Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1570

The solemn day Lingshan disciple, unexpectedly falls from two meters high wall, this has also lost face a point. Moreover falls to the ground the body does not have any response, fell one completely. What is main was Xia Tian unexpectedly said one is led but actually. A bit faster stands.” Blood often very speechless saying. Xia Tian stood in the rear area of team directly. Every day what we said is the weapon, the attribute, I think that everybody is not strange to these, but Sect requests us, must every day duplicate this matter, because only then this can deep carving in our bones, fight time, even if on the quick 0.1 seconds, that may rescue your life.” The blood often stands there light saying. Long handle restraint sword, sword, but short weapons, but how the short weapons can suppress the explosive force of long handle, this is we must keep firmly in mind, our day Lingshan has three sets of basic Kungfu, is the marksmanship, the swordsmanship and a pair of thorn, these three types cross the threshold Kungfu to let us have the familiar feeling to these three types of weapons, regardless of before , what you use is any weapon, these three types of Kungfu can enable you to grasp the forms of defensive action of these three types of weapons.” Blood often Senior Brother, our then previous time said that these things have been tired, we already remembered.” Some people shout. You, this is entrance gives my mission, every day must say that therefore I must result in said that good, since you want then previous time listening, I to continue.” Blood often unusual has the patience. Senior Brother, the metallicity is strongest.” Metallicity is known as strongly, because it destroys the hardest defenses, especially adheres to stick cohere on the weapon, the might of that weapon will increase, therefore the [gold/metal] is theoretically invincible, but also merely is restricted in the theory, in fact [gold/metal] only to subdue wood, because the crossover tool of metal founding may the saw destroy the trees, has the land of ore not to grow the grass, but the fire is [gold/metal], because the raging fire can melt the metal, but the request of hot attribute to the person is very high, the ordinary flame is to the [gold/metal] effect very small, only then the high-grade flame can destroy falls the [gold/metal] that on the weapon adheres to stick cohere, the high-grade flame may not be everybody can bump into. It is not everybody can control.” The blood often answered. Senior Brother you are the metal ****, making us have a look metallicity fierce.” Good, who comes out to try?” The blood often asked. I come, I am earth attribute.” A white clothing disciple took sword to come out. The blood has often put out a long spear, then lifts the hand to look that said to the people: We two strengths differ not much, at this time repelling one another of weapon can the obvious performance, moreover in same rank to the war , the element repels one another is also very important.”

In day Lingshan, these Leader and do not need the strength to be strongest, but he actually must be the group in intelligence is oldest, studies the day Lingshan knowledge to be most, once some people refuse to accept, or gets rid to Leader, that Leader can report this matter, finally this person will be kicked day Lingshan directly. Naturally, this competition has not calculated that after all the talent on day Lingshan are many, the strength also has compared with the Leader strong person slightly. But these Leader when usually and person competition in group does not care about the victory and loss. Although this group has about 100 people, but among them unusual of place is good, in day Lingshan, if no a team, that is bullied very much easily, the school is no matter following person private war, but cannot absolutely the deceased person. Otherwise the matter will possibly make in a big way. Senior Brother, I came.” That person said that often flushes away to blood directly, but his body has not waited to rush to half, often the long spear in hand by the blood trigging, the blood often the long spear in hand just started not too big flashpoint hotspot, but can actually suppress the sword in opposite party hand easily. This is the principle of long handle restraint sword. That person saw one were pressed hitting, in the hand the long sword is flinging, the earth attribute sword air/Qi has flung together directly. Gold! The blood often on the long spear in hand golden light flashes dodges, the long spear whole gets better -illuminated. Bang! That [say / way] earth attribute sword air/Qi was punctured directly. But the blood also has often taken back own long spear. That person has also drawn back.

Blood Senior Brother is really often fierce.” The opposite party said. Actually must say fiercely, I really am not in our group am fiercest, but the metallicity earlier period truly very much profits, therefore I can win is so relaxed, what I use is the length handle, but what you use is the sword, I also profits on the weapon, I can suppress your flashpoint hotspot, making you not attack me.” The blood often said. Bang! At this moment, stood in team rear Xia Tian but actually. The people looked hurriedly to him: Helps to hold quickly him.” Does not use, excuse me, I was led upside-down by myself.” Xia Tian have stood, simultaneously he shook his head, first time he has not possibly cared, but second time he can determine, oneself were has certainly incurred, how not to have known as for move of he. Hissing hissing! At this moment that small snake crawled on the palm of Xia Tian. Attract! The small snake bit directly in his control, afterward his control pain. Xia Tian lowering the head quietly looks that he discovered his control unexpectedly had the black venom to flow. My unexpectedly was poisoned, is when matter?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Newly arrived that brothers, on front introduced themselves.” The blood often said. „.” Xia Tian several strides have arrived directly front: Hello, I called Xia Tian, the Xia Tian summer, the Xia Tian day, my characteristics were graceful, my shortcoming was not graceful, my merit did not have the shortcoming.”

Ha Ha!” Xia Tian introduced oneself to bring in everybody's laughter that. This brothers are really personality people, what are you attribute?” The blood often asked. Hot attribute.” Xia Tian said. „, Several steps?” The blood often again asked. Cauldron Rank 1.” Xia Tian replied. What excels at?” Blood often little asking. My anything can.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. Cauldron Rank 1 can be said as the rank of here most setting the base, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that his anything can, actually here person is also anything can, moreover regarding the Earth Grade following person, they use anything to be fierce, but true anything can be prominent, can use the similar strength in the same rank. Volume, good, happen to you are hot attribute, you cross two moves with me, making everybody has a look, like this everybody can also understand, you choose the same weapon first.” The blood often said that the blood often such does to let everybody understood the Xia Tian strength, each newly arrived needs to pass through this stage. That brothers, sword used taking advantage of me a moment ago.” Xia Tian said.