Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1566

That person when hears first time to crawl to 200 meters, the mood appears specially excited. Right, moreover he is still continuing.” That appearance and ugly person said. Ugly slave, you prepared to me, if finally this person cannot succeed, you led my belt of token from the mountain to come up him, do not make him die, if he has succeeded, directly delivered 100 low grade spirit stone in the past.” That person said. Yes, master.” The ugly slave said that has drawn back directly. Ha Ha, ha ha ha ha!” That person has exuded the incomparably excited laughter, his laughter is terrorist. This time Xia Tian crawled 210 meters, here compared below to be difficult to be too many, when Xia Tian crawled here also obviously felt one a little could not support, but he also understands that oneself round trip will not crawl absolutely. Here is his final opportunity, if he backward does not crawl here. His final fate only then two, either reach, either dies, then the high place, he is he falls down also absolutely must die without doubt. Heaven Grade Expert will fly. That is only also restricted from the sky slides, but not free soaring like bird. Naturally, if his hidden essence and blood display function, he can also fly, but this hidden essence and blood now by the small insect suppressing, him was unable to use, must wait till his meat physical fitness to suffice to hold the strength of this hidden essence and blood, the small insect will put it. Small insect this was worried that Xia Tian died. After all if previous time is not compounded drug and statue powder, that Xia Tian must die without doubt. At this time under these people could not see the Xia Tian form, because could not see such high place with these stage props, the cloud was keeping off, the person but who above these watched the fun can actually see clearly.

Below boy is very fierce, first unexpectedly can crawl is so high.” Already 220 meters, but also misses 80 meters, so long as he can also crawl 80 meters, then on extraordinary, did not have any first time to crawl with a person in day Lingshan in history is so high, nobody first time can reach.” Snort, 80 meters, do not say that final 80 meters, the final ten meters are more difficult than beforehand 290.” For serveral days disciple looking at steadily of Lingshan looks below. Was the yellow clothes disciple came, oh, scarlet disciple.” At this moment, behind has broadcast a sound, hears this sound time, nearby these people cannot help but resigned a channel. The yellow clothes disciple, that is the Advanced disciples on day Lingshan. Which they arrive are noticeable. As for the scarlet disciple, that is the legend of day Lingshan, the idol in each day Lingshan disciple mind. Always cannot see the person, but can actually let the object who all day of Lingshan disciples worship. Now scarlet disciple unexpectedly also comes. Two beauty walked from behind, their appearances absolutely are shocking four, but the person does not have any person to dare with the greedy vision to look at their two, even somewhat human-controlled could not trig, directly lowered the head. Does not dare to look at their two again.

These two person Zhao Yushu and Xiao zither. Senior Sister is good!” Saying that the surrounding disciple keeps. However these people had been neglected by their two completely, they two goals are the cliffs, when their two arrive at the cliff all was elegant tight pressed, present Xia Tian crawled 230 meters, his clothes turned into cloth strip, above incarnadine the blood, the body of Xia Tian also everywhere is the wound, although many have stuttered, but came clearly into view. „Is he all right?” Asking that Zhao Yushu worries about. Should be all right, his unexpectedly crawled to be so high, perhaps but he wants also to have enough to do now, therefore this time wanted is successful, either died.” Xiao zither said. Must succeed.” Zhao Yushu anxious saying. This is road that he chooses, although the front 290 meters are difficult, but can insist that must look at the final ten meters, the final ten meters are the wind blade edge mountains, I think that you should understand the wind blade edge mountain is any meaning.” Xiao zither light saying. What? Wind blade edge mountain?” Zhao Yushu had also heard the final ten meters are difficult, but she has not thought that final ten meters unexpectedly is hiding the wind blade edge mountain. The wind blade edge mountain is scarlet disciple the place of cultivation, the yellow clothes disciple has the person of big contribution also to have the opportunity to go to have a look. That is very terrifying existence. Mountain massif itself average not wonderful. But the mountain massif in the random launch wind blade edge, this type of wind blade edge is sharp, is not good to be able the person to cut off around the middle. This was the past day Lingshan to resist the people of demon clan left behind final defensive mechanism specially, the 500 years ago person demon wars, it can be said that the rivers of blood, at that time day Lingshan had established this natural barrier, the people of ordinary demon clan were impossible to climb up day Lingshan, even if they crawled the final ten meters position also directly to be cut to kill by the wind blade edge.” Xiao zither answered, Xiao zither was the scarlet disciple, the inside story that therefore she knew were also many.

Demon clan? Is we usually makes these that mission cuts to kill?” Zhao Yushu asked. mission cuts these that kills is the people of ordinary demon clan, radically is not demon clan Expert, the battle efficiencies of these people are not high, once meets true demon clan Expert, that is unusual was difficult, I once had bumped into demon clan Expert in mission, they not only will use the strength of element, but also the human body endures compared with the monster clan, the people of demon clan are good at studying, in the past they simultaneously attacked the person clan and monster clan, finally is defeated, they learned the lesson of failure, person clan the strength of element, has the building up body of monster clan. The technique fused in cultivation method of their demon clan completely.” Xiao zither patient answered. Is so fierce? The cultivation method fusions of three clans!!!” Zhao Yushu surprised saying. Em, strength formidable, they can definitely jump the ranks the challenge.” Xiao zither said. 250 meters! This time Xia Tian crawled 250 meters! Whistling! It seems like I must in one vigorous effort.” Xia Tian lay on the wall has rested for two minutes, afterward he has closed tightly his mandibular joint, direct crawled upwardly, the speed was fast, the people have not thought that his unexpectedly can also maintain such quick speed, the average person crawled to here that already is exhausted, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can also accelerate. Was quick!” Xia Tian at present one bright, he saw the summit finally, but he also saw zither Xiao the vision, zither Xiao seemed is reminding his anything, but zither Xiao cannot say probably. Ah! At this moment, a blade wind blade edge cut the arm of Xia Tian directly, both hands of Xia Tian loosened all of a sudden, but his body also fell down.