Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1590

„It is not good, today must find the way to ask that pill spirit there does have any good material.” In the Xia Tian eye, pill spirit is a local tyrant, a black sheep of the family, Xia Tian wants to have a look at her there to have any good thing, if her there has any good material, that Xia Tian happen to can probably come. Like this he can refine his treasure. Xia Tian early went to the mission place, when he arrives at the mission place, he discovered that today mission locates unexpectedly to take the mission people not to have, usually here at least also has several hundred people, but a unexpectedly person does not have today. Today how a person?” Xia Tian doubts looks at the person to mission place. Because of you, they have not come to look that today some pill spirit appoint to your C level mission, they directly walked, because they know that will not have any result in this, might as well goes back to rest well.” The person in mission place said. Good, my this has monopolized mission.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Does not calculate, if suddenly one day, had a person to make B level mission, that all F level mission turned over to his group next day, if also some people completed C level mission, then divided equally next day.” The person in mission place answered. Good, I walked.” After Xia Tian took the mission token, left directly. The beforehand mission place stands is several hundred people of over a thousand people, now as a result of the appearance of Xia Tian, the mission place turns into a person not to have all of a sudden, because these people stand here not only anything cannot receive. Moreover looks at Xia Tian this envy. Xia Tian is making C level mission, a day is taking 400 contribution coins, but can also obtain the scarlet disciple pill's spirit attendance, although Xia Tian and between pill spirits does not have what relations, reason that however in them, Xia Tian can Tiantian receive pill spirit Senior Sister mission, that definitely obtains the attendance of pill spirit Senior Sister. Obtains the attendance of scarlet disciple, that definitely in enjoying the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water that in this white clothing disciple mixes. Therefore naturally also dares to offend Xia Tian on nobody.

Otherwise in the way of Xia Tian this monopoly, that already caused here person to be discontented. After arriving at fourth institute pill's spirit residence, Xia Tian discovered that today were many a person, is the jade. This time jade face badly smiles visits him, is not comfortable the whole body that Xia Tian looks at: Jade Senior Sister is good.” Is the people on one's own side, does not use such politely.” The jade gives the expression that Xia Tian you have understood. Hears her words, vacant of Xia Tian face, he does not know when one turned into the whole family with the jade, oneself have seen only her both sides probably was right, Xia Tian looked worked hurriedly to pill. pill spirit now is also a heavy line of face: „The jade, do not talk nonsense.” „, I did not talk nonsense, was right, Senior Sister, I delayed to you.” The jade asked. Likes looking that in that looked, I wanted Pill Refining.” pill said spirit starts to prepare Pill Refining directly. Xia Tian needs help from pill to work today, therefore he looked said directly to pill spirit: „Can Senior Sister, ask you to help.” What busy? Said.” pill's spirit Pill Refining skill made very big breakthrough, therefore her is also happy. I want together the material of rank high spot, or your this has any strange stone, the material that is unable to identify is also good.” Saying that Xia Tian comes straight to the point, he knows that this matter cannot be polite, the opportunity always leaves the face thick-skinned person. You said possibly have the opportunity, but you, if did not say that you that possible probability did not have. Added has not related, started to open mouth to want the thing.” The jade innermost feelings said that but she impression to Xia Tian is not all of a sudden good, although her innermost feelings had determined that pill spirit definitely had to relate with Xia Tian, but she thinks that Xia Tian probably was the handsome boy who pill raised spirit is the same, therefore Xia Tian will feel all right to pill wants the thing spirit.

In her eyes, Xia Tian turned into the person who has deceived to eat to deceive to drink suddenly. „, The high level material and strange thing jade there are most.” pill said spirit looked directly the director jade said: „The jade, takes a strange material and high level material to him.” I do not have.” The jade said directly. Volume!” Hears the jade words, pill stares spirit slightly: Do not make, hurry up.” Senior Sister, this handsome boy obviously to your material, he with you definitely is not the sincerity, this I have helped you check, therefore I do not agree with you in the same place.” The jade said directly. Heard the jade words, Xia Tian hoodwinks. Handsome boy, to the material, is not the sincerity, in the same place!” These words were also too sensitive. Hears the jade words, pill also collapsed spirit, she also is really admires pill to work, the imagination was also too rich a point, which this was with which matter: „The jade, do not talk nonsense.” I have not talked nonsense, he opened mouth with you a moment ago wants the thing, looks is not the good thing.” The jade said. Jade Senior Sister.” Xia Tian very earnest looked that said to the jade: First, I acknowledged that I am very graceful, but I absolutely am not a handsome boy, next, I want the thing not to take something for free with her absolutely, any sincerity that finally you said that in the same place and so on matter has not closed with me, I was only one meet mission to overcome the person of hand.” Hears the Xia Tian words, jade was a little also shocked. „The jade, do not deliberately create trouble, if you do not give, I looked for others, although Xia Tian was the white clothing disciple, but his power of observation was keen, therefore I will make him give me to overcome the hand, simultaneously helped I had a look at Pill Refining the time has any careless.” pill spirit is also very serious saying. Volume! Are you all right really?” The jade was a little also blurry.

All right!” Xia Tian and pill spirit also said. Good, I believed you temporarily, since were the Senior Sister start to talk, that here had the Rank 4 refiner material together to you, here several stones of spirit demons, I have not known why to use, gave to you together.” pill said spirit. Many thanks jade Senior Sister.” Xia Tian said. The Rank 4 refiner material, this is very expensive in the free trading market, takes over ten thousand contribution coins to be able to buy, moreover buys is also the ordinary Rank 4 refiner materials, the jade takes, obviously is not the ordinary Rank 4 material, but is Rank 4 inside high-grade goods. When Xia Tian thinks when this is mother stock of his refiner, his vision has placed on that five small stone of spirit demons suddenly. The X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. Moreover in his mind suddenly presented a very mysterious name. star galvanized iron! This material has the record in the super refiner technique, on the super refiner technique little records the thing, once has recorded, that absolutely is the treasure, but most makes Xia Tian feel excited is the function of star galvanized iron.