Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1587

pill has not waited spirit, the opposite party walked. Really is scarlet disciple. The scarlet disciple only then does not need to wear the scarlet in own mansion, so long as left own mansion to wear the scarlet, white that therefore pill spirit can put on own courtyard. That scarlet disciple honor roll is situated sixth that refiner Master Qiyu. At this time her in the hand is carrying two Pill Refining furnaces, these two Pill Refining furnace most minimum 3,000-4,000 jin (0.5 kg), is big, but she actually appears very relaxed. This time so is how big!” pill spirit a little surprised looks at the jade. I was attempting to pick up the technique speed recently, therefore on refinement several physique Freshman points, such refiner time the time that can also insist is longer.” The jade said. Saw that time Xia Tian of that two big cauldron almost soon collapsed. Black sheep of the family. He can only scold these two fellows is a black sheep of the family. pill does not care about the Pill Refining furnace to explode spirit . Moreover the material said that destroys destroys, these materials may be very expensive. Now this just appeared the jade is a rout family, her unexpectedly builds up the hand with the Rank 3 material, the refinement such big Pill Refining furnace, this is simply flashy but lacking substance. This Pill Refining furnace besides big, without any other uses, is spoiling these Rank 3 materials simply. That line, puts this.” pill said spirit. Senior Sister, Xiao zither came back.” The jade said.

Comes back to come back, she will come several days later definitely.” The expression of pill spirit speech is a little impatient, because she worries Pill Refining, she does not hope that one Xia Tian will walk to the time. Em, is, she finished on hand on matter, can definitely come to pay respects to Senior Sister, right Senior Sister, you know that Abao that fellow had a liking for a yellow clothes disciple.” Saying of jade Eight Trigrams, she had not seen very pill spirit is impatient. This Eight Trigrams I did not care that you also do have the matter, is all right comes in the evening again, I worry now Pill Refining.” pill could not bear point to the door spirit finally. Volume!” The jade first time sees pill to work like this, she then discovered that pill a little worries spirit, therefore the vision is looking to the surroundings that she discovered pill just refined furnace compounded drug spirit probably, but she saw Xia Tian quickly: Well, white clothing disciple.” Jade Senior Sister is good.” Xia Tian respectful saying. Very understands the politeness.” The jade nodded. I wanted Pill Refining, did not accompany you.” pill spirit was thoroughly impatient. I look at your Pill Refining in this.” The jade said. Today is not good, you walk first, if you want to look, in the evening I build up you to look.” pill understands spirit Xia Tian definitely is not willing to expose is in itself the status of refiner, if the jade, that Xia Tian affirmed that here anything will not say. Mystical.” The mouth of jade one honk, direct turn around left, before she walks, specially has sized up Xia Tian. How is it? I do good.” pill spirit seems is taking undeserved credit to be the same. She is scarlet disciple, Xia Tian is only the white clothing disciple, but she imitated Buddha's Portrait a moment ago is taking undeserved credit with Xia Tian, if this makes the jade see, the surprised chin will fall absolutely the ground. Em, starts, this time saves a time.” Xia Tian said. Time-saving? Economical?” pill asked spirit.

I select to you material, you smelt equally same, each type of material smelts to 30% times puts down one material, finally the compounded drug eight are divided does not burn out furnace.” Xia Tian said. pill spirit has not spoken, but looks to Xia Tian, she does not understand that Xia Tian must do. Xia Tian moved toward that pile of materials directly, then he was divided into six material, the sequencing has also put away. Although pill spirit does not understand that Xia Tian must do, but she believes that Xia Tian such does has certainly his truth, therefore he had not asked. After the jade leaves the pill spirit mansion, has been depressed. She and pill spirit is good sisters, but she wants to watch pill spirit Pill Refining today, unexpectedly by pill spirit rejecting, her has believed that in this has certainly any secret, but this secret should be related with that white clothing disciple. That white clothing disciple and do Senior Sister have a leg?” The jade has thought of this possibility suddenly. When she thinks of here, oneself were frightened. How possible, the opposite party is only a white clothing disciple, how Senior Sister possibly can have a liking for him.” The jade shook the head, denied own suspicion. „The jade, do you do?” At this moment, the jade front surface walked a female, the female very attractively, her beautiful was the suffocating beauty, a beauty of death, she was not others, was Xiao zither. Xiao zither, how did you come out?” Jade puzzled asking. „, My that side matter busy was similar, I planned that looks at Senior Sister to go, can't you go?” Xiao zither asked. Looks at Senior Sister, considers as finished, I was just caught up with by her.” Saying that the jade is not feeling well. What's the matter? Will Senior Sister catch up with you to come out? Did you annoy Senior Sister to be angry?” Xiao zither smiling saying.

No, is Senior Sister there has a white clothing disciple, I suspected that he has the relations with Senior Sister, is that improper relations, then Senior Sister said that she wants Pill Refining, directly caught up with me, I must watch her Pill Refining she not to agree.” The jade said. Such matter?” Xiao zither is also very surprised: I also think that the world is only interested in the compounded drug, originally she is also interested in the man.” Ok, waits to pass asking in the evening well.” Jade helpless saying. Also is, I first did not disturb her, I went to your first.” Xiao zither said. At this time in pill's spirit backyard. She according to Xia Tian to the order that she places, the equally same start builds up, moreover under each same is builds up to three points of time starts to join the same material, like this she all materials little all built up 80%. When 80%, she has extinguished the flame, because this is Xia Tian tells her. Was good, remembers for a half hour not run, you completed my mission first, I first walked, then you in this and other hour.” Xia Tian stands up to move toward pill to work, gives pill to work mission token in the hand. pill spirit not hesitant, inputs own spiritual energy on the token directly, afterward on the mission token presented one to end the character. Saw mission to complete, Xia Tian walked directly, 400 contribution coins have succeeded in obtaining, in addition yesterday, currently he had 800 contribution coins, naturally, all these must also wait till him to hand over mission to say again. pill spirit after Xia Tian walked has been waiting in that Xia Tian said for a half hour, she does not dare to miss. Until after a half hour, she turned on the Pill Refining furnace, when she turns on the Pill Refining furnace, the whole person was shocked.