Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1563

I, if doesn't give?” Xia Tian does not like responding this fellows normally, but he treats in this their two is also idle, therefore wants these fellows. Boy, visits you from any Rank 1 Rank 2 city, I told you, but here the Rank 3 city, the hadrosaurus did not press local tyrant, offended us, perhaps you cannot go on living.” Is head saying of that person coldly. How you trade is so quick?” At this moment, the Xia Tian vision looks to them behind. Em?” That several people to behind look following the Xia Tian vision, when they saw two beauty walk stares, afterward the whole body shivers, on the clothes that this time Zhao Yushu and Xiao zither wear portrays the water dragon, moreover what person of putting on is the yellow, what person of putting on is the red. So long as is not the fool, understands that what these two clothes represent is anything. Day Lingshan. These two people are the disciples in day Lingshan. Moreover one is yellow clothes disciple, another is the scarlet disciple in legend. These two are in day Lingshan the most command respect disciple, the entire day spirit city knows the differentiating grade of day Lingshan disciple. They also understand that the yellow clothes and scarlet are representing anything. At this time the disciples in these two day Lingshan are moving toward Xia Tian. They were still taking a moment ago by force Xia Tian. „Are you doing? Also bumped into the acquaintance?” Zhao Yushu asked. Em, is the brothers, must take ten low grade spirit stone to me.” Xia Tian said. Your friend also is really many, which some people arrives at to entertain.” Zhao Yushu shows a faint smile. „, Brother, you must take, you just came to our day spirit city, later has speech that anything needs to help.” That is the person of head puts out ten low grade spirit stone to fill in the hand of Xia Tian hurriedly hardly.

At this time he has really cannot say painstakingly, he wants to take by force Xia Tian, but unexpectedly in turn is taken by force by Xia Tian now. What he behind is standing is the disciples in two day Lingshan. Now a Xia Tian such saying does he dare not to give? If Xia Tian these two women told that he had been taken by force by oneself this group of people, the disciples in that these two day Lingshan can let off oneself this group of people? Therefore he can only suffer unexpected financial losses to exempt disaster. Anxiety of ten low grade spirit stone also regarding him. Good, my pushing someone take on a difficult job accepted.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward they directly walked toward the city, only leaves behind that several people disorderly there. They take by force. Has the occupation of honor very much. They have their professional personal integrity and work ethics. But now their unexpectedly has been taken by force ten low grade spirit stone by others. Moreover can only endure, anything does not dare saying that said that will be only more miserable, usually the day Lingshan disciples of these white clothing get down are cow B rumbling the appearance, offends them not to have the good fruit to eat. That did not need to raise the yellow clothes disciple and scarlet disciple. That radically does not fall into the same ranking. The temperature under day Lingshan is very high, but here almost every day many people, moreover every day some people crawl, although they know that the mortality rate is very high, but they still want to climb up day Lingshan while this opportunity. Because this is their opportunities.

Moreover generally the experienced person knows own stamina is insufficient, the body cannot support, they will be ahead of time, will strive to crawl next time, although in the day Lingshan history will have three people to crawl. But these people are also many to experience for several months to crawl. Therefore these people also step on the experiences of these Senior upward to crawl. However every year some youth think one can crawl, finally on crawling all at once, but crawls to the halfway time discovered one could not bear, at that time thought on unable to come up, under thought unable to get down, finally plunged to death while still alive. Looks quickly, is the disciple in day Lingshan, moreover yellow clothes disciple and scarlet disciple.” Zhao Yushu and Xiao zither clothes had indicated their status, their two both are the disciples in day Lingshan, moreover is the Advanced disciple, where the yellow clothes disciple arrives at to be respected. Is higher as for the status of scarlet disciple, even if the head of the clan of these respected families must go out greet personally. At this time these people see Zhao Yushu they the time, is face the colors of worship, in their hearts, Zhao Yushu and Xiao zither is their goals. Saw that yellow clothes disciple and scarlet disciple appear, day Lingshan was responsible for protecting in the following disciple all comes out to greet. Under the mountain has several hundred disciples to protect, majority is the white clothing disciples, what several leads is the black clothing disciple. Two Senior Sister are good.” That several black clothing disciples slightly run to greet. He must climb a mountain , helping to look after a point.” Xiao zither looked at a that black clothing disciple to say. Mountain climbing?” That black clothing disciple sized up Xia Tian to look afterward respectfully Xiao zither said: Senior Sister felt relieved that our ambulance personnel will prepare for him.” Em! Our two came up first.” Xiao zither looked at Xia Tian one to say. Their two are very high in the status of day Lingshan, but they cannot change the custom of day Lingshan, custom nobody in day Lingshan can break, therefore Xia Tian must climb a mountain, their two can the biggest attendance is makes the following black clothing disciple help look.

If Xia Tian has been injured , helping to treat and cure. Was good, goes to above I, but should better, let alone knows me, I do not like troubling.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the mountain directly. Sees Xia Tian unexpectedly to two female this manner, that black clothing disciple unusual not being feeling well, but is not feeling well he not to have the means that because the meanings of two female point vitalities do not have. You carefully.” Saying that Zhao Yushu worries about. keep it up.” Xiao zither said. Xia Tian has not returned, from the start has not paid attention to their two, this that black clothing disciple was looks to understand, this probably was the triangle love, moreover was two super big beauty likes Xia Tian one. He started to envy the envy to hate immediately, Xia Tian was less graceful than him, unexpectedly can have this treatment, the yellow clothes disciple and scarlet disciple simultaneously liked him. These people in distant place also saw here condition, although they could not hear here person to say anything, but they also understand that Xia Tian definitely the disciples with day Lingshan had the relations. Therefore all people looked at the vision to Xia Tian, the person who several preparations must crawl also stopped. Because they want the person who has a look at the scarlet disciple to bring to have any skill. Can crawl. „The person who scarlet disciple and yellow clothes disciple bring should be very extraordinary, otherwise brought contempt upon oneself.” All people held this manner to look to Xia Tian, although on their mouths said that but in fact they do not think that Xia Tian can come up, after all 1/100000 probabilities were equal to not having.