Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1580

Here most at least several thousand things, how may not have the good thing, but the normal person can only look by the luck, but Xia Tian is different, he has the X-Ray Vision eye, the X-Ray Vision eye does other is not an expert, peeps and looks for the treasure function that to be able one certainly. Xia Tian is using X-Ray Vision eye seeking at this time, although the X-Ray Vision eye can seek for the treasure, but cannot achieve absolutely shades the eyes with the hand to see is the treasure, he also needs carefully to observe. His body has arrived in front of a stone to stop, this stone seems average not wonderful, probably in flickering person, but on the stone has some spiritual energy slightly. Was you.” Xia Tian at present one bright directly fist big stone in hand, saw Xia Tian to select the thing, a servant ran over directly. Sir, you settled on this stone, I have thought this stone was the treasure, if were not Boss does not allow us to buy, I will buy this stone absolutely, this stone seemed average not wonderful, but was actually divulging spiritual energy, looked is the good material of refiner.” That servant said. Has saying that the eloquence of these servants are very good, their principles are even if you were swindled, he must let your comfortable being swindled, this most at least you happily exit. But was not you buy later had discovered anything that one bought was not, he also came up to taunt you. In here person non- free to choose anything, they will have gone forward to flatter air/Qi, moreover each time they said is different, this thinks for the person who to prevent to listen to too false. Gives you.” Xia Tian has given the opposite party five contribution coins directly, afterward he was the stone received that this has completed a transaction. After having bought this thing, Xia Tian has not worried to leave. Found this place with great difficulty, he easily will leave how possibly. He must well here looks, he must exit oneself these 100 contribution coin all flowers, in his opinion contributes the coin and spirit stone is different, spirit stone does not spend itself also to use, but contribution coin , if not spend an function not to have, keeps in the hand only to be used to watch.

As for the contribution coin that going to the book collection pavilion needs, Xia Tian can seperately try to find the solution, in any case this contribution coin is definitely insufficient. He might as well first with this contribution coin here well looks for some treasure, this can also promote his strength rapidly, after reading honor roll, Xia Tian decided that must promote the strength rapidly. Because person uniform two cauldron Expert on honor roll. But forcefully the person who must marry Zhao Yushu is the person on honor roll, therefore Xia Tian wants to protect Zhao Yushu to own strength promotion to be able fast with two cauldron Expert resistances Realm, he does not think of the time, because the strength regretted insufficient. Xia Tian does not know how long one have treated here, he knows in any case finally his 100 contribution coins all spent, in other words he altogether has bought 20 goods, brings these 20 goods were going back is the black day. After Xia Tian comes back, does not want to disturb everybody, quietly has upturned from the wall. But when he crossed the top there. Because of this time his surface advance party the entire simultaneously person, the 100 th group of people are standing at this time here, their teams are orderly, the blood often leads, other people all stand in blood often. Volume, is your this? Does the black day also need to train?” Xia Tian awkward looks at the blood often they. Thanks the brothers.” The blood often both hands hold the fist in the other hand. Thanks the brothers!” The blood often behind these people together said.

Such scene made Xia Tian a little hoodwink all of a sudden, he has not understood that these people were doing, their greater part of the night sleeping did not stand unexpectedly to say here thanks itself. Volume! Your this is.” Brother, the person in mission place came a moment ago, we know that you completed the C level mission matter, your this time has completed C level mission, on our 100 th group of faces had light . Moreover the people of our group can leave mission, usually we could not snatch these F level mission, but this time did not need us to snatch, person oneself of mission place delivered, if were not your, we fundamentally on not this opportunity.” Blood often very serious saying. Brother, many thanks you, usually the brothers crossed was very uptight, this everybody can also gain some contribution coins finally.” „If no you, we are impossible to have this time opportunity.” Although you just now come today, but we already worked as the brothers you, later has the matter that any need we handle to tell freely.” 100 th group of these brothers very bright shouting, regarding them, Xia Tian were also their benefactors, if after all did not have Xia Tian, they were impossible to have this time opportunity. Therefore their from the heart thanked Xia Tian. Moreover daytime Xia Tian was also for their neutralize a crisis, if were not Xia Tian, that also really very much that ended finally, Xia Tian not only helped their neutralize the crisis, but also made their maliciously left air/Qi. Volume, is brothers, goes back to sleep.” Xia Tian said. We do not rest, one must change the guard, today mission is our, not being able to allow the least bit to be careless.” The blood often said.

Good!” Xia Tian understood, these people here specially wait their, otherwise they can also rest for several hours, for they, as soon as Su has not closed the eyes. You go back to rest first, today was laborious, we must immediately.” The blood often said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, moved toward backyard directly, he must return to his Xiaoshidong now, these things that then research well one just bought, these things may be he use the X-Ray Vision eye to discover. Others go to there to go shopping, 0% several 99 by pit, but Xia Tian is that 1%. How he went to possibly to be able by the pit. The X-Ray Vision eye opens, thorough examination, he can inspect probably, these things that he buys absolutely are not the trash, especially that stone, that is also the thing that Xia Tian most anticipates. Returned to the pit hole, Xia Tian took the thing directly. Enough 20 types of treasure, these were he just washed. This thing did not need to look, was Intermediate Spirit Tool, but was spiritual energy consumes up, therefore seemed looks like the trash.” Xia Tian has picked up a bangle from inside directly, afterward he put out spirit stone to place on the bangle, this can help this bangle restore Spirit Tool fast. Other things are also good, although is not the value priceless good thing, but has gained one absolutely greatly, what is main is this stone.” The Xia Tian vision has placed in the stone.