Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1561

When zither Xiao puts out that moment of red token. Zhao Yushu mouth opens big, because the red token is the exclusive token of scarlet disciple. The rank of day Lingshan is white clothing is lowest, is the black clothing, next is the yellow clothes, finally is the scarlet is highest, Zhao Yushu talent so formidable, Zhao Yushu is the Yellow Grade disciple, but her status was very high. In day Lingshan, the status of scarlet disciple is high. But now qin Xiao unexpectedly has put out a red token, on this token also has a water dragon to be lifelike. This indicated that what zither Xiaona is the token of scarlet disciple. How will you have the token of scarlet disciple?” Zhao Yushu looked asked puzzled to the qin Xiao. „, Five years of the day before yesterday Lingshan issued me, but afterward I came out, put.” zither Xiao very optional saying. „Is this possible? Your unexpectedly is the scarlet disciple, but in the scarlet list does not have your name.” Zhao Yushu shook the head, does not believe that zither Xiao is the scarlet disciple, on day Lingshan has a list. That above record is the names of 20 scarlet disciples. Day Lingshan all disciples can see these names. zither Xiao has not seen qin Xiao name from these 20 names. „Have you seen Xiao zither?” zither Xiao sits well there, graceful saying. zither Xiao, Xiao zither, honor roll tenth Xiao zither, your unexpectedly is that Xiao zither.” Zhao Yushu responded at this time finally, zither Xiao and Xiao zither were not inverts, the qin Xiao she has not heard, but Xiao zither this name was too ripe. The disciples in each day Lingshan are all right will read the honor roll, because that is their goals. Zhao Yushu frequently was also fantasizing when he can enter the honor roll, becomes the scarlet disciple, therefore she is tired time also will look at the names of honor roll these people, these people are her goal.

But in that also her repugnant people, that force the person of marriage, said that must marry her person forcefully. These many years, unexpectedly in the tenth position, I also has still thought that will turn into 20 th.” Xiao Qintian sweet smiles. „Are you really scarlet disciple Xiao zither?” Zhao Yushu to the present a little was unable to believe that this is real. Xiao zither has not explained anything. Young lady, front was the log city.” Drives the person of carriage to say. Em! To the guard two spirit stone, harness the carriage to go.” Zhao Yushu said. Good!” Drives the servant of carriage to turn toward city gate to walk directly, to city gate time, the carriage was blocked, in the normal city does not let ride a horse and harness the carriage to go , the person must be complete. But the custom is the person decides, generally has the strength to harness the person background of carriage not to be small, therefore guards is not willing to mind others'business. Halts, in the city does not let drive.” The guards have blocked the carriage. Brother, you are not easy, take away to drink.” The Zhao Family servant got out, filled two low grade spirit stone to him. Car(riage) is not the local area comes.” The guards looked at a carriage to say. Comes from the day Yong city.” The Zhao Family servant said. 20 low grade spirit stone.” Guards saying of lion big opened mouth. What? 20 low grade spirit stone, you were also too black.” The Zhao Family servant hears time surprised saying of opposite party initial price. Or do not enter.” Guards said directly.

You.” That Zhao Family servant looks angrily to that guard, although he is the Zhao Family servant, but he is also cauldron Rank 2 Expert, specially person who escorts Zhao Yushu. Comes the person, some people want to rush to the city.” That guards direct one to drink greatly, nearby guard all ran over, although the strengths of these guards are not much, once makes war, on that inside and city guards all will come out, guard armed forces of city little said that also has several thousand people. Moreover there are many Expert. What's the matter?” Zhao Yushu pokes head to come out to ask. Young lady, he takes 20 low grade spirit stone.” The Zhao Family servant said. Gives him, do not lose time.” Zhao Yushu said. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment Xia Tian poked head from inside, he looked that said to that guard: My brother called wooden Jianying, you determined that can also receive 20?” The opposite party clarified is puts the bite on, Xia Tian has not suffered a loss, only then he knocked others, when can others knock him? Wooden Jianying has said to Xia Tian, he in log city. How although Xia Tian does not know singlestick brave in the status of log city, but he guessed that copes with several guards should not to have the issue, he sent out the wooden Jianying's name now, that should some people not tell wooden Jianying. After all wooden Jianying had said at that time, so long as Xia Tian in log city casual saying his name, he will appear. Whom did you say?” That guard a little god. Wooden Jianying!” Xia Tian said. „, Your brain is sick, if you few people I possibly reply in writing, the person who you said does not have the log city, how he possibly knows you.” That guard disdains to look at Xia Tian, he thinks that Xia Tian is lying. Ok, Xia Tian, gives him 20 low grade spirit stone.” Zhao Yushu said.

„It is not good, always only then my Xia Tian takes advantage of others, how possibly to make others knock my.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well. Snort, now 20 are not good, I take 50.” That guard said. Present they did not have what difference with the robber, this is the law of the jungle, they are the visible robbers, visits you are outside area, that bullies you, do you also dare to overturn the heavens? Since the ancient times, the hadrosaurus does not press local tyrant. No matter you outside multi- cow B, must be honest to here. Lying trough, pedals nose upper eyelid, my this small crabby.” Xia Tian moves, has almost not thrown down, although he solved poisonously, but has not recovered, in addition he just stood, therefore the brain a little blood supply to be insufficient. Before his toxin by meteor tears solution. If not the meteor tears, he really saw the yama, afterward listened to seven young masters they saying that he knows, two young masters to cope with him, unexpectedly have spent 1000 low grade spirit stone purchase toxicants. 1000 low grade spirit stone toxicants, moreover can only use one time. Xia Tian has not thought that two young master unexpectedly are so mean, he almost died in this toxicant gets down. Doesn't give? I also planned asks you to leave, but I change the mind now, your unexpectedly also dares to frighten me with the reputation of that person, I told you, let alone he not here, even if his I did not fear him here.” Saying of that guard very arrogance. Xia Tian discovered that this person is not simple, he absolutely is not an ordinary guard. Right? Second child, I now here.” At this moment the ice-cold sound presents in that guard together.