Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1559

What? Now?” Zhao Yushu stares, although Xia Tian had said that must follow her, goes to day Lingshan, but she has not thought that Xia Tian said that must walk. I know that you must walk, but your this also worried, your present has not recovered, what to do did ten thousand meet all the way dangerously?” Seven young master very earnest saying. Has her, she can protect me.” Xia Tian looks that Zhao Yushu said. Hears the Xia Tian words, Zhao Yushu is very speechless, Xia Tian solemn grown man unexpectedly wants to protect. You, good.” Seven young master helpless shaking the head of, now Zhao Yushu is the Xia Tian woman, is not right, is the head of the clan announced married Xia Tian personally Zhao Yushu. Therefore now Zhao Yushu and Xia Tian were also the justifiable husbands and wives. Can't treat for several days?” Five young masters look at Xia Tian to ask. Does not use, I have the matter, therefore was impossible to treat.” Xia Tian said. I know that by your talent, the day Yong city cannot install you, but I hope you to remember, the day Yong city has your family, treated outside enough has been able to come back to have a look.” Seven young masters look at Xia Tian to say. Ha Ha, do not make leaves with the life and death results, waits later to have the opportunity I to come back to look your.” Xia Tian laughs was saying, he most does not like was this leaving. Now Xia Tian just broke through Heaven Grade. But has domain him, can display in a big way the hot attribute. Therefore is cauldron Rank 4 Expert is not his match, but similarly, the domain he as far as possible will not use before the person, wooden show in Linfeng must destroy it, the past broken day was such dead. He hopes that keeps a card in a hand to oneself. As for cauldron Rank 5, Xia Tian does not think one can defeat. After all cauldron Rank 5 above Expert completely grasped the element thing, this person was not good to cope. The strength is stronger, the disparity between that each Rank 1 is very big, especially cauldrons and two cauldrons disparities, that was bigger, completely is the skip-type disparity, therefore Xia Tian does not think one can defeat cauldron Rank 5 Expert.

In this world has a person, that cannot see clearly own position, won the people of several same ranks to think own unmatched in the world, when they bumped into that true Expert, discovered one and disparity of opposite party. Sometimes is this psychology makes them lose one's life. Like the corrupt wolf, he always thinks one were good, can contend with Xia Tian, finally he became the Xia Tian experience baby, cash disponser. Xia Tian lacks anything, he delivers anything. It can be said that this all the way is not the opportunity that Xia Tian escorts and so on, but is the corrupt wolf. Some people are dark will appear. Looks at one, has remembered for a lifetime. After having eaten the meat, Xia Tian stands up directly, then prepared with Zhao Yushu, this time they were not walking, but rides the carriage, before Xia Tian just before leaving, made seven young masters look after his horse well, his body now was not suitable to ride a horse, therefore he can only ride the carriage. When the carriage just left Zhao Family stopped. Stopped?” Zhao Yushu asked. Young lady, some front people block the car(riage).” The servants said. Hears to block the car(riage), a moment ago seven young masters who and the others delivered to entrance also ran, when they arrived here all has anchored the footsteps, because was blocking the person they knew that this person was not others, was Miss zither Xiao. „Do you want to do?” Zhao Yushu very discontented asking. Happen to I with you on the way, therefore plans to travel by vehicle.” Miss zither Xiao said. You know that which we do go? On the way, said on our vehicle not to have the place again.” Zhao Yushu said. Miss Zhao's anger is very probably big, were you jealous? Feared that I do rob your pleasant playboy?” Miss zither Xiao used the method of goading somebody into action directly.

Cracks a joke, I am so outstanding, but also feared that you do snatch? Boards Zhao Yushu angry saying, she just said that these words regretted, she responds now that Miss zither Xiao this is using the method of goading somebody into action. She most fears is the method of goading somebody into action. Miss zither Xiao heard she said boards directly boarded, has not given the opportunity that she regretted. Snort!” After Zhao Yushu stared Miss zither Xiao, directly entered in the car(riage), the space in car(riage) is not small, but is not big, their times happen to sits in the two sides, is spacious, when Miss zither Xiao comes in did not have the third row of seat. However Miss zither Xiao has not cared, sat to narrow side Xia Tian that the eye was sleeping directly, actually this side chair sat three people not to have the issue, but Miss zither Xiao seemed intentional, she has gathered directly the Xia Tian side. „Do you want to do?” Zhao Yushu indignant saying. Doesn't do, sits down.” Miss zither Xiao very ordinary saying. Why you must sit that side him.” Zhao Yushu was a little jealous. I am not familiar with sit by you, therefore I sat by him.” Miss zither Xiao said. Why you are away from him to be so near.” Zhao Yushu asked. Near? I thought that he is not comfortable, therefore planned that rubs to him.” Miss zither Xiao said. Does not need you to rub.” Zhao Yushu said that also gathered the Xia Tian side to sit, two females clamped Xia Tian in the middle directly, three people sit will be very spacious, but their two clamped Xia Tian in the middle intentionally sits, the two sides had very big vacancy, but they not toward two sides. Xia Tian that slept by their two waking, after all this is two big beauty, their two clamp Xia Tian with the body in the middle, how Xia Tian possibly can bear. You.” I thought that you are not comfortable, I rub the head to you.” Miss zither Xiao said. I give you to beat the thump.” Zhao Yushu said.

I pinch shoulder to you.” Miss zither Xiao said. I give you to beat the thump.” Zhao Yushu said. I pat back to you.” Miss zither Xiao said. I give you to beat the thump.” Zhao Yushu said. . After a half hour, Xia Tian was insane, oneself were ended to the sound of sword by these two people completely, which their two that are massaging to oneself, is mumping completely, the strength that a person uses is big, the strength of another person is bigger. Bang! At this moment, outside sound moves, the carriage also anchored. Inside person is listening, you had been taken by force, draws cash richly, has the woman to take the woman.” Outside has the situation.” Xia Tian must stand up directly. You sit this not to move, I come.” Zhao Yushu suppressed a lot was hot, now looked that outside some people dare to look for trouble, she happen to can vent anger. But she day arrogant female, cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Takes by force her?