely miserable. „The sixth child, I gives you an opportunity, you replied, I did not kill you.” Zhao Family Patriarch facial color ice-cold saying , he although has usually not stopped the small friction between these sons, but he cannot tolerate this matter occurrence, their deliberately creating trouble have almost ruined the Zhao Family future. Patriarch, no, the father, I have made a mistake, I have made a mistake, I said that I all said.” Six sons' courage are smallest, was such frightened by Zhao Family Patriarch cannot control immediately. Sixth child!” Two young masters shouted angrily. Father, I have made a mistake, is attention that the Second Brother leaves, making the myna transfer to a new job rain Shu, then looks for the opportunity to intoxicate.” Six sons' voices shiver, tears of face, he has feared, he feared. Ended! At this moment two young masters knew. „The second child, I told you, the sixth child has rescued your life, even if he did not acknowledge that I also know was you do, at that time I will kill you, although I could not make personally the matter that killed oneself son, but I will make others kill you, because your procedures have exceeded the limit that I have been able to endure.” Zhao Family Patriarch said. Father, lets off them, reason that Xia Tian has not said them not to hope that you feel embarrassed them.” Seven young masters go forward to say. „The seventh child, I do not need you to be hypocritical there.” Two young masters look angrily seven young masters said. „The second child, aren't you clear? Only the seventh child has made Patriarch, your I each other can live, the seventh child manner is genial, he worries about the brothers friendship, why this is also we take his reason.” The big young master stands to say. Big brother, you are also a fool, I told you, the seventh child was a genuine careerist, had me, he will win over you, once I have poured, your auspicious days to the end.” Two young master corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Zhao Yushu stands there has not spoken, her vision stubbornly is staring at eight young masters, she has a dream does not have to think the person who one most trust will use himself.

Eight young masters had not gained ground, his a few words had not said that he does not dare to look at Zhao Yushu vision. Second Brother, if in your eye has the success or failure, you lost, I do not want to go to say your anything, but I know that the feeling cannot be wrong, these days we in are very together happy with the seventh child, therefore we plan to assist him.” Five young masters arrive at side two young masters to say. „The fifth child, I have thought you are an astute person, it seems like I have made a mistake, you and brothers are fools, I wait to look at your fates.” Two young masters have shown ice-cold smiling face. Abandons the second child, old eight cultivate is, censures into the mine their four, lifelong can not go home, if causes trouble, executes summarily.” The head of the clan said that both hands patted in two young masters and eight sons' the place of dantian: Brings.” The Zhao Family subordinate led their four people. „The seventh child, I again asked now your, are you careerist in second child mouth?” Zhao Family Patriarch very serious looks that two young masters asked. Father, I pledged by the soul that my brother, who does not dare to move them for a lifetime, I wrestle by the fate.” Seven young masters knelt on the ground directly. Good, I believe you, I do not hope that you make the choice that made itself regret.” Zhao Family Patriarch said that direct turn around leaves. Seven young masters went forward to hold Xia Tian, then moved toward Xia Tian residence, Zhao Yushu sees the form that eight young masters went far away, afterward went to Xia Tian residence with seven young masters. After big young master and the others had looked at each other one, nodded. Seven young masters did not pledge a moment ago slight hesitation, decisive, this proved in his heart not to have the ghost. In other words, seven young masters are not that intriguer in two young master mouths. They also understand that two young masters usually are an ideological quite extreme person, in two young master eyes, only then submits to his person and his enemy, he can never see the peace, they believe that if two young masters have worked as Patriarch, he will kill all people, including continuously with his three young masters, six young masters and eight young masters. Because he feared that he feared others rob his status, after he only then has killed all people, he can feel relieved.

The seventh child is different. From most starts him to symbolize peace, he just started to compete for the Patriarch position because of the peace, he does not hope that among the brothers murders mutually. Xia Tian does not know how long one have rested, when he gets up, happen to saw that seven young masters and the others are staring at him there. Awoke, awoke.” Seven young masters and the others excited saying. Has the liquor? I am thirsty.” Hears the Xia Tian words, several people have also felt relieved, but also knows that looks for the liquor to drink, Xia Tian seemed like all right. I should be all right.” Xia Tian has sat up the body. Your toxin just solved, is very weak, do not move heedlessly.” Seven young masters reminded. I am all right.” Xia Tian said that turns the head to look said to Zhao Yushu: I have drunk, after having eaten the meat, we.”