Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1593

Good, since you worry, I break your five legs, why you want to go why to go.” That black clothing disciple light saying. The people in mission place ran over to watch the fun, the person who at this time came to find fault was the black clothing disciple, moreover his body also wore enforced the law hall the clothes, therefore nobody dares to go forward. Also is really one group of energetic youngster.” The person in mission place also lies there watches the fun. Your request I satisfy you.” Xia Tian said that complete vanished in personally same place. Bang! That black clothing disciple slightly god time, his chin layer on layer was hit, the body started to fly upside down, at this time he knows that he was sneak attacked, gets rid hurriedly. Element thing. He was the Expert element thing of earth element presented the earth element armor around the body directly. Snort,” Xia Tian cold snort, on his fist presented flame. Bang! One hit directly on the arm of that black clothing disciple. Ka! The arm of black clothing disciple was broken directly. Xia Tian the stamina quantity was terrorist, again ascending the sky fire might, therefore the element thing of that black clothing disciple so relaxed was explained by Xia Tian. Although that black clothing disciple the strength is good. But his operational experience is not rich. Therefore first will be sneak attacked by Xia Tian successfully, was sneak attacked after by Xia Tian is successful, he is not thinking dodging, but excessive dependent own element thing, therefore he became the Xia Tian living target. Perhaps trades to do is other people gets rid, he uses the element to protect the body suddenly to block the attack of opposite party. Because his response is not slow. After Xia Tian sneak attacks is successful, he instantaneously uses the element to protect the body, can see from this point that he has usually not been short and others compares notes, but should not be many with the situation of war of others life and death. Especially has not bumped into the Xia Tian this human body formidable match.

Otherwise his association president memory. Bang! Ka! Xia Tian strikes to go well absolutely will not receive the hand, this is the fight time best way, you were lenient, that opposite party affirms the powerful, therefore Xia Tian seized the opportunity, strikes to go well, attack continuously hits. That black clothing disciple arm eats pain time, the spirit will have short being defeated and dispersed, if his will is not very strong, will restore very much difficultly in a short time, this has given a Xia Tian very good opportunity. Xia Tian must do keeps his promise. Ka! Ka! The sounds of two bone breaks convey. The four limbs of this black clothing disciple all were broken. Violence. Just started to get rid now, altogether only from Xia Tian to use less than five seconds, but is these five seconds, Xia Tian has defeated a black clothing disciple. Strength is good.” Saying that the person in mission place appreciates. Quite fierce, his unexpectedly is so fierce, I have also wanted to look for his trouble before.” No wonder pill fire Senior Sister such takes care of him, originally he is so fierce.” It seems like he is the lord of opening to persuasion but not to coercion, today we ask him, he has given us mission, if we will force him tomorrow, that fate will not compare this black clothing disciple to be good absolutely.” mission place surrounding these wait to meet the mission person is dumbfounded look at Xia Tian. They were quite familiar Xia Tian people, because Xia Tian recently has appeared in their fields of vision, he came to meet C level mission every morning, at noon came back to hand over C level mission. He nearby this was also known. Opposite that bald fame is not small. After all before baldly can be said as, everywhere has been stirring up trouble, moreover he stirred up trouble also to tell others him to have an elder brother of black clothing disciple, is enforces the law hall, that in his mouth enforces the law hall elder brother, should be the present lies down in of ground.

Is his strength weak? It is not weak, can become black clothing disciple, the strength is not definitely weak, but he had actually made into this appearance by Xia Tian at this time. Comes out to mix to keep one's word, said that your five extremities, that will break your five extremities.” Xia Tian said that the right foot makes an effort. Super must kill the technique invincibly! Dying without a heir foot. Bang! A Xia Tian foot kicked directly in the crotch department of that black clothing disciple. The winner is a king. Xia Tian is absolutely will not be in this case softhearted, because he knows the opposite party, if has overthrown him, will not be absolutely softhearted. ! The binocular instantaneous hyperemia of that black clothing disciple, his mouth turned into the O shape, at this moment he understood, oneself must be the sisters with their younger brother. ! Xia Tian has arrived at the bald front, is a palm of the hand makes, bald does not dare to dodge, his subordinate does not dare to go forward to protect him, because Xia Tian was too terrifying, they cannot help but have all covered their crotch department at this time. Feared! They have feared Xia Tian. Xia Tian this swaggering passes through from them, nobody dares to block. Xia Tian went to the fourth institute pill's spirit mansion directly. When Xia Tian goes in he saw an acquaintance, zither Xiao. Is you!” zither Xiao whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. That person who qin Xiao, I said is he, he is the Senior Sister cohabitant, they definitely have the affair.” The jade said.

I have said that our two have not related.” pill answered spirit. You said that does not have the relations not to relate, who can show?” The jade catches the pill spirit handle with great difficulty, she easily will drop how possibly. I can show.” At this moment, zither Xiao opened the mouth. Volume!” Hears zither Xiao the words, pill spirit and jade was puzzled looks to her, does not understand that her words were any meaning. I can show that they have not related.” zither Xiao said. „Can you show?” The jade asked. Em, because he is my man.” The qin Xiao opens the mouth to say directly. Whish! When hears zither Xiao these words, the jade and pill all opened the mouth spirit, zither Xiao unexpectedly said that Xia Tian was her man. Do not talk nonsense, I do not have anything to relate with you.” Xia Tian helpless saying. I said that I can marry you, when small has not related.” zither Xiao said. This jade and pill all collapsed spirit, qin Xiao unexpectedly is delivers, moreover did not mind, when is small, what is main is Xia Tian has not wanted probably, must know zither Xiao, but scarlet disciple, the status in day Lingshan is lofty. Moreover the appearance absolutely is also great. The polite arts every kind are skilled. The talented woman of this rank adds beauty to deliver, Xia Tian unexpectedly added that does not want. I also said that I do not dare the interest to you.” Xia Tian said. Was chaotic, was chaotic, all was chaotic, your let alone words, let me continuously, so to be how chaotic.” Jade chapter was thorough ignorant encircles, her finger in three people of body coming up turning points: Volume, your three aren't the triangle loves?”