Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1598

The scarlet disciple appeared. Since the scarlet disciple has been the legend of day Lingshan, in their eyes the scarlet disciple is invincible, is they most yearned, person who most worships. Each scarlet disciples are very mysterious. Moreover usually cannot see them, especially in the first institute. But today they saw this scarlet disciple. The person in mission place had prepared to begin a moment ago, because he appreciated Xia Tian very much, moreover this time truly was to enforce the law hall the person found fault. In day Lingshan. The mission place, the commodity place and so on people in these places, are the disciples in older generation day Lingshan, their strengths cannot become extremely Expert, is unable the high level since day Lingshan, but they have not been willing to leave day Lingshan, therefore stayed here to work. Although they cannot the high level since day Lingshan, but they in the past were also magnificent temporary Expert, therefore their strengths were not generally bad. In day Lingshan is this, once you entered the older generation, if that you have not been able to become the high level in day Lingshan, can go home, returning to own family to go, at this time wanted also living the person, turned into Expert generally, after going back, can become a backbone of family. Moreover can also declare outward one are the person in day Lingshan, once has an accident to seek the help of day Lingshan, naturally, if day Lingshan has difficult, they dutifully will also stand. However also has few people not to be willing to leave, because before them, does not have the family, these many years passed by, already regarded day Lingshan are their family. Therefore they stayed in a day of Lingshan to work, although did not have what nice status, but day Lingshan also trusted their, will arrange them to each important post on. Enforced the law a moment ago hall the person has encircled Xia Tian, he planned to act neutralize. But when he saw the scarlet disciple appears went back, after all he can not participate in the matters between these disciples going is best. Senior Brother!” Saw that the scarlet disciple appears, all people all bow to him.

Who said a moment ago can execute summarily?” That scarlet disciple moves toward has enforced the law hall the person directly. Does not have. No.” Enforces the law hall the person does not dare to offend the scarlet disciple, the scarlet disciple in day Lingshan is unusual refined existence, they can break the rule, even if were the scarlet disciple has killed them here, that was also selected finally possibly the punishment to let off. After all they are in day Lingshan the genuine elite. Xia Tian looked at a that scarlet disciple, is secure, afterward he walked directly, since secure comes for him over, he naturally does not need to treat here, he has also let loose the bangle on oneself left hand wrist. Xia Tian.” secure noticed that Xia Tian must walk, ran hurriedly. Does?” Xia Tian road by secure blocking, his brow immediately a wrinkle. Sorry!” When secure these three characters exit / to speak, all people were all shocked, the scarlet disciple apologized, scarlet disciple unexpectedly apologized to the white clothing disciple, this matter also too inconceivable. They have never heard this matter. The scarlet disciple is a lofty character, the King stance in legend. But secure unexpectedly apologized to Xia Tian. Although they do not know that actually asked about somebody's well being to be outstanding how to offend Xia Tian. May scarlet disciple offend him, doesn't need to apologize? These people of mission place surrounding probably in looking at monster same looks at Xia Tian, although they know that Xia Tian is possibly very good with the pill spirit relations, but they have not thought Xia Tian in this short in several day unexpectedly has such high prestige in Sawon-ri. unexpectedly can make the scarlet disciple act to give him to apologize. Now also some people start to guess that secure status, is the scarlet 20 th 19 th, certainly is received pill spirit forcing to apologize, after all pill spirit is the scarlet list third.

Xia Tian, my secure, gives you to apologize now, hopes that you can forgive me, you can hit me, is I compensates your, I do not hit back.” secure looks at Xia Tian incomparably earnest saying. secure! Attract! Heard this name time these people to hold breath cold air. Honor roll second. They are Tiantian want the prostrating oneself honor roll, in the honor roll the information of everyone they also found that just started them also to guess that this person possibly is the honor roll sets the base, was worried that offends pill spirit to apologize. But when they hear secure identifies one's role when first coming on stage to understand that secure unexpectedly is the honor roll second. Honor roll second figure unexpectedly gives the Xia Tian apology. These people at this time all by the Xia Tian ability daunting. For these days, actually Sawon-ri had what, why gave the Xia Tian apology including the honor roll second people? Even if were the honor roll second person offended Xia Tian, did not need to run over apologizes specially, moreover was in front of these many people. At this time the Xia Tian status and strength all of a sudden became more mystical. Xia Tian is also a face strange looks at secure. Actually before , he does not dislike secure, but is secure sneak attacks him, making him not be feeling well, but he has not thought that secure unexpectedly will run to apologize to him personally, this made him a little surprised. After all secure Zeke is the honor roll second person, this person is impossible not to have the lofty character, but his unexpectedly can lower the head to give itself to apologize. This explained that secure is the person who understands the right and wrong.

Good.” Xia Tian light saying, he is not that mean-spirited person, is impossible to bite this matter not to put. Later Xia Tian is my brother, if some people dare to offend him, do not blame me not being impolite, even if will subject to a penalty I also to kill him.” secure vision looked that to has enforced the law hall these people, his these words i.e. issue a license the person in court of law to listen. His these words also definitely will spread meanwhile over the entire first institute, when the time comes the person in entire first institute knows that Xia Tian has a backer, is honor roll second secure. Does not dare, does not dare.” Enforces the law hall compensation that the person keeps smiles. This time matter is they had not managed, they will bully the white clothing disciple possibly not to have anything, once the scarlet disciple will mix, that ended, last will be their is not absolutely right, when the time comes was secure has killed them, they were also speechless. I walked first.” Xia Tian said. Brother, waits for me.” secure said that also pursued. The person noticed that among them the manner was more surprised, usually was the white clothing disciple has climbed up the scarlet disciple, that definitely was also scarlet disciple cold face, the white clothing disciple goes to extension. But today unexpectedly has turned around, Xia Tian is cold face, scarlet second secure is the smiling face. „Do you with do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. I must help you therapy, happen to I couple days ago had gotten so far as a good thing, walks, we try.” secure mysterious smiles.