Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1588
She discovered that since listened to the Xia Tian words, her Pill Refining started not to explode the furnace, not only does not explode the furnace, but also pill leads unexpectedly to be so high, that time pill more than 20, this time he looked a moment ago that in the Pill Refining furnace unexpectedly has more than 40 compounded drugs. Her time pill has gained, gained in a big way. She usually Pill Refining time is almost compensates, because she had pill to lead to be too low, moreover she, when will develop these compounded drugs to explode the furnace, exploded the furnace material to abandon. Only then refines the Rank 1 material time is gains steadily does not compensate. But she is not willing to refine the Rank 1 material, because she thinks that refines the Rank 1 material not to have the difficulty, moreover cannot promote own Pill Refining technology. Refines not to have any sense of achievement. Therefore she rather compensates must refine the Advanced compounded drug. Also she could repay. 43!” pill looked up spirit carefully, altogether 43 compounded drug this are not the small numbers, sees these many compounded drugs time, pill spirit can be said as very excited. She felt at this time one touched brand-new Realm probably, she felt now own Pill Refining skill already the promotion of straight line. She felt that today gained has sent greatly, she issued that mission to the Xia Tian 400 contribution coins, gave mission to locate again 40 handling charges, she altogether spent 440 contribution coins to promote the Pill Refining skill. This too value regarding her, so long as can make her promote the Pill Refining skill, let alone is 400, even if 4000, 40,000 she is willing to take. This fellow is not really simple.” pill spirit thought at this time more and more Xia Tian was mystical, because she obeys the Xia Tian words not only does not explode the furnace, but also pill led also to promote. „It is not good, thought so that anything cannot feel, I must experiment my beforehand method, tries one again time such method, this can present the contrast.” pill wants to have a look at the beforehand method and present Xia Tian spirit tells her method disparity in a big way.

When Xia Tian returns to the mission place, these had the leaving things to chance person also to start to collapse, because the appearance of Xia Tian represented them not to have the opportunity thoroughly. Completed?” The person in mission place saw Xia Tian time asked. Does not have the difficulty.” Xia Tian has thrown the mission token directly. Perhaps young fellow, your 100 th group of brothers of must thank die you.” The person in mission place said. So long as they have stamina on the line, I feared that they cannot insist.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Patrol, cleans the work that guards the door and so on not to need to consume any stamina, moreover there is a time to rest, possibly to be how tired, the contribution coin that they accumulate one month of getting down enough they went to the small expense one.” The person in mission place has given Xia Tian 400 school contribution coins. Many thanks.” After Xia Tian took the contribution coin, returned to own residence directly, after returning to residence, Xia Tian has put out the earth spirit bead, wooden spirit return being angry mercury: I can refine first these three types of things, when later obtained other attribute beads to add to be good again, but I currently on hand on accessory material actually has, did not have the good material to make the main body together.” Thinks that material Xia Tian is depressed, although on him various materials are many, but not good material, these materials on Earth, although is the most precious objects, but after spirit world, was the ordinary materials. If can in that two statues the tower of Heavenly Connection take to make the material to be developed, but that two statues Lian Jindao indestructibly.” Saying that Xia Tian yearns. Since Xia Tian obtains the [gold/metal] blade, goes smoothly everywhere simply, [gold/metal] Dao sharp degree that did not have the words saying that absolutely, was that two statue [gold/metal] blades indestructibly, [gold/metal] Daozhi can leave behind the scratch above. Moreover the scratch will vanish quickly. Ok, do not have the daydream, the Taobao area of trading market has a look, can look find some good things from there.” Xia Tian said that stands up directly, walks toward the trading market. He just went out many had not seen one group of familiar people.

These people are not others, couple days ago was hit half dead bald by him, before this time bald already not male character, but were many several points of charming. Is you!!” Stretched out the orchid fingers to aim at Xia Tian baldly. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people, has covered own face baldly. Who gives your right such to speak to me?” Xia Tian coldly looks baldly, the bald this person must hit, moreover must be must hit every other day one time, which person some people are. That is three days does not hit the best room to strip off roof tiles. You do not hit him, that three days later his wound, he has forgotten to be painful, he will ask you to trouble. Xia Tian was not worried but actually he looks for his trouble, what he is worried looks for 100 groups of other brothers baldly, after all these brothers make mission outside now, the personnel are very scattered. Boss!” The bald behind person has encircled him. After Xia Tian looked at his one eyes, walks toward the front directly, he has hit had been bald, that bald a little memory, as for the present, bald is definitely does not dare to get rid to him, baldly after all his previous time will hit was too miserable. Has shadow to present baldly at heart. The palm of the hand of Xia Tian today to be bald shadow at heart to aggravate several points. Entered the free trading market, Xia Tian had not entered these other shops again, because in his opinion entered there is looks went oppressively, did not have money to go is disappointed.

Therefore Xia Tian went to the Taobao area. Sir, here all thing all five contribution coin, casually select, elects casually.” Here servant such enthusiasm. Xia Tian nodded, afterward walks toward inside directly, his vision is taking a fast look around in periphery, he hoped to find the wooden spirit bead that class treasure once more, even if could not find the wooden spirit bead that class treasure to find other good materials to be also good. Really here most suited me.” Xia Tian saw several types of good materials quickly, although these types of good materials unable to be used to treat as mother stock of his refiner, but can actually serve as the supplementary material. His time is the plan refines a good treasure, therefore he extremely pays attention to any selection. Although the refiner must look the technique and controls the hot technique and so on ability, but the same refiner also needs to read the material. The material is better to refine a better thing. Similarly, the flame is also very important, otherwise gave you a super material you radically on the melting it, you also built up anything to build up. Sir, that side has the goods that yesterday just arrived, you can have a look.” A servant goes forward to say.