Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1597
Hears the Xia Tian words. Three females understood, Xia Tian was angry. This Xia Tian was angry. Xia Tian.” pill spirit face apology looks to Xia Tian. Helped me submit mission.” Xia Tian gave pill to work the token. Sorry.” pill spirit felt one are unfair to Xia Tian really very much, after she mission has tied, the token has given Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, secure Zeke is two cauldron Expert, he gets rid suddenly, moreover is the sneak attack, Xia Tian is sleeping, has not thought that some people dare to begin to hit him in the pill spirit place, therefore does not have what protection. This directly the Xia Tian severe wound. Xia Tian is facing the danger now, the ugly slave may get rid to him anytime, he was careful recently, but has not thought or been injured, moreover this wound also heavy. The reason that he has not gone to pay attention to secure is because secure is pill's spirit friend, pill spirit had scolded secure a moment ago, therefore he does not plan to retaliate secure, this time matter he can only acknowledge that the punishment is deserved. Xia Tian this person is not always softhearted to the enemy, but to the friend of friend and friend, he does not have the means to start. Therefore this time he can only eat this to be unable to speak out about one's grievances. But this matter he can only tolerate one time. Xia Tian, I am not intend.” The jade also knows one have courted disaster, the tears spin in the eye socket. Xia Tian could not look that the woman cries. Ok, when I have not come to here.” Xia Tian said that went out of pill's spirit courtyard directly. Xia Tian.” Xiao Qindeng secure eyes, pursued afterward directly: „The restoration effect of this compounded drug is very good, you take to take, secure that is very heavy, your wound is definitely heavy.”

Thanked.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Xiao zither looks at Xia Tian disappearance gradually in her eyes, on the Xia Tian back has written all over the years, in her eyes, Xia Tian is a hero, but regardless of what hero also has own story. Xia Tian just broke through shortly after Heaven Grade now, secure Zeke is Expert of two cauldrons, his sufficiently Insta-kill ordinary Heaven Grade Expert, if not Xia Tian human body formidable, that definitely can also want his life. The wound that may so, Xia Tian receive absolutely is also heavy. But Xia Tian did not say a word. This is a man, true grown man. Snort!” pill stared secure one eyes spirit, then went to the room directly. secure stands in same place also thinks quite awkward, then looked at jade: Junior Sister, excuse me, I have also implicated you, you urged pill to work, I looked for that brothers, apologized to him.” secure Zeke is the scarlet disciple, scarlet list second Expert. Xia Tian is only a white clothing disciple. But secure said that must give Xia Tian to apologize, thus it can be seen secure does not go bad, but is a brain heat is easy to impulse. After Xia Tian left the fourth institute, went to the mission place directly, mission place there person are many, sees Xia Tian to come back, they also planned to remove. „Were you injured?” Person of mission place looked, heard Xia Tian injured, the people who the surrounding these must walk anchored the footsteps, Xia Tian unexpectedly have been injured, was pill spirit Senior Sister hits? However also conforms to the reason, the temperament that after all pill spirit Senior Sister became famous is not good. Small wound.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Your wound is not the small wound, the general idea, do not look from the complexion, the wound that you receive is heavy, moreover is not the hand that pill spirits, did you offend other scarlet disciple in the fourth institute?” The person eye of mission place is sharp. Knew.” After Xia Tian received the contribution coin, walks toward outside directly.

But he has not gone out far, he by one group of person surrounded, this surrounded his is not the bald person, but is enforces the law hall the person, the enormous and powerful more than 30 black clothing disciples like this encircled Xia Tian in the middle. Saw was enforces the law hall person, Xia Tian yes what's the matter. He hits has enforced the law hall person, that will enforce the law hall will definitely not sit by and do nothing, although he will be the justifiable defense, but will enforce the law hall will not be reasonable with him, will not have any responsibility like this situation actually. After is that black clothing disciple finds fault, moreover led that many people, finally he had been hit by Xia Tian, can only explain that his technique is inferior to the person. But his status is different, he is enforces the law hall the disciple. Enforces the law hall the person will definitely hide shortcomings. „Are you Xia Tian?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. You sneak attack the law enforcement younger male cousin child, now we must detain you to go back to receive punishment.” Enforces the law hall saying of person coldly. With a wish to incriminate has no lack of a pretext!” Xia Tian said. Snort, this world is this, whose fist is big who decides.” Enforces the law hall the person said. I will not walk with you, because is he has the person to provoke my, I just normally accept a challenge, has not violated the custom of entrance, therefore I will not subject to a penalty.” Xia Tian said. This is not you decides.” Enforces the law hall the person said. These people in mission place surrounding saw the entire process in the morning. We saw, is enforces the law hall the person has the person to besiege Xia Tian, finally was defeated by Xia Tian.” Right, we saw, we can testify, Xia Tian is only the justifiable defense.”

„The words that you such make are discrediting to enforce the law simply hall, later who can also believe enforces the law hall rightness?” These people of mission place bystander may thank Xia Tian, therefore they many shouted while the person, this was also testifies for Xia Tian. Enforces the law hall the person has not thought that Xia Tian human spirit unexpectedly is so high. So many people stand to testify for him, this is not easy to do. What to quarrel to quarrel? Quarrels you again seizes together, enforces the law hall works impartially will definitely enforce the law, we will not listen to your statements of only one of the parties, he must carry off, how when the time comes to process looked how the above person sentenced.” Enforces the law hall the person shouts, they do not want to be noisy the matter, therefore said that first carries off Xia Tian. So long as they have carried off Xia Tian, when the time comes coped with the Xia Tian method to have many. I, if doesn't follow you?” Xia Tian understands, pleasant to hear that on these person of mouths said that but after these people take away him, had a lot of opportunities to start to him, when the time comes Xia Tian definitely cannot live is leaving to enforce the law hall. Therefore he will not walk with these people absolutely. Since you propose a toast do not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, that may not blame us not being impolite.” Enforces the law hall the person must begin directly. The person brow wrinkle of mission place, must come out from inside afterward. Tiger does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, when you I am the sickness cat.” Xia Tian traces the bangle on left hand, he today has sufficed the depressed words, now unexpectedly also gathers round by these people, he already thorough being angry. Holds him to me, if dares to revolt, executes summarily.” Enforces the law hall the People sound shouts. Whom I look at to dare.” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly, afterward wears the disciple of scarlet to catch up from the distant place, saw his arrival, the person in mission place also walked.