Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1595

Cannot!” Xia Tian denies flatly. But his working style this low-key time must be low-key, now they already incomparable worshipped itself, if said again one met the refiner, they will be definitely more surprised. They even think one are monster. Was not when the time comes good to end. Therefore Xia Tian decides the low key. Heard Xia Tian not to say time, three people relaxed obviously, if Xia Tian said that the meeting, their three definitely surprisedly will die. Scarlet disciple. Existence that in day Lingshan all people worship, existence of best B, but they only worship a Xia Tian person now, others worship the scarlet disciple, but these three people actually worship Xia Tian this white clothing disciple. In this world has a person to be called to install the cow. B, simultaneously has a person earnest cow. B. Installs the cow. Where the B person arrives at especially to like showing off own merit, the background, backer anything, these words almost do not leave the mouth, once he left his backer and background anything is not \; A person is never says own matter, but he where, regardless of will arrive at becomes the focal point in people eyes, he does not need to say his formidable, does not need to tell others to have any skill. But his ray cannot conceal. Xia Tian is the second person, where regardless of he will arrive at becomes the focal point in people eyes, on Earth, he will be world first Expert, after arriving at the spirit world, he went to the day of Yong city, in day Yong city person that many, but he quickly became the hero in day of Yong city, and will defeat Li Yuanba into first Expert of day of Yong city. After leaving the day of Yong city, he arrived at a day of Lingshan, just joined day Lingshan, he became the white clothing disciple inside celebrity, even also makes the scarlet disciple his fans. This is the Xia Tian fierce place.

The wolf good world eats the meat, the dog good thousand li(500 km) eats Shi. Regardless of arrives at where so long as in the heart has Fierce Tiger, thinks one are the wolf, you absolutely are the wolf, this is the Xia Tian disposition, if you to where think one are one step below others, you forever could not become the member of the upper-class. Your member of the upper-class will also be looking down upon you. Only then you think yourself to be formidable, others will think you to be formidable, these superior talented people think that you have the qualifications and he are the friend. This is the self-confident issue. „Can't you really?” The jade a little does not believe that after all the Xia Tian Pill Refining technique can definitely use on the refiner a moment ago. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian, how you and Senior Sister know?” Xiao zither thinks specially strange, she discovered Xia Tian where, regardless of will arrive at becomes specially noticeable, probably will be those words is the same. Is golden association illumination. She sends mission, I have met, then knew.” Xia Tian said. So is simple?” Xiao zither asked. So is simple.” Xia Tian said. What to be simple? It is not simple.” The pill spirit start to talk said.

„?” Xiao zither looked that worked to pill. What I issue is C level mission, generally is nobody dares to meet in the white clothing disciple, but he has met, I asked that he does know the raw material for medicine, he said slightly understands, then I make him help me reorganize the material of my warehouse, you also know that my there chaotic, normal is I reorganizes also to take a half year to make, I said that you made to complete mission.” pill said spirit. Later?” The jade is ten points likes listening to the Eight Trigrams person. Later his three hours came out, happen to I saw him, I also said him, said him to be loaf, can tidy up obviously for one hour.” pill spirit patient saying. Finally?” The jade more listens more to be enthusiastic. „When finally I enter my warehouse I discovered entire simultaneously that warehouse inside all materials place, the different attribute materials place the different positions, but the property is different and year different raw materials for medicine all were also separated.” pill said spirit. What?” On the face of jade has written all over inconceivable, this regarding her simply was too inconceivable. Three hours complete the work that pill spirit a half year has been able to complete, moreover tidy up are so clean, divide are so clear: These raw materials for medicine does he all know?” Should be, otherwise impossible minute of clarity of that.” pill said spirit. At this time the jade looked that was stranger to the Xia Tian look, but Xia Tian also simply lay down on the ground started to sleep, did not respond their three. Has to say Xia Tian the mission does was too simple, Tiantian came this to be all right to idle is sleeping, awakes has handed over mission to leave, but this mission was no one can do. Trades to do is others, pill is not smart dry. Was right, zither does Xiao, how you know?” pill asked spirit, hears the pill spirit issue, the jade also looked to zither Xiao, their two were very both curious, how zither Xiao is knew with Xia Tian.

Why zither Xiao opens mouth must marry Xia Tian, Lian Dangxiao did not mind. This, how should say.” zither Xiao hesitant. Said that said.” A jade face anticipates looks at zither Xiao. You also know that my cultivation has the flaw, therefore I will bat around, latter arrives at the day of Yong city performs the time knew him, I knew his time he is only the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, can watch the person who I play a stringed musical instrument, that absolutely is the youth talent, it can be said that sets the base in by his strength, moreover he at that time was only a servant, servant who other young master led.” zither Xiao said. Servant?” Jade puzzled looks to Xia Tian, he may not have to see slight feeling inferior from the body of Xia Tian. According to the truth, his Realm is worst, is a servant should treat honestly there, best not to have had the feeling, but he is different, that time was he to the first impression that I made, that was the powerful, his servant not only did not have any feeling inferior, but also want the high-sounding talk compared with these youth talents, therefore I invited him to board my ship, but he at the scene directly has also issued the challenge, must challenge there youth first Expert, certain Rank 4, can the hand lift the Li Yuan tyrant of 4000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” zither Xiao said. „Does Earth Grade challenge cauldron Rank 4 Expert greatly completely? Moreover can hold up 4000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron? The courage is really also big.” Saying of jade admiration. When qin Xiao must continue, pill's spirit vision looks suddenly to outside: Had an irksome fellow to come.” Em? That irksome fellow who Senior Sister said is honor roll second that.” zither Xiao spoke of here time stops. Is he.” pill frowns to say spirit. Senior Sister does not like her words, I exited to block him not to be good.” The jade said. „, He has come in without enough time.” pill said spirit.