Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1572
Xia Tian just planned that the mission place, saw two disciples have flown upside down. Whiz! His body dodges, fled directly. Meanwhile, his both hands block in air, that two body of person had been met by him. Fine athlete.” The blood often said. Meanwhile he also rushed to the entrance position. Blood, your person was really more and more often is not well-mannered, saw me to speak unexpectedly also to dare to be so unyielding.” The people have not arrived, the sound arrived first, this person opens the mouth is provocative meaning is full. Quick bald walked from outside, his with ten people, uniform bald. Bald, are you how is it?” Blood often a face angry looks to is that bald of head. „Am I how is it? The blood often, you should know that I am what kind, now the outer court in 300 groups had more than 20 groups to follow me to be bald, before I had also told you, my this time comes here goal to be very simple, was makes under you decide.” Said baldly. Your condition I cannot comply, moreover my person comes to study day Lingshan these Advanced Martial Skill to here, but does not seek fame and fortune for you.” Blood often angry saying. Blood often, I looked that said to discuss with you in your personal connection good share, should not be concerned about face continually, I do not make you consider that today, but made under you decide that you, if with me, that later easy to do, your person handed over two contribution coins every month, had me to cover you, if there is any important matter to obey my instruction \; However you do not comply with my words, that may not blame me not being impolite, my person under will stop up every day in your entrance, comes out to hit one, relax, I will not kill your, after all some Sect stipulations, but I will make you unable to stand, can only crawl.” Bald wicked saying. Threat! His in threat blood often. Bald, do not go too far, was careful that I consider to enforce the law hall.” The blood often said. Considers, my brother is the disciple in law enforcement institute, you go to me, moreover we are also comparing notes, Sect may not have the stipulation not to allow to compare notes in private, most was only under has had a heavy touch a point, gave us a warning.” Bald secure saying. Although in day Lingshan cannot same side murder mutually, but can actually compare notes mutually. Although this bald cannot have the person to enter in the courtyard to offend somebody, but he can actually bring the person to surround outside, exits to hit one.

His time comes here goal not to discuss. But forces. He is forcing the blood often to agree. Blood Senior Brother, feared that they do do? Has spelled, everybody is a life, at the worst is fight in which both sides perish.” Right, blood Senior Brother, we died must also draw several pad backs, the matter noisily was when the time comes big, Sect definitely has no alternative but to manage, even if his elder brother were enforced the law hall the disciple cannot suppress absolutely.” Blood Senior Brother, we had been sufficed, they little have usually not bullied us, today we spell with them.” The blood behind brothers enraged saying, bald usually little have often not bullied, because of his strength, person who therefore he everywhere is bringing his bullies other person, he biggest dream does not turn into the black clothing disciple, does not turn into the yellow clothes disciple, he must unify the white clothing disciple, he must work as here local despot. Spells with me?” Shows a faint smile baldly, afterward shouts loudly: Brothers, some people must spell with me, what to do you said.” Hit! At this moment, outside has broadcast the neat sound, hears these sounds time, inside these faces were green. Can be able to hear from the sound, most at least came over a thousand people. Their 100 th group of strengths of were not strong, now the opposite party came these many people, does this also spell? 100 people put together 1000 people. ! At this moment, a clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people, at the same time that has covered own face baldly, his whole face inconceivable looks at his front person. At this time stands before him is not others, is Xia Tian. Xia Tian had slapped his a moment ago.

Saw that such scene blood often also hoodwinked with his behind person, their first time saw that was hit baldly, and face-smacking. You dare to hit me.” Bald face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. At this moment, the second palm of the hand of Xia Tian has hit. This time was prepared baldly, he puts out a hand to keep off directly. But he has not expected, Xia Tian this time goal is not his face, but is his crotch department. Dying without a heir foot. Xia Tian used him uselessly very for a long time dying without a heir foot. A moment ago that palm of the hand was only empty move. ! Blood often mouth turned into O immediately, his behind subordinate also has protected at the same time him. Pain?” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks asks baldly. You court death!” Reddens all over the face baldly, suppressed these three characters from the mouth. Em, I court death, you bite my Ah! Xia Tian to stand there said. Volume!” The blood often hoodwinked with his behind person. Xia Tian this was also too fierce. Blood often Senior Brother, they, if began to be what kind in our courtyards?” Xia Tian asked. We hit them to hit in vain, they hit our words are the grave offenses.” The blood often said.

„Do brothers, what you also wait for?” Xia Tian shouts directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, these people directly flushed, was bald a moment ago too can install, this makes root that they are mad straight itchy, currently finally has the opportunity of revenging, if not Xia Tian takes the lead, they really have also forgotten this matter. Bald visits to stir up trouble on own initiative, they hit here were bald they in vain to hit. But bald, if has injured them, that is the grave offense. Because this is their places. Leads me to exit quickly.” Clamps own both legs to say baldly that several small bald must hold him to exit directly, is at this moment, Xia Tian directly horizontally in their front. „To walk? Did I agree?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Afterward his palm is discharging to air. Spatial open fire fist. It seems like the soft fist, that ten bald have not cared, is at this moment, they ten bodies were hit to fly directly, moreover chest burnt Hu. Called the person, making one to come to save us.” Is clamping both legs difficult saying baldly. Called, today calculates a head, came in I to hit one.” Xia Tian stands in the entrance directly, appearance that one man guards the pass Yorozuo opens greatly. ! A bald sending a letter number, simultaneously he loudly shouts: Outside brother, comes to help.” Bang! Hears this sound time, outside person all flushed to inside.