Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1585

Gives you.” The ugly slave threw to Xia Tian one bottle of compounded drugs once more, Xia Tian this time opened the X-Ray Vision eye directly, actually he wants to have a look at the ugly slave how to intoxicate, but until he received that vial, did not have any discovery. The ugly slave was still gives the compounded drug to walk, anything had not said. Xia Tian not polite, returns to own room directly, then turns on the medicine bottle. The Rank 3 three compounded drugs, build up body pill. Sees this compounded drug time, Xia Tian first recognized, this compounded drug in the price that in the trading market placed is 3200 contribution coins. Although Xia Tian slightly has made a wealth today, but also merely has 400 contribution coins, the price of this compounded drug regarding him is the sky-high price. Such good thing do not want in vain, let alone is delivers.” Xia Tian will not reject the good thing of this delivering, although the opposite party is also intoxicating to him, but intoxicated is discovered by him. Small snake, looked your.” Xia Tian looked that said to the small snake, the small snake also directly crawled to the palm of Xia Tian, will then process poisonously, these toxins did not have any harm regarding the small snake. The small snake probably is hundred poisonously does not invade to be the same. Will process after poisonously is clean, Xia Tian sits on the bed, at this time he planned that takes this to build up body pill. My human body originally very formidable, moreover my method are also many, this time broke through cauldron Rank 2, if I take this to build up body pill again, after that perhaps me, to fighting cauldron Rank 5 Expert can also win with ease.” Xia Tian is self-confident to own strength, he before the breakthrough can fighting cauldron Rank 4 Expert, the strength breaks through now, the words of human body refortify, he can definitely to fighting cauldron Rank 5 Expert. Thump! Under Xia Tian builds up body pill to take that directly. After under he takes builds up body pill, he discovered that an unusual strength flows to his four limbs directly, starts to moisten the muscle on his body, the feeling that Xia Tian can be clear about the change of own body muscle, he discovered own body unceasing was being moistened.

Is the Rank 3 three compounded drugs, effect unexpectedly so is worthily good.” Xia Tian says with emotion. He knows, no matter under any compounded drug clothing the first time effect is best, taking that otherwise a person keeps builds up body pill, his human body was invincible. Xia Tian sat one, next morning he will have stood directly. Although has not rested, but his spirit actually very good. Has not thought that builds up body pill effect unexpectedly to be this degree.” Xia Tian felt at this time own within the body has been full of the strength, he a fist hits now, even if strength of not the suitable any element also absolutely can kill cauldron Rank 4 Expert. This changes. Strength each strengthening of Xia Tian can obtain qualitative to leap. Bang! Xia Tian has been making a fist to the air directly, although this fist hits is not heavy, but the air has exuded the fulmination sound, but Xia Tian is also satisfied nod of: It seems like the ugly slave sends also is really the good thing, does not know that tonight he will send anything, but I am also careful, his Tiantian gives the thing to me, perhaps when must begin.” Xia Tian understands, reason that the ugly slave gives him the good thing to let him relaxes vigilantly, in him the poisonous depth, the ugly slave definitely will have gotten rid to him, perhaps when the time comes the ugly slave has any goal. It seems like I must pick up speed to promote my strength, when the time comes including protecting own ability does not have.” Xia Tian light saying. Although he wanted to find the news of crevice prison, but similarly, he also needs to save his life. Otherwise he found the news of crevice prison to be what kind, who did he die to rescue Brother Xiaoma?

Not early, should ask pill to work, the fellow is a local tyrant, I must many get so far as the contribution coin from her there.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable anticipation, the function of contribution coin regarding him is very big, because he can buy the compounded drug with the contribution coin, buys Spirit Tool, these may be promote the strength the thing. Although day Lingshan forbids to trade the contribution coin in private, but pill spirit can issue that mission gives the Xia Tian contribution coin, therefore the Xia Tian plan much will be several days later black her point. When Xia Tian arrives at the mission place, mission place there is still standing that many people, when they see Xia Tian the complexion changed, all people will all focus on the body of Xia Tian. Volume!” Saw everybody's vision, Xia Tian also a little hoodwinks. One so were when famous, came so many people to know him. Dispersed, today definitely is also hopeless.” Shaking the head that these white clothing disciples keep, they hope at this time one are the 100 th group of members, because the 100 th group of members of do not need lining up to have mission, although made mission every day laboriously a point, but saw the contribution coin time, they definitely did not think laboriously. Your boy but now the celebrity, you came everybody to walk.” The person in mission place looks at Xia Tian to say. Volume, I am meet pill spirit mission.” Xia Tian said. You will not have a leg with pill really spirit, otherwise her why does Tiantian only elect you to overcome the hand?” That person of mission place cracks a joke to say. Has a leg with her? Considers as finished, her temperament married to go home to be many a tigress, moreover was a violence tigress.” Although Xia Tian has only contacted pill spirit twice, but pill's spirit irritable disposition he saw. Frequently must kill him. Ha Ha, was careful that was heard by pill spirit, she will not forgive you.” The mission place laughs was saying. „Will I fear her? Cracks a joke.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere.

Gives you mission token, keep it up.” The person in mission place said. Xia Tian now was also a known person, because he met pill's spirit C level mission to complete twice, this has to make these white clothing disciples take seriously him, what was main was Xia Tian broke their mission now. Their Tiantian in this row, what mission could not be doing, had been snatched by the 100 th group, after this let them, lived? However this issue Xia Tian will not go to manage, at this time he entered in the fourth institute pill's spirit mansion. Comes in quickly, do not lose time, we start.” pill said spirit shoves open the backyard the gate to walk. „Do you want to do? I am not that person, I told you, I can earn living do not sell into servitude.” Xia Tian covers own chest very serious saying. „, Do you believe me to punch you.” pill noticed spirit the Xia Tian appearance must begin to hit Xia Tian. „Do you dare to hit me? Do not forget you to comply with my anything.” Xia Tian said. Good, you have won, we start Pill Refining, no, is I starts Pill Refining, you noticed that any interesting matter told me.” pill changed a statement spirit hurriedly.