Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1565

The Xia Tian action has shocked all people, they have never seen the Xia Tian such terrifying person. That sharp Spirit Tool rank weapon same rock probably, unexpectedly was drilled the hole by the finger of Xia Tian. „Is he a monster? His finger unexpectedly is harder than here rock, this type of rock has one to spell with the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, moreover on this rock has very high temperature, even if he has the element thing to protect the body, is impossible to insist.” „The element thing very much consumed Inner Strength, in addition he so very intensive eruption, how long do you think him to be able anti-? Even if he is cauldron Rank 5 Expert, his also certainly resistance is about three minutes.” Right, the eruption of his short time seems the overwhelming power, but above more arrives is more difficult, therefore he is impossible to come up.” The following person is analyzing, although they think the Xia Tian truly very overwhelming power, but they do not think that Xia Tian can reach, after all has given a definition in them. That is nobody can one time reach. These people who even if reached in the past also take several months to be good most quickly. 80 meters! Xia Tian ascended 80 meters at this time, although the people in crawling day Lingshan are many, but first time can crawl to 80 meters person is really uncommon, the following that black clothing disciple started to record. He under may not solely in the guarding transmission gate, but also in recording the people of these mountain climbing, he only has certainly recorded to crawl to over 200 meters, moreover records first time to crawl to over 70 meters. The first time came to crawl to 70 meters place, this person is not absolutely simple. Whistling!” Xia Tian stops in the there big mouth is panting for breath, his wound were too many, he needs slowly, his was not own present has played the role, at this time his wound was healing fast, he has been treating same place for one minute. Then continues to crawl upwardly. The following person has prepared the telescope and so on thing watches there.

After all 80 meters have gone beyond their field of vision range. The flat land looked that 80 meters are not difficult, but looks up 80 meters were difficult. Bang! The hand of Xia Tian continues to pat forward, if in the normal condition some people such practical element thing, that soon will consume the light own spiritual energy absolutely, because Heaven Grade above Expert, although can transfer the element. But they also merely transfer the element in air, but does not use from within the body, but Xia Tian is different, although he will also transfer the element in air, but his within the body itself has the hot element very much, so long as he transfers the day fire on arm, he can use the day fire, this type of day fire is his within the body production voluntarily, therefore he does not use periphery the reassignment fire element. Moreover the day fire of his within the body, so long as starts to use, the small fire dragon voluntarily will absorb the hot element in air, then supplements the day hot consumption. The small fire dragon biggest fierce place can absorb the surrounding hot element, turns into the super flame day fire the hot element. Therefore Xia Tian will not care about this consumption. As for spiritual energy! The small insect swallowed his all spirit stone, but these spirit stone quantities who listened to feel the terrifying, moreover there are high-grade goods spirit stone and that many spirit stone, at this time these spiritual energy compressed in within the body of small insect, so long as he had the consumption, the small insect will restore for him. Currently he quite therefore has a cash machine to be the same. spiritual energy looks like money, money did not have on the cash machine automatically to spit. 100 meters, have been able to pass to above the news.” The news that disciple will record easily has given the subordinate. Arrives at 100 meters time, Xia Tian stops once more, because here rock steep, danger . Moreover the sharp degree is more terrorist than front. The mountain peak of day Lingshan increases 100 meters every time, that degree of hazard will be many a point.

Before didn't have three people to crawl? Such difficultly is everything is ready, perhaps is not easy, on that day Lingshan why not vigorous trained these disciples?” Saying of Xia Tian innermost feelings doubts, in his opinion climbs up day Lingshan solely not to have the will to achieve. Also needs the formidable strength to make the support. Is such person possibly an average person? But why Zhao Yushu will say the person who beforehand that three crawl hasn't obtained the special attendance? Even finally does not have what reputation. It seems like day Lingshan not like imagination is so simple.” Xia Tian nod of silently. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration, his fast upward crawls afterward, his speed is still not slow, although here stone wall be harder than below, but his finger can still broken go. However Xia Tian discovered that a very interesting matter, that is the place that he climbs over, wall unexpectedly also voluntarily is repairing, in other words, he a moment ago with small pit that the finger made, now has soon disappeared. 130 meters. Following black clothing disciple little passed on the news, some people of unexpectedly can first time crawl in to 130 meters altitude. But the person who these watch is dumbfounded, the great strength of Xia Tian has surpassed their foreknowledge. They have not thought that Xia Tian first time crawls can crawl to is so high, moreover Xia Tian absolutely does not have any preparation, does not have the armor, has not taken any compounded drug, his unexpectedly such stiffly crawled. Moreover his spiritual energy probably is continuously, to the present, he still did not have any weak. Because Xia Tian maintained this condition was very long, even if were ordinary cauldron Rank 5 Expert cannot support to be so long, Xia Tian seemed is also less than 20 years old, less than 20 years old of unexpectedly had such formidable strength.

This talent did not say obviously casually. 150 meters! When Xia Tian arrives at 150 meters altitude, above had some disciples to hear this news to come to watch the fun. The disciples in day Lingshan run to watch the fun, actually thus it can be seen Xia Tian now is how noticeable. 200 meters, when Xia Tian crawls to 200 meters, in the person who above watches had the black clothing disciple, they heard that under 20-year-old person unexpectedly first time crawled 200 meters altitude, what all wants to come to have a look. Back side of the mountain in day Lingshan. Master, Little Tian is climbing a mountain now.” An appearance very ugly person was reporting there respectfully. Em, how many times? Which crawled to?” That person sits well there, has not lifted including the eye. „The first time, crawled to 200 meters.” That person continues to report. What? Does first time crawl to 200 meters?” The eyes of that person open instantaneously.