Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1596

Whiz! The form fell on their front together. I said that you have not to have politeness a little, said that comes.” Jade very discontented saying. Junior Sister, my this did not think you!” The opposite party shows a faint smile. secure, you will come to knock on a door to me next time, best not to have come.” Saying of pill spirit coldly. Junior Sister, you leave such unfeeling, I to you am the sincerity.” secure said that he is scarlet list second Expert, strength very formidable, in the entire day Lingshan does not know that has many people to worship him. But he is likes pill working. Moreover his characteristics, that is the aisle never knocks on a door. Round trip free. Which no matter he goes, is this, his life slogan is: Visits me not to be feeling well? You hit me. Really disgusting, cannot bear you.” The jade said. Jade Junior Sister, I had made the good refiner material recently, gave you to prepare to come specially.” secure opens the mouth to say directly. Right?” Jade one hear of refiner materials also excited. Jade!” pill noticed spirit the appearance of jade has scolded one. Jade bite back own hand.

Volume, I do not want, I am not the person of that forgetting honor at the sight of profits, sentiment between I and Senior Sister is indestructible, that. In the evening I am all right, I have arranged the food and wine in my mansion.” Before jade, half a word words added unusual is unyielding, the latter half a word words made the person not dare to think highly. Relax, jade Junior Sister.” secure shows a faint smile. secure has given a look of jade mind empathize. Senior Sister, I thought that secure Senior Brother is also good.” The jade looks very seriously pill said spirit. Speed ratio that jade this turns hostile clouds over also quickly, a moment ago was one for the appearance that pill upheld justice spirit, now starts to speak for secure, she just obviously said that she was not the person of that forgetting honor at the sight of profits, but she worked as the surface of these many people buying by secure at this time. Em, pill spirits, you listen to the Junior Sister words, the vision of people are bright as snow.” secure smiling looks at pill to work. secure, you have not racked one's brain for nothing in my this, I am only interested in the compounded drug.” pill spirit light saying. She has refused secure to be inferior, but secure does not lose heart. Senior Sister, how long did he pursue your?” Xiao zither asked. Seven years, Xiao zither Junior Sister, after I hear you come back, to you am preparing the gift, this is the Ancient heterogeneous day fragrant wood builds the day fragrant qin, the banks rose overflows, this type of fragrance can the state of mind awaking brain.” secure will really cultivate the behavior, he sees the person first to give a present, so-called puts out a hand not to hit to smile the dough figurine, this clarifies must bribe Xiao zither. „It is not good, secure, your thing I cannot want.” Xiao zither rejects directly. You conscientious.” pill looks spirit Xiao zither said. Volume, Xiao zither Junior Sister, you do not like this qin, that catches up to be bright I to prepare other style to you again.” secure smiling saying. secure, you did not use in my this has plowed the air, if pill spirit Senior Sister agreed that your anything does not deliver me also to bless you, but if pill spirit Senior Sister did not agree that you deliver any me not to want.” Xiao zither said.

This is the good sisters.” pill has raised up the thumb spirit. Senior Sister, I am also your good sisters.” Jade face suffering from injustice saying. „.” pill stared her one eyes spirit. Senior Sister, although these years you refer to reject secure Senior Brother, but you have not paid no attention to him, has not alienated him, this showed that you care his, although suddenly presented a white clothing now slightly three, but I believe that your heart likes secure Senior Brother!” The jade in saying that the pill spirit side acts like a spoiled brat. White clothing small three!” Time secure who hears this glossary was shocked, afterward his vision looked to has been lying down in Xia Tian that the ground sleeps. Sees his vision, pill spirit and qin Xiao they are secretly thought are not good. But already without enough time. secure speed was too fast. Bang! Xia Tian in sleep was feeling suddenly the crisis approaches, the body dodges rapidly, but has still not shunted the attack of opposite party, he used the dirt wall to protect own body in the final moment, but had been kicked by an opposite party foot. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth, the night clothes on Xia Tian face all vanished. The jade saw that such scene knows one caused trouble. pill spirit and Xiao zither simultaneously appear before the body of Xia Tian.

secure, your unexpectedly dares to begin to offend somebody here, you leave to me.” pill spirit this time was angry, Xia Tian help her a lot, moreover with the help of Xia Tian, her Pill Refining skill has promoted, can say that Xia Tian is her half Master, is now because of her, Xia Tian unexpectedly was injured by secure. Sees pill spirit so angrily, secure was angry: pill spirits, for these years I you am not do not know to your sentiment, for your unexpectedly small three make me leave.” Right, secure, you leave to me, from now henceforth I do not know you, do not want to enter my courtyard.” pill spirit angry saying. When Yuping loves Eight Trigrams and talking too much, she wants to crack a joke a moment ago, but she has not thought that secure unexpectedly began directly, moreover hits a white clothing disciple, Xia Tian that has sneak attacked sleep. For him?” secure angry shouting. Senior Sister, sorry.” The jade apologized with pill spirit. „The jade, I will definitely punish you, but is not now, the present issue is he, he began to hit Xia Tian directly, this I cannot forgive him, you should know how many Xia Tian has helped my, if I forgave him, I was also a person?” pill looks spirit the jade said. Senior Brother, I understand why Senior Sister finally has not promised you to the present, before you begin, can't ascertain? The words that the jade cracks a joke do you also believe? Xia Tian is just helps pill spirit Senior Sister Pill Refining, he is my fiance, he is also only a white clothing disciple, your unexpectedly sneak attacks including the white clothing disciples, I was am too really disappointed to you.” zither Xiao likes Xia Tian, in her Xia Tian is the hero who that she has yearned. But now her the hero by secure hitting, her must be angry. Volume!” secure was also shocked, he understands what is heard now, this man is not pill spirit small three, but is Xiao zither fiance, moreover this man has also helped Xiao zither: I. I am not intentionally.” I do not want to listen, you walk to me now.” pill said spirit. pill spirits, I really am not intentionally, I do not care about you!” secure said hurriedly. „!” Xia Tian coughed suo two, afterward he stood up the body to look that worked gradually to pill: mission has tied to me, later did not need to send, I will not come.”