Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1564

Person who actually here climbs a mountain, some clearly knows one cannot crawl. But they have been used to here, they will climb a mountain to regard are leading a pious life. Here they already can exercise their will, but can also strengthen own body, this Shan Reru fire, sharply like knife, person who if can crawl, intensity unceasing increase of that body. The time one long can also getting a light from another light attribute have the resistance, like this, they deal with the hot attribute person, can reduce some injuries. Hey, the boy, are you good? It is not the scarlet disciple and you will have a grudge, therefore makes you bring death?” Right, do not blame us not to remind you, this success ratio is 1/100000, the place that your steps on at least has died several thousand people.” Does not have the skill not to show off power, if dies has not been worthwhile.” Although these people are reminding Xia Tian, but also has the meaning of taunt in inside. 1/100000? He he, even if nobody has completed, I am also same can achieve, because I have been familiar with the creation miracle.” Xia Tian said that the left hand has placed on a stone directly. Puff! Blood directly from his hand upper reaches. „The imposing manner that words said is very full, what a pity is a youth, a unexpectedly preparation has not crawled, such crawls to die without doubt.” Shaking the head that these people keep. They crawl this mountain time is to prepare various types of appliances and compounded drugs, has the fire-resistant attribute compounded drug, there is a compounded drug that the treatment uses, even also some people wear the helmet and armor to crawl, such sharp stone wall cannot injure them, but they discovered like this upward is more difficult to crawl, below these are the person are many to touch the place that the hand and foot stepped on, but above the person on were few, therefore basic on not any point of application. Really is very exciting.” Xia Tian just crawled one meter time, on him was sheared many openings, he understood anything to be called on the mountain of sword finally, now he is going to the mountain of sword.

Moreover here stone wall is very hot, his body can feel the quantity of heat. Compares the quantity of heat with me? The day fire protects the body.” Around the body of Xia Tian presented light white flame. What?” Saw when the Xia Tian day fire protects body, surroundings these people all are one startled, because they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can use the element thing, this is, naturally, some talent high cauldron Rank 4 Expert that a cauldron Rank 5 person can use have also been able to use. But Xia Tian seemed is really too young. Such young unexpectedly can use the element thing, is quite fierce.” Worthily is the person who the scarlet disciple brings, really quite fierce, perhaps he really possibly succeeds.” Snort, you think were too many, in the past are Expert few? But finally?” Hears the words of this person, other person nods of silently, here may not do a bit less Expert, some Expert even to challenge day volcano legend come, but they all are finally defeated to turn over, even also some people lost the life. The vision of these people all centralized on the body of Xia Tian. Yeah, is too young, such already used the element thing, how above do you cross?” That black clothing disciple helpless shaking the head of. This time Xia Tian is climbing up fast, he crawled ten meters altitude, day volcano altogether 300 meters high, he crawled now 1/30, was quick he to reach the destination. Temperature had been restrained by me, moreover spiritual energy of my within the body is abundant, maintains this day fire protects the body not to have what difficulty, the present difficult problem was this mountain peak is really too sharp.” Although Xia Tian does not have the body of dying, but he similarly will also be injured, just his wound appeared started to repair, then repaired to 50% time wounds is cut open again. This pain also very suffers person. „The resiliency of this fellow strives to excel, he took any compounded drug, you looked that his wound was just injured is before long good.”

Suddenly some people said that at this time everybody discovered on Xia Tian part of wounds are healing really fast. 20 meters! When Xia Tian crawls to 20 meters he has thought of a thing suddenly. Gold silkworm glove. Paternal grandmother, the father can eat meal by the face obviously, what talent can depend on? It is not right, is the father can cheat obviously, why can harm own body?” Xia Tian both hands wield, the [gold/metal] silkworm glove appears above his both hands, his hand is not injured, the [gold/metal] silkworm glove truly is the good thing, the sharp degree of this type of rock is not worse than Spirit Tool, but actually cannot the [gold/metal] silkworm glove be what kind. Although his body and foot were still being scratched by stone wall, however this time he felt better many. When he crawls to 30 meters, he understands why finally here called the mountain of death. This is not the person crawls radically. Even if Xia Tian present human body intensity, painful was serious, if no a day of fire to protect the body, that here temperature definitely also suffices him to drink a pot. Hateful, so to be how difficult.” Xia Tian clenches teeth to insist. Although he thinks very difficult, but makes him give up, that is absolutely impossible. When Xia Tian crawls to 50 meters, he stopped to rest. Quite fierce, did he crawl to 50 meters? Does first time crawl crawls has several to 50 meters person?” Very is truly fierce, but this is also very dangerous, now he thinks that very much uses energy, if he soon reached the limit, he must die without doubt.”

50 meters is a ridge, below 50 meters have the hand, is good to crawl, but over 50 meters almost did not have anything the hand, this must think his finger strength completely, if the finger were understrength, could not hold the rock, that still died.” Xia Tian these people look at Xia Tian steadily. This time Xia Tian has also discovered that the rock of oneself above bulge were getting fewer and fewer. It seems like is the true test.” The left hand five fingers of Xia Tian pat directly upwardly. Bang! His five fingers fell into the mountain massif directly, here mountain massif sharp such as the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, but Xia Tian finger unexpectedly such fell, compared with finger strength? Who can be the Finger of Consonance match? Moreover his arm or crystal jade bone. Bang! Also is one, the right hand five fingers of Xia Tian also fell in stone wall. At this time the following person has all been shocked, they have never seen the so terrifying person, pointed at unexpectedly to fall in the wall, this was also too terrifying, was this need big finger strength? Moreover can't the finger of Xia Tian break? „Does a small mountain also want to block me? Looked how the father conquers you today.” In the eye of Xia Tian bright light dodges, afterward his both hands speed becomes more and more quickly.