Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1560

When Zhao Yushu goes down the car(riage). These highway robbers looked silly. Because Zhao Yushu was really too attractive. Greatly is greatly big.. Elder Brother, is beauty.” My T. M is not blind, I saw in the past am beauty.” Is mounted bandit complexion of head looks to Zhao Yushu: „Does young girl, go back to be my bandit chief's wife to be what kind of?” The red flame burns the day. Zhao Yushu both hands wield, dozens red flame flew, this red flame is red, although the rank does not have the day fire to be high, but absolutely be higher than the ordinary flame. At this time here mounted bandit strength strongest is also half Heaven Grade. But Zhao Yushu is cauldron Rank 8 Expert, both sides in a rank, cannot say that Zhao Yushu ends the oppressive opposite party. The flash, the front dozens mounted bandits had been swallowed by the flame, the following mounted bandit noticed that such situation escapes hurriedly, the loyalty between mounted bandits is nothing left. Cracks a joke, opposite Expert regarding them is an unattainable mountain. Now their Boss died, is the tree but actually macaque is naturally loose. Snort, is really bored.” Zhao Yushu said that returned to the carriage directly. When she comes back, the anger on face won, because Miss zither Xiao is falling asleep while Xia Tian now lies on the leg of Xia Tian: zither Xiao, how you such are not concerned about face, why to lie on his leg.” I want Ah! qin Xiao young lady smiling to look at Zhao Yushu.

You give me to get up, he is my man, I do not permit your this.” Zhao Yushu indignant saying. He is also my man, did you forget? I had said that must be his woman, the concubine did not mind.” Miss zither Xiao said. I minded!” At this moment Xia Tian has opened the eye. After hearing the Xia Tian words, two females all looked to him. „Our is planned that rides carriage to go to day Lingshan? Is day Lingshan away from here to be very near?” Xia Tian asked. Fool, is not certainly near.” Zhao Yushu ill-humored saying, she as if in monster Xia Tian had not refused Miss zither Xiao to lie on his leg a moment ago. Must go to day Lingshan unable to depend, otherwise steps onto for several years unable to arrive, moreover this is all the way unusual the bad risk, therefore can only ride transmission.” zither Xiao gentle saying. Side is Zhao Yu breathes a sigh of relief whistling to shout to Xia Tian, moreover is zither Xiao patient gives the Xia Tian explanation. They have formed the sharp contrast. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Zhao Yushu also had as if discovered oneself and difference between Miss zither Xiao, this made her be angry: You, irritated me.” „Are you angry?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You added that you comply to marry my, you actually gang up with her.” Zhao Yushu honk mouth angry saying. When I with she gangs up, which I am article day Lingshan, how she told me to go.” Xia Tian answered.

Zhao Yushu thinks that truly is this, but she spoke has brought the air/Qi, has given the qin Xiao opportunity. Our next station is the log city, in nearby city only then great Mokseong-ri has transmission, after sitting there transmission, can go directly to nearby day Lingshan, then rents a car a day of distance to arrive under day Lingshan, when the time comes I will ride transmission to climb mountains directly, but you have a road, you consider now, and other years can join the log city by your talent absolutely, moreover when the time comes perhaps also will be regarded the talent to train, after all you grasped the domain in legend.” Zhao Yushu looks that Xia Tian persuaded again. Three years? I and others.” Xia Tian may not have that many three years, he also waits for him to go back in the family members of Earth, he from cultivation to the present over six months, over six months his cultivation to Heaven Grade, and has defeated day of Yong city youth first Expert Li Yuanba. Even extended the olive branch including Nine cauldrons gate such large amount gate to him. But he had not considered temporarily absolutely Nine cauldrons gate, first that is an unknown place, he is not willing to give the position his life, there definitely is Expert like clouds, if he went, his lets the person to organize, even momentarily may die. Talent? The entire spirit world perhaps everywhere is, but true Expert only then such several, because these talents died in the middle. No matter where Xia Tian to hopes one most at least can act bashful their life. Once he went to the Nine cauldrons gate, what to do the Nine cauldrons gate doesn't make him come out? When the time comes closes up dozens years, his family's these people all were perhaps old, therefore the Xia Tian plan by own effort little promotion, then thinks the means to rescue Brother Xiaoma. Matter that now he most wants to handle Brother Xiaoma rescuing. No matter spends many painstaking care. „Can you crawling day Lingshan?” zither Xiao had not spoken a moment ago, when she hears here understood what is heard. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. „Were you insane?” zither Xiao such gentle person unexpectedly also exploded the thick mouth.

Volume!” Sees zither Xiaobao the thick mouth, saying of Zhao Yushu face smiling face: You have a look, any talent and skill goddess, installs outside, this has not controlled also to turn into the vixen.” Xia Tian, were you really insane?” zither Xiao has not gone to pay attention to Zhao Yushu, but is puzzled looks at Xia Tian saying: You know that climbs up day Lingshan difficultly?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. You know that you also go, are you plan make us gather up dead bodies to you?” zither Xiao said. I will die how possibly, my issue wants to ask you actually, you said that with us on the way, you on the way goes?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the qin Xiao. Before qin Xiao, mediated his Xia Tian they on the way, but she did not have to say which one must go. Volume!” The qin Xiao stares slightly, afterward said: I am on the way.” Right, Miss zither Xiao, you do not go back to perform to run well with our no steady job what, but outside unprincipled person are many, you said that what to do I do throw you outside directly you may?” Zhao Yushu threatens to say. „Don't you go to day Lingshan? Happen to I must go to the day Lingshan management.” The qin Xiao opens the mouth to say directly. „Do you go to day Lingshan? Day Lingshan is not casual can go, must have the token of our day Lingshan to enter, the bystander does not let.” Zhao Yushu said that put out own yellow color token, token above has been carving a water dragon, this on behalf of her status, yellow clothes disciple. Regarding his status, Zhao Yushu is very proud. Because is not all people have the qualifications becomes the yellow clothes disciple. „, You said the token, here also has one.” zither Xiao said that has put out a red token directly.