Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1562

Hears this sound time, the complexion of that guard changes. Bang! Afterward his body was trampled to fly directly. Volume!” Xia Tian saw that person of getting rid, is not others, but always temperament very good wooden Jianying, but his present unexpectedly got rid to this person directly: „Do you use such violence.” He is a dog, for the City Lord position, including the dog that the mothers can kill, I did not kill him am to his mother the face.” A wooden Jianying face despises looks at that person. Wooden Jianying, you do not use hypocritically, to become Wang defeats the invader, had the skill you to kill me.” That person lies in ground angry shouting. Kills you? You have not matched in my hands, me also planned to let off you, but you dare to block including my brothers today, you said that I can also let off you? But I will not kill you, I give you an opportunity, scrams out of the log city, goes to outside to develop, if you can also mix a human appearance, I give back to you one time to challenge my opportunity.” Wooden Jianying coldly looks that person said. Wooden Jianying, I will certainly come back to revenge.” That person stands up, afterward walks toward the distant place directly, does not return. Young Master, with didn't need to kill him?” Wooden one in wooden Jianying asked. Does not use, before his mother at the point of death, asked me, making me let off him, I died from the little mother, was his mother me for big, her last request, I must achieve.” Saying of wooden Jianying coldly. That these people?” The wood asked. All grasps to me.” Wooden Jianying said loudly: My brother also dares to block.” Cannot look, your face is very big.” Zhao Yushu said. Volume! I have not thought that his status is so high.” Xia Tian awkward saying, he looks afterward to wooden Jianying: Brother, are you City Lord of log city?”

Em, just took over for two months, now is also not very mature.” Wooden Jianying nodded. The log city is bigger than the day Yong city . Moreover the log city is the transport hub, here has transmission, therefore here lean trade be more bountiful than the day Yong city, although beforehand Xia Tian guessed that wooden Jianying possibly is the son of the influential of which family, but he has not thought that wooden Jianying unexpectedly is City Lord. He so is young becomes City Lord. Quite fierce!” Saying of Xia Tian admiration. Was good, in this station, we have not been going to say that I have made the person prepare the food and wine.” Wooden Jianying said. Food and wine does not use, I worry.” Xia Tian said. Yeah, you, always hurriedly, want to entertain you to be really difficult well.” Wooden Jianying's helpless saying, at this moment, he suddenly discovered that the Xia Tian complexion is not right: „Were you injured?” All right.” Xia Tian said. How possibly did some people injure you? What Expert is? Is all right you saying that our log city is not affable.” Wooden Jianying exhibited you saying that I for the stance that you took responsibility. Nobody injures me, was poisoned, just.” Xia Tian said. „, Can injure such toxin not to be simple you.” Wooden Jianying said that waves, one team guards the direct opening, but wooden Jianying also rode on a horse is the Xia Tian opening. At this time the people in log city all surprised looks at Xia Tian their these two horse-drawn vehicles. They were guessing what in the carriage sits is.

unexpectedly has City Lord to clear the way. Which are you at know City Lord of log city? The City Lord background of this log city is not small.” Zhao Yushu looks at Xia Tian to ask. Bumps into the heart and the Seventh Brother Songyuan together, his manner upholds justice.” Xia Tian said. This person I have heard, the log city City Lord most recent several months died suddenly, then he and his younger brother carried on have competed for the City Lord war, it is said this war was involved in many Expert, moreover some entrances, log city, although was also the Rank 1 city, but he was a transport hub, the fat in people eyes, therefore this war was intense, finally wooden Jianying won.” Xiao zither light saying. Such stir?” Xia Tian has not thought that wooden Jianying unexpectedly is so fierce. Em, the present log city at least three entrances work as the backer, if some people want to cope with the log city, that these three entrances can get rid to help, but the log city must pay some spirit stone and resources every year supplies these three entrances.” Xiao zither said. Really the benefit, it seems like wooden brother's his day perhaps has not felt better.” Xia Tian light saying. Has calculated well, you have a look at his Second Brother to that failure to be benevolent, if his Second Brother has won, I believe that he definitely is to live to might as well die now.” Xiao zither said. Zhao Yushu did not envy Xiao zither at this time, in her knew that Xiao zither was that moment of scarlet disciple balances at heart suddenly. Because in her, scarlet disciple is more outstanding than her, compared with many that she knows is the natural matter, Xia Tian does not catch cold to this Xiao zither in any case probably, therefore she simply did not go to manage Xia Tian and between matter Xiao zither. Now what she is worried is Xia Tian can climb up day Lingshan, if cannot, so long as makes Xia Tian feel the danger, he definitely will give way before difficulties, he most is afraid is the Xia Tian one-track mind, finally dies under day Lingshan. Enters a transmission normal price is 20 low grade spirit stone, by Xia Tian and wooden Jianying's friendship, naturally was together does not need to hand over. After entering transmission.

Xia Tian they were transmitted other city. This city is called a day of spirit city, is a city under day Lingshan, this city mainly trades the city, is bigger than the log city, is a Rank 3 city. Xia Tian, I hope that you consider again, you can treat some time in this Rank 3 city first, here opportunity be more than day Yong city, perhaps you can bump into any good opportunity, but you, once crawling day Lingshan, that is dies absolutely, 1/100000 probabilities, were too low.” Zhao Yushu is still consoling to say. Although I do not know why you must join day Lingshan, but in the day Lingshan day does not feel better, therefore I hope that you can consider, try not to crawl that day Lingshan.” Xiao zither and Zhao Yushu arranged for everybody to give the same story. They must advise against Xia Tian. Walks! I do not want to lose too much time.” Xia Tian said. Wait / Etc., our two find a place to change the clothes.” Xiao zither said. Good!” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian stands is waiting for them same place. Boy, the foreign enemy comes, knows this custom.” How long Xiao zither their two has not walked, several people stared at Xia Tian. What custom?” Xia Tian treats is very being also bored, therefore opens the mouth to ask. Pays the protection money.” Is one person of head said.