Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1584

Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, pill also came up to look spirit, at this time in pill furnace had five compounded drugs: This time a little are truly few.” If trades to do is normally, some people dare such spirit to speak with pill, that is courting death to be the same absolutely, but a Xia Tian such saying, pill spirit actually appeared very awkward. Senior Sister, did your material money come back?” Xia Tian helpless saying. Practices Pill Refining to have the loss, how possibly to come up to make money, that each Pill Refining master increased the family fortunes.” pill spirit very optional saying. Hears her words, Xia Tian thought that is very seemingly reasonable, but this with the Xia Tian imagination is different, he can determine very that these materials let the words that oneself refine a moment ago, most little can leave 80 compounded drugs. But pill spirit unexpectedly only refined five, therefore he so will be surprised. Good.” Xia Tian helpless saying. You, if thought that you can refine compared with my many, you build up.” Saying that pill is not feeling well spirit, she was known as after all since the day Lingshan first Pill Refining master, continuously she by the object who the person flattered. However she felt that she does not have the face Xia Tian here probably very much. Generally speaking a view of white clothing disciple she does not care, but she cares about the view of Xia Tian. Volume, I cannot.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Snort.” After pill spirit cold snort, she knows that Xia Tian definitely meets Pill Refining, but Xia Tian did not acknowledge that like this she does not have any means. However she can confirm is, Xia Tian definitely meets Pill Refining. Otherwise he is impossible so familiar such many raw materials for medicine, moreover can look from her Pill Refining time Xia Tian expression that Xia Tian meets Pill Refining absolutely, perhaps Xia Tian is Pill Refining Expert. Naturally, all these are pill's spirit guesses.

Now Xia Tian refuses stubbornly to acknowledge, therefore she does not have any means. Hey, do you name?” pill asked spirit. Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, our two discussed that a matter is what kind of?” pill asked spirit. Had not discussed that crossed me not to plan to meet your mission today.” Xia Tian said. Why?” pill spirit puzzled asking. Meets your mission to be in danger, your which day of temperament was not perhaps good to kill me.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Volume, you felt relieved that I will not kill absolutely your, moreover won't injure you to be what kind of?” pill asked spirit. You will not kill me, you asked a person to kill me casually, I did not have the means that after all you were the scarlet disciple, your a few words that definitely was many people goes through fire or water.” Xia Tian said. I ensure I won't make anybody injure your being OK? Moreover later who dares to bully you, you look for me, I definitely help you.” pill said spirit. Good, said it and meant it, said that discussed anything.” Xia Tian said. My Pill Refining time you have any idea saying that so is simple, then I issue C level mission every day, a day 400 contribution coins.” The pill spirit direct proposition said. She has guessed, Xia Tian definitely meets Pill Refining, moreover Xia Tian also definitely has own idea. If the idea of Xia Tian is useful to him, perhaps her Pill Refining skill also will promote.

She does not lack the material, does not lack the contribution coin, lacks, even if Pill Refining skill, day Lingshan, although many Pill Refining skills, but these Pill Refining skills most had been given to look by her, then she unifies her Pill Refining method to have the present achievement. I cannot Pill Refining.” Xia Tian stated categorically own not Pill Refining, he is clear, wooden show in Linfeng must destroy it, his cultivation talent has made people feel that was terrorist, if made others know that again he in Pill Refining, on the refiner and Formation that good B, some that absolutely people quietly will also start to him, may seize him, might kill him directly, then robbed his treasure. Under the premise that therefore Xia Tian in not having the ability protects oneself status will be will not acknowledge absolutely one will meet Pill Refining. Even if spirit is not good to pill. Volume, I know that your not Pill Refining, I am make you have any idea to propose, comment that perhaps you gave I by chance useful.” pill spirit has ravelled finally, Xia Tian does not want to acknowledge one were the status of Pill Refining master. This point she can also understand that after all in this world any people have. Therefore she simply does not expose, she also disguises the appearance that becomes does not know. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. Em, later you also help me overcome the hand, every day goes to the mission place to meet mission on the line.” pill said spirit. That line, such settled, today's time was up, I must leave the fourth institute.” Xia Tian gives pill to work own mission token, pill inputs spirit directly his spiritual energy. On the mission token demonstrated that mission has completed. The white clothing disciple are most also can only treat for five hours in the fourth institute, will otherwise be executed, this was the custom, Xia Tian has treated at this time here for four hours, therefore he also needs to leave here. Good, tomorrow I and others you.” pill nodded spirit. At this time pill spirit unexpectedly started to anticipate to see Xia Tian tomorrow, naturally, she anticipated did not see Xia Tian, but is tomorrow's Xia Tian will take to her any pleasant surprise.

After Xia Tian leaves the fourth institute, returned to the mission place. When he returns to the mission place, these waiting met the face of mission to be green. Completed?” The person in mission place asked. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Great.” The person appreciation of mission place, afterward he was saying to periphery other people: Do not gather round, dispersed, tomorrow's mission also turned over to the 100 th group.” Xia Tian has handed over the mission token. Saw that Xia Tian the mission token hands over the past time, these people all are shaking the head that keeps, they knew own this Little Tian team Bai Pai. Your boy also really has real skill, gives you, 400 contribution coins, with were good.” The person in mission place will contribute coin to give Xia Tian, after Xia Tian received the contribution coin, walks toward own residence directly. He the trading market, he has not planned to accumulate the contribution coin today, moreover today after he goes back, planned that stable one own cultivation is, after all he just broke through to cauldron Rank 2, Realm is also not too steady. The 100 th group is peaceful today, because they exited to make mission, Xia Tian returned to own pinhole to start cultivation directly. The night falls he has opened his both eyes. Came.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, the person who comes is the ugly slave, he wants to have a look at the ugly slave to bring anything to him today, the ugly slave will give the thing to him every day, will seize also the chance to give him to intoxicate. The method of disintoxicating he had found, therefore he must have a look at the ugly slave to take anything to him now today.