Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1576

Although this black clothing disciple spoke is not of pleasant to hear, but he was also the good intention. Similarly, this is also the words that he must speak, otherwise Xia Tian goes in the words that bursts, he will also be implicated. I knew.” Xia Tian nodded. This is the leading the way crane, you follow it.” That black clothing disciple has emitted the leading the way crane directly, is the small origami crane: Has remembered, no matter hears any sound do not wander about aimlessly, do not look randomly that do not speak irresponsibly.” Many thanks Senior Brother.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward directly entered the fourth institute. Humph! When he enters the fourth institute, knows that anything is called the disparity, here spiritual energy density enough is about five times of first institute, here cultivation is quite in Tang cultivation on spirit stone is simply same. Even if an average person if Tiantian lives here, that lives 200-300 years old not to have the issue absolutely. This rank treatment bad are really many.” Xia Tian says with emotion, they live in the house that to be crude outside, is the blockhead temporarily builds, but here uniform mansion, moreover is the tall buildings, 45 story-high, various facilities should have, the roadside plants is the efficacious medicines, the fruit that on the tree ties is also the spirit fruit. The speed of small origami crane is not so fast but so slow neither, Xia Tian such little followed. Bang! Bang! In the surrounding these mansions will pass on the bang frequently. This inside lives is the people of monster rank, the super talent, does not know how they are cultivation, has the day of Lingshan special cultivation way?” Xia Tian is curious, he followed for more than ten minutes to see the small origami crane finally that inscribed three front doors. pill spirit is the honor roll third, therefore in her gate inscribes three marks.

Here nobody guarded. Because besides the scarlet disciple, other disciples does not permit, naturally, has made mission can come. Xia Tian opened the door to walk, entered the courtyard, Xia Tian feels spiritual energy to greet the nostrils, the one who mapped his view was the efficacious medicine, the entire courtyard everywhere was the efficacious medicine, entire simultaneously that various types of efficacious medicines planted, all was the Rank 2 above Pill Refining material, some Rank 3 and Rank 4 Pill Refining material. pill spirit Senior Sister in?” Xia Tian asked. „Were you that have met my mission person?” The dignified sound appeared together, afterward a female of white clothing appears in the Xia Tian front, the female to the first impression of Xia Tian is the long hair, his hair length soon arrived at the knee position. Although she is a female, but he speaks actually the unusual dignity, making the person listen to have a feeling of superior. I.” Xia Tian said. unexpectedly is a white clothing disciple, ok.” pill does not satisfy the Xia Tian status spirit obviously, but she also did not have other to choose probably: „Do you understand the raw material for medicine?” Understands.” Xia Tian said. Good, in that house has various materials, you help me divide, as far as possible divides is more detailed, you can only treat every day for five hours in the fourth institute, favors the time, leaves, then tomorrow will come again, helping me divide these materials, mission you completes.” Saying that pill spirit unemotionally. So is simple?” Xia Tian asked. Snort, after going, you knew to be simple, but do not move these materials the thoughts, otherwise.” pill spirit said with the warning tone that said that she moved toward the backyard position. What Xia Tian has not said that he will not make that piffle, steals the material of scarlet disciple? That simply and courts death anything not to distinguish, moreover he does not care about that material. He opens that door time discovered that this room 80-90 draws, in the room are piling the material at this time everywhere, when these materials obviously are Pill Refining remaining, some possibly are she dislike troublesome to lose here directly, little here turned into a grocery pile.

„The woman dirties the man be dirty, it seems like yes right.” Xia Tian walked, at this time what if comes is one does not understand the raw material for medicine the person, perhaps that these things make him tidy up for one year unable to separate. Because he does not have the clue. But Xia Tian is different, he obtains pill emperor to inherit, the understanding of pill emperor's to the compounded drug and raw material for medicine can be overbearing. pill emperor solely is not controls the hot technique that Xia Tian stays behind, but also medicine technique of insight. This knowledge medicine technique most overbearing place is he, so long as gathers with spiritual energy above the control can induce front this raw material for medicine to be virulent, makes up greatly, is many years, is anything attribute wait / etc.. Each raw material for medicine has own attribute, if makes others divide, he definitely could not separate, because he is impossible to know these many raw materials for medicine, but Xia Tian almost knows here larger part the raw material for medicine, even he can also say the name. Even if he did not know, he can also clear said the attribute of this raw material for medicine. Therefore minute of these raw materials for medicine regarding him simply is easy. Quantity are really many, that starts from here since the minute.” Xia Tian tidied up five places in the room first, this was to differentiate the material, placed the different positions the attribute different material, then the rank and drug efficacy same material put together. Like this he started to reorganize. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens directly, the power of observation increases instantaneously, moreover his Spiritual Force is very huge, therefore he can clear where remembered oneself separate each same raw material for medicine. Brushes! Others use for one year to complete matter, like this when three hours by Xia Tian completing. Whistling!” Xia Tian long expiration , is truly tired.

However at this time he has separated these raw materials for medicine completely, moreover minute special is clear. After leaving that room, Xia Tian extended one to stretch. Attracts, here air is really good, inhales draw is the fragrances of herbal medicine, thought somewhat wearily, now the fatigue a moment ago all does not have.” Xia Tian looks to the two sides entire, he discovered that the two sides a type of herbal medicine is used to stimulate. Pill Refining very much consumed Spiritual Force, therefore pill plants the herbal medicine that these stimulate spirit intentionally here, for by oneself leave the dwelling place the time can smell these herbal medicines the flavors, plays function that stimulates. When Xia Tian most is infatuated with. Bang! The explosive sound that this hears suddenly frightened Xia Tian to jump. shit, does anything, pulls down the house.” Xia Tian is really by this suddenly such as one had a scare. The form fled from the backyard together, is pill spirits, just this time pill spirit again just had not started that dignity to feel, on the white clothes was exploded several holes, the whole person is dirty. Volume!” A Xia Tian face strange looks at pill to work.