Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1589

New goods! That is selected. That presented the thing the probability is very big. Xia Tian walked directly, he also hopes that found some good things in this pile. Was here, this was yesterday is newly-arrived, about 50,000, you can select slowly.” That servant said. Many thanks.” Xia Tian said that afterward he started to look slowly. This looks, but also made him find many good things, he had found many Rank 3 refiner material, these materials can be used to work as the accessory material, Xia Tian plan when the time comes to build up these Rank 3 materials, then joined them to the treasure. Quick. Xia Tian has chosen 160 types of things, all spent his 800 contribution coins. Perhaps little brother good eye, in this has the Rank 3 material.” Seemed the long not energetic old man walked, first Xia Tian can see this old man absolutely not to eat the law by the face, otherwise definitely will starve to death. Carries a shoulder-pole load casually, if the luck is good to get rich.” Xia Tian said. He naturally cannot say one have been selective these has been the good thing. youngster really has the boldness, I am Boss of this Taobao Shop, my name was Ma Yun.” The old men extended their right hand in a friendly way. Lying trough!” Xia Tian scolded one directly. The old men scolding deceived by Xia Tian. I have not scolded you, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian also in a friendly way extended own right hand. At this time he a little collapsed, Ma Yun's hand extends is really long, business insufficiently he has done on Earth, Taobao business unexpectedly achieved the spirit world day Lingshan to come up, this matter was also too skillful.

Boss unexpectedly of here Taobao Shop also called Ma Yun. Volume!” Boss Ma Yun of Taobao Shop nodded. That, was all right I first to walk.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Interesting kid, white clothing disciple unexpectedly has put all of a sudden out 800 contribution coins.” Ma Yun looks that the Xia Tian back said. In the fourth institute pill's spirit courtyard. Senior Sister, you became the list rate so were when high, moreover did not explode the furnace, after that was, I did not need to give you to deliver the stove.” The jade looks at pill to work surprisedly, she and Xiao zither came for several hours. pill Pill Refining, a pill spirit unexpectedly furnace did not have the cooker spirit here, moreover had pill to lead to be also higher than before, before pill spirit were most ten Rank 2 compounded drugs, but generally locates now 30-40. pill spirit by jade such one quart is also very proud. She had experimented a moment ago, still exploded the furnace with own method, even if the luck were good to succeed only has also been able to leave several compounded drugs, but she used Xia Tian the method Pill Refining to be different. Not only will not explode the furnace, but also pill sincere is very high. Senior Sister, has not thought that several years do not see, you were so fierce.” Saying that Xiao zither admires. You did not need to think highly of me.” pill said spirit. Senior Sister, who is that white clothing disciple of daytime? To be honest, is your.” A jade face badly smiles looks at pill to work. Where you toward think that white clothing disciple just comes to overcome the hand to me, he has a special ability, is distinguishes the speed of raw material for medicine to be quick, after I explode the furnace, he can also fast recall my loss.” pill answered spirit hurriedly. Is only this?” The jade does not believe obviously. Naturally was this.” pill said spirit.

Why you daytime must ask me to leave you Pill Refining.” The jade bit this matter not to relent, she thinks that pill spirit and that white clothing disciple was fishy. I was disinclined to say with you.” pill does not know how spirit should explain. You have a look, your this acknowledged that Senior Sister, you have being intimate unexpectedly did not tell me, the baby is unhappy.” The jade honk the mouth was saying. Do not fabricate a rumor, I said that I and his anything matter does not have.” pill said spirit hurriedly. Senior Sister, do not explain, more explained is more chaotic, you have a look at you now the breathless appearance, obviously had any matter to hide the truth from us.” Xiao zither smiling saying. pill hears Xiao zither words spirit, knows one cannot explain. Xiao zither understands this aspect matter. More loopholes that she explained were definitely more. I will come to see your Pill Refining tomorrow.” The jade said directly. „It is not good, my daytime Pill Refining is studying the new Pill Refining way, you will come me to divert attention.” pill said spirit. „, I knew, that white clothing disciple will definitely come tomorrow, is right.” The jade said. He will come, but he overcomes the hand to me.” pill spirit this time collapsed, she had planned did not explain, but by jade circling. After Xia Tian returned to own residence, these materials that purchases today all reorganized. Now I miss together mother stock, so long as found mother stock, I momentarily can start to refine this treasure.” Xia Tian also a little anticipated now, his super refiner technique has not disappointed him. Moreover this time he had a new idea. He plans spirit stone, the compounded drug also to have Formation to use in the treasure of new refinement, actually he wants to have a look at itself to refine any thing.

Calculates the time, ugly slave should also come, today was fourth day, will he begin in several day?” After Xia Tian packed the thing, walked toward outside directly, he just went out of the cave to see the ugly slave. The ugly slave this time threw compounded drug after Xia Tian directly walked. This time compared with the past happy. Actually does he want to do? Although on me has the treasure, but should not be exposed to light is right, he has attempted not to use such big cost to me, Tiantian delivers spirit stone to me, delivers the compounded drug.” Xia Tian very puzzled saying. The small snake once more poisonously suction. What this ugly slave sends is strong muscle pill. Rank 3 four compounded drugs. The function of this compounded drug is to strengthen the muscle. Beforehand that builds up body pill to strengthen the muscle, today this compounded drug strengthens the muscle. He delivers compounded drug to me every day, moreover strengthens the body, did he settle on my body? He is so ugly, was attracted by my charm? Appearance that he wants to turn into my this Shuai Shuai, therefore meets delivers the compounded drug to me every day, intoxicates to me.” Xia Tian has thought here time shaking the head that keeps: Sometimes leads is also a crime.” A day Lingshan dark place. Several day?” A deep sound appears. Fourth day.” The ugly slave responded. Three Heavens!, three days later has been OK, this time can certainly succeed, the body intensity of first three person is insufficient, finally failed, this person is one time crawls, the body intensity should compared with that three person . Moreover the will is also very strong, therefore my this time can certainly be successful.”