Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1573

Outside person baldly just subdued. At this time hears inside some people to request reinforcements, their naturally strategic place has come, although they know that to should better do not begin, but they must result to clash the life-saving. Has a dream baldly has not thought that Xia Tian said begins to begin, and sneak attacks. Sneak attacks his crotch department. This made him lose the combat capability instantaneously. Until now he can also feel that web the pain. Moreover at this time he with his several subordinates by the 100 th group of these brothers to gang up and beat, uniform beating, these people had not been kept the hand, as if must kill them to be the same. Actually these ten person strengths are not weak, their uniform cauldron Rank 3, but is the head bald is cauldron Rank 4 Expert. But they were sneak attacked by Xia Tian. What spatial open fire fist use of Xia Tian is the day fire. The spatial bright fist is sneak attack good Kungfu, the ascending the sky fire, hits to fly that several people again directly, simultaneously the day fire has fired their skins. Their operational experiences are not very rich, therefore a little hoodwinked at that time, this has happen to given 100 th group of these man-machine meetings, they come up radically not to this several bald opportunities, is one beats. Their several hitting could not stand thoroughly. Kills Ah! outside person shouted, while flushed, although they wanted to clash, but gate that many, one time most can only come in four people, Xia Tian blocked directly in the entrance position. Does one time come in four people? Four people suffice Xia Tian to hit? Naturally insufficient, only if four cauldron Rank 4 above Expert. Otherwise so long as Xia Tian occupies this strategic point to do in haste is impossible to lose.

Fights solely only does not depend on the brute force, after all the opposite these person of strengths may not be low, their strength worst is cauldron Rank 1, in other words these 1000 people of uniform Heaven Grade Expert. Xia Tian wants to block these people, that must the brave character work as most mainly first, cannot fear. Once has feared, that will have the fault, but his fault, the following person can clash, so long as some people clash, Xia Tian was equal to losing this best place. Although the opposite has 1000 people. May simultaneously get rid can only have four people, moreover they get rid are very startled, because the following person cannot see the front situation, the front person was pushed by the following person. Bang! Bang! Ping! Both hands of Xia Tian open greatly gather greatly, he hits a person to throw the rearward one person, was started the circle to kick by his rear person. Spatial open fire fist! Use spatial open fire fist that Xia Tian keeps sneak attacks, these people come in sees is a Xia Tian soft fist, cannot feel any might, therefore they have not cared, but also continues to clash forward Finally can be imagined. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The pitiful yell sound rises from all directions. Xia Tian more hits is more convenient, if changes into is others, early projected on leniently, moreover saw the opposite these many people time, more or less a little will be at heart anxious, but Xia Tian was different. He is not first time jumps the ranks to challenge, was not first time defeats a numerically superior enemy. Five minutes, in courtyard were many more than 100 people of taking a beating. Stops! Stops, cannot clash.” Shouts baldly hurriedly. Afterward he has sounded signal of retreating. Sees this signal time, in front of Xia Tian these people started to retreat, saw them to retreat, the Xia Tian direct general's family closed, afterward he has turned around: Brothers, start to close to punch the dog now.”

Wait / Etc.! Wait / Etc.!” Shouts baldly hurriedly: Blood often, I have acknowledged that the punishment is deserved today, a bit faster has put us.” „? You said anything, is not good, the signal is not good, the blood often Senior Brother cannot hear.” Xia Tian has not waited for the blood often to answer that he directly said that afterward his foot kicked once more in the bald crotch department, these lay down baldly is kicked. Has kicked center. ! The bald eye opens the eyes big, mouth inside can put an egg, his both legs close up thoroughly in the same place. Ah! Ah! Ah! Unceasing transmitting of pitiful yell sound in the entire courtyard, this punched the person to continue unilaterally for a half hour, finally the person in 100 th group has hit the person to hit tired. Was good, was good, hit really to kill again.” The blood the entire journey has often not begun, after all he is Leader, if he began, that will be gossipped, but he has not prevented. Now was hit these people, lie down on the ground, the strength that they even continually shriek with pain now did not have. Is of head bald is also the tears and nasal mucus of whole face. Which also had just started that act high and mighty manner. That bald person, has remembered, I do not need you to take, you can retaliate at any time, but remembers my name, I called Xia Tian, if you asked me to retaliate, I will be glad, but if made me know that you have gotten rid to other people, I broke your five legs.” Xia Tian said. „, I took.” Saying of bald nasal mucus tears. Bang! Xia Tian was a foot kicks on the bald body. Bald person, I knows you to refuse to accept, therefore you only need to shut up now were good, remembers my words, otherwise I will make you regret for a lifetime.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. His these at least kicked the bald two ribs.

! Pain bald is a pitiful yell. Bang! Afterward a Xia Tian foot kicked out him, kicked outside from the big wall. Sees the Xia Tian action, in the 100 th group other people also start to outside the person, more than 100 did not have the person of resistance like this to be thrown, after outside these people received the signal, a moment ago has stood outside is waiting, they can hear in the courtyard pitiful yell sound. Their this that listens to fearful. Now saw that more than 100 wounded person were thrown, they go forward to treat and cure hurriedly, these people receive is the skin flesh wounds, will not be fatal, hurts. In this time courtyard. „!” After blood Chang Qinghai two, very looks at the people to say seriously: Your, started the match face, said that hit others to hit others, what you had a look to make into the person.” A scene silence. However, looks really crisply, if I am not Leader, I also want to come up to hit.” The blood Chang Zai board did not live in the face, has smiled directly, before he was bullied by these people was too long, today finally was vents spleen. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” All people have also smiled. Brothers, you said that today our here whose merit is biggest?” The blood often loudly shouts. Xia Tian!” All people shout together. Was polite, is brothers, was right, I must have a look at mission, first walked.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the entrance directly, when he opens the front door saw outside that enormous and powerful crowd.