Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1592
At this time in small cauldron enough 170 diverse materials, but these materials at this time during the control of Xia Tian. Both hands of Xia Tian are transforming fast. The position clear appearances of these materials in his mind, do not have the same material to need the big flame to go to the calcine, calcine how long must stop, all these had been planned by Xia Tian. The crucial moment of each same material was was just good. Did not miss. Bang! After the material was decomposed completely, Xia Tian also decomposed that Rank 4 material, but he has not worried, at this time he all spirit stone on has thrown directly into the small cauldron, these spirit stone majority are he blackmails, part is the ugly slave delivers, now has all thrown into the small cauldron by him, finally he has thrown into the small cauldron 100,000 gathering miracle cures. After these materials melt completely, Xia Tian the general galvanized iron has thrown. After throwing the star galvanized iron, both hands of Xia Tian start fast knot seal. This is the new method that he thinks. Adds Formation in the process of refiner toward inside, making in the treasure have the Formation might, the Xia Tian both hands fast knot seal, present he has been able to arrange Rank 3 Formation, therefore he has arranged three Rank 3 Formation in the treasure directly, kills, defends and imaginary. The thing in small cauldron also starts in the shape according to Xia Tian Xia Tian mind to start to gather, it gradually turned into a bangle to rub the type thing. Is now.” Xia Tian has thrown three beads. Meanwhile his both hands fast knot seal. Becoming! Xia Tian gives a loud shout. A bangle appears directly in his hands, the bangle is the black, is thin, seems probably is the iron sheet, above that three beads also probably put down to mount, without any prominent.

In brief this bangle looked that from the semblance absolutely does not have any special place. Has become, treasure, my unexpectedly refined treasure!” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. Treasure surmounts existence of Spirit Tool rank. Spirit Tool can be divided into preliminary Spirit Tool, Intermediate Spirit Tool, Advanced Spirit Tool and ultimate Spirit Tool. But in Spirit Tool Earth Grade Spirit Tool is most common, especially the weapon, simply was the rotten avenue, but Spirit Tool of Intermediate above rank was uncommon, especially jewelry class thing. The bangle that at this time Xia Tian refines also wants existence of high rank compared with Spirit Tool, treasure. Moreover is jewelry class treasure. Had it, I am also many thing that same maintained life, this time I also finally had the confidence to go facing the ugly slave, any medicine that but in actually the bottle gourd that I must have a look at the ugly slave actually to sell.” Xia Tian believes that the ugly slave certainly will begin recently for these days, when the time comes he directly follows up a clue, actually having a look at the ugly slave to have any goal to him. The night falls. The ugly slave really came. This time he has still sent one bottle of compounded drugs, then left. What this time he hits is the Rank 3 five compounded drugs. Strong bone pill. First builds up the body, then builds up muscle, finally builds up the bone. „The goal of ugly slave must make me strengthen own body probably, he is intoxicating to me obviously, why can also strengthen my body?” Xia Tian innermost feelings very puzzled, but he has been ready. That is the strength and card in a hand.

Regardless of the opposite party has any goal, he will use his formidable strength and card in a hand finally carries on neutralize. Has the small advantage not to occupy is the bastard, you deliver the compounded drug to strengthen my body to me, I also wish for earnestly.” After Xia Tian took the beforehand two compounded drugs , the strength has the obvious promotion, after he took this strong bone pill, on his strength definitely again a yet higher goal, like this he also will have the confidence to the crisis that following must face. Five days, are fifth day.” Xia Tian joined day Lingshan already five days, but the ugly slave fully has also given five days of things to him. In the world not free lunch. heavenly will not fall meat pie absolutely. The ugly slave intoxicated to Xia Tian fully explained this point. However Xia Tian likes the plotting method of ugly slave, because the ugly slave gives under him the toxin completely suction by the small snake now, but his treasure was actually given 11 uses by Xia Tian. Next morning. Xia Tian has exercised. Today he arrives at the mission place time, here restored lively. Brother, keeping means of livelihood?” Right, Brother, a day, one day, you give us a day of opportunity on the line, finally who snatches to calculate whose?” So long as you comply, you are our benefactors.” These people quickly suppressed insanely. Volume, good, regardless of today I play do not complete mission, the tomorrow's mission our 100 th group will not do, making them rest for day.” Xia Tian said that moved toward the person in mission place. You are really natural.” The person in mission place said.

Their first time asked me, I will comply, but they must understand that cannot step on the nose upper eyelid, otherwise, they do not want to snatch any mission.” After Xia Tian received that C level mission token, leaves directly. Really is aggressive enough, I like.” That person of mission place said. Xia Tian just went out of mission place not far time, one group of people walked from side suddenly, his all round surrounded, in these people are one person of head is a black clothing disciple, stands in the black clothing disciple baldly, the surroundings followed enough No. over a hundred person. Elder brother, is he hits me.” Stretches out the orchid fingers to say baldly. Em.” That black clothing disciple nodded, afterward looked said to Xia Tian: Your boy is very good, dares to hit including my younger brothers.” Must hit begins, I have the matter.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. „, Your boy is very whoops crazy, a small white clothing disciple also dares to be so wild before me, really courts death.” Very that black clothing disciple disdains looks at Xia Tian. Another. Xiao zither, you joined in the fun.” pill spirit helpless saying. Yesterday had the matter not to come, today cannot miss, what that I also want to take a look to let man our pill spirit Senior Sister had a liking.” Xiao zither smiling saying. I had said many times, our two anything relate do not have, he just comes to overcome the hand to me.” pill said spirit. Who believes that you also deceive my him are Pill Refining Expert, afterward I think that his age did not look right is not big, yesterday's matter definitely was you are in cahoots, you told him to say these, was used to confuse me was right.” The jade felt one have the imagination. She had even been charmed by her analysis capability at this time. Your brain inside Tiantian is thinking anything, ok, did not explain.” pill said spirit. Em, explained that is equal to concealing, conceals is equal to the fact, who today I must have a look but actually am.” Saying of Xiao zither face anticipation.