Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1591

Records in the super refiner technique. The star galvanized iron is very rare material. Its function is. Attraction and swallowing. What records in the super refiner technique is uses the star galvanized iron to build the Chu bangle, then took advantage that its unprepared enters in the weapon absorption of opposite party the Chu bangle. However this is also related with the size of star galvanized iron. Records one type the magical instrument that in the super refiner technique is called Dapeng to spread the wings, this magical instrument most major function can take away the treasure of opposite party, regardless of the opposite party puts out any treasure, so long as by it as soon as sweeps can take away. This Dapeng spreads the wings uses the star galvanized iron refinement, but is not such small quantity. But very huge quantity, the accessory material is also some in society rare things. If I use the star galvanized iron to work as mother stock refinement treasure, what I will refine?” Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparable anticipation. I plan to refine the Rank 3 compounded drug today, the success ratio that I refine is low, you carefully.” pill reminded spirit, her goal to not remind Xia Tian and jade ran, but was reminding Xia Tian to direct her. Was infatuated with Xia Tian to hear pill to say suddenly spirit must refine the Rank 3 compounded drug, looked worked hurriedly to pill: „Will you refine the Rank 3 compounded drug?” Em, before has refined, the probability of failure wants to be higher.” pill said spirit. I knew.” Xia Tian numerous nods, he does not have to ask anything again, because he understood, pill said spirit her failure rate is high, is actually the success ratio is low, reason that the success ratio accepts a lower status is because she succeeds by drop. pill hears the Xia Tian words spirit, was at heart confident. Although Xia Tian only said four characters, but she actually understands that Xia Tian definitely will help her.

pill starts to boil water spirit directly, after water boils, she goes to the kiln, she when here the kiln, that side Xia Tian has given him to reorganize the material, her silently material that Xia Tian reorganizes in heart. „Can you simultaneously control several species materials?” Xia Tian asked. Three types.” pill said spirit. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle: Tries.” Nearby jade hears their dialogs to think very strangely, but where is concrete is strange she unable to say. Three five points.” Xia Tian said. pill nodded spirit, when the furnace was hot, she all poured into the water the pot, the steam braved immediately, at the same time she has thrown into the first three types of goods the stove directly. She starts to divert attention simultaneously controls these three materials to rotate in pill furnace. After three materials are arriving at 50% degrees, she once more has put in three types, and so on, admitted in pill furnace to smelt all materials after her finally she looked to Xia Tian. Old rule?” pill asked spirit. Xia Tian nodded. This time Pill Refining has continued for three hours. Jade entire journey a few words had not said that but this time innermost feelings are actually incomparable surprised, she discovers pill spirit, although said that Xia Tian this white clothing disciple overcomes the hand to her, but pill spirit has been asking the Xia Tian question in Pill Refining process unexpectedly, probably is the student in is always asks for advice the issue to be the same. But Xia Tian has told her to be what kind. Although they are intend to conceal, but the jade has thought one are intelligent enough, therefore she can confirm, in front of her the white clothing disciple is not simple.

After pill spirit pill furnace burns out a half hour, she turned on pill furnace, when she turns on pill furnace on the face has been full of the smiling face. Senior Sister, did you succeed?” The jade asked. Em, I succeeded.” pill spirit excited saying. The jade goes forward hurriedly, when she saw pill spirit this time refines four Rank 3 compounded drugs is also incomparable surprised: Has pill to lead unexpectedly to be so high.” Xia Tian saw they sang a duet also very curious pill worked pill many, therefore he also walked up, when he saw had four compounded drugs, immediately the heavy line of whole face: Built up four, had anything to be quite happy that the material money has not come back.” Xia Tian feels very speechless. The pill spirit this black sheep of the family started the ruined family. You understand anything, this called the achievement, my this time refined the Rank 3 compounded drug is a time successful, moreover one time refined four, this with the words that before compared, broke through absolutely greatly.” pill said spirit. Good, congratulates you, can I hand over mission?” Xia Tian has handed over the mission token. Sees the mission token in Xia Tian hand, the jade selected finally clearly. She guessed that Xia Tian possibly is Pill Refining Expert, then she and between pill spirits has the transaction, pill spirit made her make mission saying that every day overcomes the hand, in fact was fights pill spirit Pill Refining is only. Certainly is this, certainly is this.” The jade thinks here time has sized up Xia Tian once more, because she how, regardless to see that could not see on Xia Tian has any special place. Xia Tian is not a white clothing disciple. Has any extraordinary. She does not believe that Xia Tian can cause Pill Refining Expert, perhaps looks like such that pill spirit Senior Sister said that possibly is the Xia Tian power of observation is at variance with the average man.

This is she is used to comfort own words. After pill spirit Xia Tian mission has tied, Xia Tian left the fourth institute. Before Xia Tian just before leaving, pill hinted him to study spirit simultaneously controls many materials the methods, Xia Tian does not have the response to leave directly. After having handed over mission, he has not lost the time, but returned to own residence directly, at this time distance that ugly slave gives a present also 78 hours, enough Xia Tian refiner, but he does not dare to delay, how long after all he not clear this time need. He these materials 11 took, these materials were for these days got so far as in the Taobao area of free trading market, one was the jade to his Rank 4 material, these materials were placed by him on the table. Afterward he had to put out several types of important goods. The earth spirit bead, wooden spirit bead, is mad the mercury and star galvanized iron. Whistling, can start finally.” Xia Tian does not have the worry refiner, but arranged one to gather spirit in the room, simultaneously threw into mouth gathering miracle cure, afterward he took the small cauldron. The small cauldron biggest wondrous use is Pill Refining, the refiner and Chu Wu and other functions is to separate, moreover can cut at will. At this time Xia Tian cut the refiner pattern the small cauldron. He also has arranged meanwhile three small series in the entrance, first is imaginary, second kills, what final defends Formation, imaginary for the person who to remind to want, kills to deal with the person who these keep warning, but defense Formation helps the Xia Tian dragging time. Does not know that my this time can refine anything to come.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparable anticipation, at the same time, he has thrown into the supplementary material the small cauldron completely. Puff! One group of white flame have simultaneously thrown into the small cauldron.