Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1586

pill spirit to this Pill Refining unusual anticipation. Because she has harbored the fantasy to Xia Tian, naturally this fantasy is only the fantasy of Pill Refining skill, but is not the person. She had suspected Xia Tian is Pill Refining Expert, therefore she can confirm today. Because her Pill Refining Xia Tian will speak in side today. If she guesses right, she absolutely will not let loose Xia Tian, she later must make Xia Tian help her, rapidness that only then her Pill Refining strength can promote like this, must compare notes to fight to the major entrances immediately, in the major entrances not only will have when the time comes comparing notes in strength, will also have Pill Refining, comparing notes on refiner and Formation. She is the day Lingshan Pill Refining representative, therefore she hopes her strength to be able on again a yet higher goal. When the time comes if can first come back with, she will certainly become world-famous . Moreover the entrance will also reward her. This time must hold you are the Pill Refining Expert evidence.” pill spirit innermost feelings secretly thought. Xia Tian sat on the ground directly. I must start.” pill said spirit directly uses the flame to start kiln. Senior Sister, you did not think that you do do this are being opportunistic?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask. You understand anything, I such do to accelerate the dissolution of material, can pick up the Pill Refining speed.” pill said spirit. Good, you continue.” Xia Tian said. pill spirit has not said anything, after all this method is she originally creates, therefore she thinks that her method will definitely not have the problem. When the stove burns the heat thoroughly, pill starts to pour water spirit. Senior Sister, doesn't your Pill Refining furnace ask for money?” Xia Tian asked.

How? What issue has? This is the method that I originally create, decomposes the material using the steam and quantity of heat.” pill answered spirit. Regardless of the stove of any rank, so long as burns to then pours the cold water hotly, will reduce the life of stove, because builds the stove time through the high temperature calcination, then coagulates with the cold water.” Xia Tian answered. You said was very seemingly reasonable, what to do you says?” pill spirit puzzled asking. You can use the boiling water, you have burnt the stove were so hot, pours into the boiling water also same to present the steam . Moreover the effect also pour the cold water to be better compared with you, but can also increase the life of stove.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, pill is suddenly enlighted spirit: Hot water, how I have not thought.” pill has extinguished the flame of this stove spirit directly, then starts to boil water with another stove. You also had any idea together to say.” The pill spirit start to talk said. I do not have any idea, a moment ago these matters were just the general knowledge.” Xia Tian light saying. If is really the general knowledge, why I can not know?” pill thinks spirit Xia Tian this is disparaging her. This matter, links up with IQ of person directly, the hot pot is meeting with the oil, meets the cooker with the cold water, this matter chef knows.” Xia Tian light saying. Volume!” pill wants to counter-attack Xia Tian spirit obviously, but she thought Xia Tian said is reasonable, she felt that she actually had nothing to say in reply. Quick, that stove water on the fever to seething with excitement, pill started to burn another spatial Pill Refining furnace afterward spirit. After that spatial Pill Refining furnace was killed the heat, she poured into that stove hot water the pot directly. Material!” pill shouts spirit loudly. Xia Tian gave pill to work these materials, but he has actually put out two materials from inside.

Does? To giving me.” pill spirit puzzled asking. You first built up to melt that several types of materials said again.” Xia Tian said. pill spirit has not said anything, but starts with single-hearted devotion built up stove inside material after she built up that several types of materials melted, Xia Tian the remaining that two materials gives pill to work, pill started to build up these two materials spirit once more. This process is quite long. Although pill's spirit Pill Refining way is the simple way, can accelerate Pill Refining, but the entire Pill Refining process has still continued for two hours. This unexpectedly has not exploded the furnace.” The compounded drug that pill spirit refines today yesterday first time exploded that compounded drug of furnace, Rank 2 compounded drug. Became! When the compounded drug became, pill went to pill spirit personally. 20, this time she not only has not exploded the furnace, but also unexpectedly refined these many compounded drugs all of a sudden, this time pill spirit face strange looks at Xia Tian, she knows that this time has not exploded the furnace is the Xia Tian merit, but also this time pill led the enhancement also to be definitely concerned with Xia Tian. Actually do you how achieve?” pill spirit puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I? My anything has not made Ah! Xia Tian direct lazily lying down on the ground. Xia Tian truly anything has not done, he spoke several words, but was these words directly makes the situation that should explode the furnace vanish, this time not only has not exploded the furnace, the compounded drug that but also refined also be more than past. Good, your truly what has not done, was right, why after you must let me, before builds up that two materials, do I explode the furnaces and two materials am concerned? Before my why, such refinement time sometimes doesn't explode the furnace?” pill asked spirit. I do not know that I am one overcome the hand, how possibly to know these that you said that I was to look at that two material long attractiveness before, therefore wants to look after one will let you, built up.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, the pill clever bottom was speechless, the excuse that Xia Tian finds is really good.

However he has decided that after Xia Tian walks, actually after she must tries simultaneously to build up all materials, and latter builds up these two materials to have anything to distinguish. „The time, refines furnace compounded drug again.” The pill spirit start to talk said that afterward she once more must reduce fever that stove. Wait / Etc..” Xia Tian has done directly. How?” pill spirit puzzled looks to Xia Tian, now she is sensitive to the Xia Tian words. You did not think that you should change a stove? You have burnt its one time today, trades the individual sound of sword, your Pill Refining furnace probably is not Qian to come results.” Xia Tian said. Volume!” pill stares spirit slightly: Good, I change the Pill Refining furnace, my Pill Refining furnace also is really not Qian to come.” In pill's spirit backyard the Pill Refining furnace are many, the Pill Refining furnace that this time she will boil water also traded. Xia Tian is still lazily lying down there. pill starts to boil water spirit directly, when she just burnt the water preparation to reduce fever another stove. pill spirit Senior Sister.” Outside the courtyard has broadcast a sound. „The jade, did you come? Don't I make you deliver in the evening again on the line?” pill hears that sound spirit time walks toward the outer court directly, Xia Tian has also stood, he is only overcomes the hand after all, but can come here person definitely is the scarlet disciples, therefore he must pay attention. Do not be dissolute, useless.