Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1579

I have made money, has made money, how I do not know colored, my left hand buys the Nokia sub, a right hand Motorola.” Xia Tian gained ground enters the trading market that threw out the chest, in the mouth also sang. At this time he felt that he is local tyrant takes possession. This feeling was really too crisp. Where regardless , the expense is the most rousing matters. Xia Tian is spends at this time, his vision looked in the surroundings, here has the refiner material shop, the Pill Refining material shop, the weapon shop, the armor shop, the accessory shop, pill Pharmacy wait / etc.. Even also some rare book shops. The rare book that here sells solely does not have the rare book of day of Lingshan, some are obtain from outside, is they cut to kill the match after outside brings, the opposite party strength was stronger, the merit law was fiercer, the price was also higher. Xia Tian entered a weapon shop directly. The scale of this weapon shop is not big, after Xia Tian comes, saw various types place there weapon, all kinds of weapons should have, the weapon of Spirit Tool rank only sells two contribution coin one here. Has the good point weapon?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the shop owner. In.” The shop owners referred to inside, Xia Tian walked toward inside, walked about ten steps, he really saw the weapon of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank, when saw their prices, Xia Tian has held breath cold air. 30 contribution coin. Preliminary Spirit Tool rank weapon wants two contribution coin one, but weapon unexpectedly of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank takes 30 contribution coin one, this price is ten times must, Xia Tian understands finally why here person had almost the weapon of Earth Grade Spirit Tool rank not to have the reason of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank weapon.

Price unexpectedly was expensive these many. Intermediate Spirit Tool so was expensive, that Advanced Spirit Tool?” Xia Tian continues toward inside walks, when he sees the price of Advanced Spirit Tool rank weapon, turns the head to walk directly. 500 contribution coin! This price has almost not made Xia Tian shout'mother-fucker', Xia Tian gains 100 contribution coins to think that laboriously was very crisp, but he does not have to think one gain the does obeisance contribution coin unexpectedly only to suffice to buy one-fifth of Advanced Spirit Tool rank weapon. He also thinks one turned into the local tyrant all of a sudden, finally the fact showed that he is only a ground beetle. His 100 contribution coins buy some low-end the things to be good, buy these high-end radically insufficient. Yeah, thinks one changed the body becomes a local tyrant, the result is such poor, is not good, these 100 contribution coins I must make a good thing to come back.” After Xia Tian left the weapon shop, moved toward pill Pharmacy, he arrived here goal to not to buy the compounded drug, he does not lack, his goal is to have a look here compounded drug price. The spirit world compounded drug can also be divided into Rank 1 to arrive at Rank 9, moreover each Rank 1 can be divided into the nine chief ministers of state. A here Rank 1 compounded drug price is a contribution coin, the Rank 1 nine chief ministers of state price is nine contribution coins \; A price of Rank 2 compounded drug is 30 contribution coins, the compounded drug of Rank 2 nine chief ministers of state is 300 contribution coins \; Rank 3 compounded drug is 1000 contribution coins, the compounded drug of Rank 3 nine chief ministers of state is 10,000 contribution coins. When sees these compounded drugs the prices, Xia Tian has held breath cold air, expensive, is very expensive. The prices of these compounded drugs are really expensive odd, moreover he also saw the gathering miracle cure, the gathering miracle cure is Rank 2 puts together the compounded drug, but its price is actually 50 contribution coin one, a gathering miracle cure takes 50 contribution coins, the Xia Tian enough several billions gathering miracle cures. If here compounded drug can change into the contribution coin, he increased the family fortunes.

But Xia Tian has not seen any purchase compounded drug from here the place, therefore Xia Tian wanted to trade the contribution coin the idea should with the compounded drug to malinger, he estimated that was here purchases the price that the compounded drug definitely was not sells . Moreover the casual anybody's compounded drug will not receive, what because they wanted was the quality. As for these refiner materials and Pill Refining materials is the expensive oddness. Xia Tian all gave up finally. But other Spirit Tool jewelry price Xia Tian looked at one to walk, the prices of these things completely are not present he can look, was good because of Xia Tian has not walked many saw a grocery market, the thing that here sold was the disciples in day Lingshan obtains outside, after some killed the match, seized from match there, what had is bumps into fortuitous encounter to obtain. But here will not present any treasure generally, because was treasure everybody will not sell to here, here purchased these things the prices to be very low, no matter any thing, so long as were a thing, was not the trash, by a contribution coin purchase, the price that but they sold was not a contribution coin, but was five contribution coin one, selected casually, elected casually. Perhaps you here select the legendary magic weapon that others do not know. It can be said that here is the genuine Taobao area. „Do this white clothing brothers, come Taobao? Selects casually, elects casually, the audiences are five contribution coins, you have a liking for anything to take anything, here may all depending on the eyesight, so long as you settled on, that takes away, we did not inquire about are any things.” On the face of shop owner has piled up with smiling face. The people on day Lingshan are actually the disciples in day Lingshan, but here business majority of is also Expert of older generation, after these servants and Butler and so on is them the class of disciple receives. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. His X-Ray Vision eye was opened by him directly, afterward he started to stroll in this room, he most liked was this place, currently in this room at least has several thousand commodities, he did not believe these several thousand commodity inside good things not to have. Xia Tian discovered the person who trading market here comes although are many, the person but who goes shopping truly are not many, therefore here shop owner does not like responding the person, especially the white clothing disciple, after coming, they look straight at do not lift.

Only then here servant is polite, no matter he you are the person of any rank, patient comes to introduce with you. Because here thing is very cheap, moreover arrived here person received the indifferences of beforehand these shop owners generally, therefore the average person was a little been suddenly embarrassed by here servant so cordial hospitality does not buy. Therefore their they will buy a different meaning meaning more or less. Reason that outside shop owner indifferent is because they do not believe on the white clothing disciple to have many contribution coins, but their thing general price very expensive, therefore they are also disinclined to waste the argument with the white clothing disciple. But here different, here name is the Taobao area. Here thing is cheap. Five contribution coins, although regarding white clothing disciple also many, but each white clothing disciple can definitely take. Well!” Xia Tian that is watching in all directions speeds up own footsteps suddenly.