Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1594
Jade whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian their three. Senior Sister likes him, he does not like Senior Sister, Xiao zither likes him, he does not like Xiao zither, is not right, this is not the triangle love, this is a love rival.” Saying that the jade thought aloud. Hears her words, pill spirit is speechless. Xiao zither, between our two what matter does not have, before you and him, knew?” pill looked asked spirit to Xiao zither. Em, he is I decided man who must marry.” Xiao zither said. Volume, can you be a little careless, do not marry a big hero?” pill spirit and Xiao zither are old friends, before Xiao zither, had said that must marry must marry that big hero. „It is not careless, he is that big hero.” Xiao zither looks at Xia Tian lovingly. „Is he Expert?” pill spirit and jade all puzzled looks at Xia Tian. Temporarily is also not, but he certainly will become Expert, extraordinary Expert.” Xiao zither said. Actually had you been filled what magic potion by him?” Jade very puzzled asking. Em, he will definitely turn into a extraordinary person in the future.” pill nodded spirit, Xia Tian such young, simply has also directed her, she can refine the Rank 3 compounded drug, thus it can be seen Xia Tian talent actually high. Although Xia Tian has not built up pill before him personally, but she may believe absolutely Xia Tian can refine the Rank 3 compounded drug. Such young became the Rank 3 Pill Refining master, this has been good enough to make one feel proud. How was your this?” The jade thanked Xiao zither and pill spirit is conquered by Xia Tian completely, now in they two eyes is Xia Tian, regardless of Xia Tian were any them to think that was right, was good: Really woman IQ in love is 0.”

Stops, is your this is doing, I am overcome the hand, having a look at you, makes resembles me is joins Feichengwurao to be the same.” Xia Tian very helpless saying. Volume, was right, matter that I said yesterday that you consider how?” pill asked spirit. Actually is very simple, the experience can save, can study, but Pill Refining most needs is diverts attention multipurpose, simultaneously builds up many materials, moreover in the mind must portray each material to need to use the big crucial moment, then also melts all materials, must calculate the good time, then can increase pill to lead.” Xia Tian looks that pill continues to say spirit: A moment ago I said is controls the fire and exercises Spiritual Force, I think that you should have your method.” This has actually, but I really only with practicing to control the fire and exercising Spiritual Force? It is not refines the Advanced compounded drug, am I fiercer?” pill spirit puzzled asking. In your Pill Refining way, even if refines the Rank 4 compounded drug to be what kind of? The material cost that you use is compounded drug itself price 45 times, even sometimes is over ten times, you think not to have, you such owe, is the Pill Refining master?” Xia Tian asked. I have thought I have been able to refine the Rank 3 compounded drug, I was the Rank 3 Pill Refining master.” pill has thought smart. Naturally not.” Xia Tian shook the head. But do I exercise to control the fire and exercise Spiritual Force to have that major function really?” pill does not believe spirit. „A cauldron Rank 5 above person started to grasp the element thing, but you tried not to have, simultaneously controlled several types of materials, went to the calcine with the different flame they, but was not the water used vapor evaporation.” Xia Tian looked that asked to pill spirit. This time jade and Xiao zither all peacefully stand in the one side. pill received / and transported three types of materials then to control his flame to go to calcine these three types of materials spirit finally to be defeated, how regardless of she controlled, in these three types of material above flame was equally big. The Xia Tian right hand wields ten types of materials simultaneously float in the midair, will project along with the day after tomorrow fire directly. Puff!

Ten types of materials have all burnt. Moreover at this time these ten types of material above flame sizes are all different. Different materials, with cannot flame calcine, not only can pick up the speed, and can display the material the biggest property.” Xia Tian said the time, several types of material fusions in one, flame extinguishment gradually, Rank 3 compounded drug presented afterward in his hands, although is only Rank 3 compounded drug. But at this time three females were all shocked. Their three imitate Buddha's Portrait was looking that the alien same volume looks at Xia Tian, this is their three first time sees Xia Tian Pill Refining, the entire process was less than 30 minutes, Xia Tian unexpectedly uses such several types of simple materials to refine the Rank 3 compounded drug. What is main is the Xia Tian entire journey baseless refines, has not used pill furnace. This also too exaggerated some. Pill Refining in air. This skill perhaps also only then in legend has. This jade completely by the Xia Tian technique shocking, her entirely has also believed that Xia Tian and pill spirit has not related. Although pill spirit knows that Xia Tian possibly is Pill Refining Expert, but she is also first time sees Xia Tian to have this skill, now she is thorough has taken Xia Tian, she also finally understands why Xia Tian several words can change her to explode the problem of furnace, but can also enhance her pill to lead. Originally Xia Tian is really Pill Refining Expert. Xiao zither has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is Pill Refining Expert, in her look has been full of the look of worship to Xia Tian.

„Was this too also fierce?” Jade dull saying. Practice makes perfect.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Volume, my this time must exercise the control flame well and exercises own Spiritual Force.” Before pill spirit, does not know how to promote own technology, now she knew finally, is direction that Xia Tian directed her to go forward. „Can that this technique use in the refiner?” Jade puzzled asking. Ok, naturally, what is main is to the familiarities of various materials, is familiar with them, you know that should use the big crucial moment.” Xia Tian answered. „Aren't you refiner Expert?” The jade said here time, another two females also looked to Xia Tian, if normal, they did not believe a person to be able absolutely that many skills. But Xia Tian has renovated their cognition, therefore Xia Tian they also a little suspected that Xia Tian can also be refiner Expert. Especially zither Xiao, she has seen the Xia Tian talent, the hand lifts Wan Cauldron, cauldron Rank 1 defeats Li Yuanba, has the domain. These abilities take to envy casually same dead others, now Xia Tian turned into Pill Refining Expert, can he also be refiner Expert? Three females simultaneously looked to Xia Tian. They thought that front man was too mystical.