Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1600

Sixth day. Today is sixth day. Xia Tian knows, the time that the distance ugly slave begins was getting more and more near, therefore he time has been ready that attacks, he must do is first recuperates the wound, then builds up six levels of ichors. Like this he can have the confidence to preserve his life. Xia Tian comes out the later discovery, ugly slave is very punctual. What this ugly slave brings to Xia Tian is the liquor bottle gourd. Xia Tian received directly, the ugly slave also directly left. Sixth day, actually will you when begin?” Xia Tian looks back that the ugly slave goes far away said. The small snake crawled directly, all suction the toxin of Xia Tian control. The ugly slave gives under him the toxin to be exactly the same every day, the intoxication way is also same, Xia Tian to the present had not discovered that actually the ugly slave how gives under him the toxin, possibly was the technique that the ugly slave intoxicated is too excellent. Also may be because he used a special way to intoxicate. If I can come to be good this intoxication hand legal science.” Xia Tian most likes is this not being able to see, the ability that cannot feel, this ability can make him many some maintaining life methods. More is the mysterious strength on exceed can in the most crucial time display function. After Xia Tian opens that liquor bottle gourd, in the discovery is not the liquor, but is the medicine. unexpectedly strengthens vitality the medicine of big making up.” Xia Tian heard heard the function of this bottle gourd medicine, he is Pill Refining is, moreover is a very fierce Pill Refining master, therefore he only needs such to hear that can hear the function of medicine.

First is the muscle, is the muscle, behind is the bone, the present is the vitality, the ugly slave is strengthens to the compounded drug that I send the body uses, in other words his goal is to want my body.” The Xia Tian intelligence is very high. After these days analysis, he can analyze the goal of making a boner slave. Ugly slave in strengthening his body, in other words, what the ugly slave wants Xia Tian is his body, therefore the ugly lackey will intoxicate to him with this way, this for must kill Xia Tian at the same time, but also makes the Xia Tian human body continuously strengthen. Snort, perhaps the ugly slave, this time must disappoint you, under you toxin was all solved by me, but your compounded drug I actually all enjoyed.” Xia Tian must make ugly slave compensate the madame to fold the soldier. If I have not guessed that wrong, after the flesh and blood, is not the internal organs, he will get rid to me tomorrow, after all he will not strengthen my Spiritual Force, otherwise he wants to kill me not to be impossible.” Xia Tian understands that the real challenge must occur. Today is sixth day. Tomorrow is seventh day . Moreover the thing that he will give to me tomorrow should the thing that wants me to assign.” Xia Tian understands that tomorrow was last day, tomorrow was also his final opportunity. Once he will be defeated tomorrow, his final fate dies, if he will have succeeded tomorrow, he passed this tribulation. Ugly slave, I actually, no matter you want to do, I will not admit defeat, I have many matters to do, therefore you must kill me, that do not blame me.” Xia Tian the bottle gourd medicine of direct clothing in big making up, he quenches the body fluid that drop six levels of ichors directly afterward directly simultaneously under the clothing. This Xia Tian takes one step to strengthen own human body. The Xia Tian beforehand human body can strike to kill Rank 4 above Expert, the previous breakthrough is makes his meat stamina quantity go a step further again. This time, Xia Tian must become by own human body formidable. When quenches the body fluid enters to his within the body, the body of Xia Tian directly falls down, at this moment he felt does not enjoy, but is the pain, his muscle as if suffered the intense stimulation to be the same. This stimulation lets his muscle incomparable ache.

Good pain!” Xia Tian lies down on the ground clenches teeth to insist. At this moment, he drank that bottle gourd medicine also to start to display a moment ago to affect, this medicine strengthens the Xia Tian vitality, it did not have the irritating quality, but after meets quenches the body fluid, its drug efficacy is strengthened. At this time Xia Tian Blood Qi also had the irritating quality. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the Xia Tian mouth. Initially he was hit 100 invincible might sticks time has not shouted, but he shouted at this moment. Inside and outside this type the pain of converging attack routed him really energetic. Hateful, early knows that cannot such play.” Xia Tian has not thought that these two medicine unexpectedly will catalyze mutually, although the drug efficacy all increased, but the aching feeling has also superimposed, this pain makes the Xia Tian spirit nearly collapse. Six levels of ichors, quench the body fluid, is used to step on outside the body, but Xia Tian actually took. This is his body ache reason. Quenches the body fluid to take the effect directly, although will be good, the irritating quality that but similarly, it brings can want the human life, therefore normal who wants to use six levels of ichors to dilute its water used, then scratches on the skin, making it absorb slowly, although this will be many drug efficacy subduction. But this is the correct application method. But Xia Tian does not know that secure also forgot, therefore Xia Tian has swallowed directly, the effect of swallowing was about five times of external use, but similarly, swallowed the brought ache is ten times of external use. Before some people directly had also swallowed, finally pain while still alive died.

Xia Tian will very formidable, therefore he endured. But when he takes strengthened vitality monster, these two medicine unexpectedly have had the response, a both sides stimulation, the effect superimposes once more, but superimposed the ache that at the same time Xia Tian receives also thoroughly to turn time. Ah!!!” Pitiful yells shouted from the Xia Tian mouth. He knows himself, if cannot support, that will die by while still alive the pain, therefore he must. A day Lingshan dark corner. Sixth day, has waited till sixth day finally, tomorrow is to begin.” Hides man incomparably excited saying under Black Gown completely. Master, this time can certainly succeed.” The ugly slave said. Em, his will and body intensity the beforehand that several people be better, in addition for these days to give his compounded drug, his present human body definitely to bring it up a level, this can withstand my seizing soul big law, 200 years, I waited for 200 years.” That person could not conceal thoroughly own was excited. Master, but also one day, tomorrow evening was Seven stars poisonous last time will have poured into, when the time comes the Seven stars toxin will manifest suddenly thoroughly, these time can certainly succeed.” On the face of ugly slave unexpectedly has shown the smiling face. Although he smiles is very ugly. Before three waste made me almost desperate, but this fellow made me see the hope, I can finally the rebirth, ha ha ha ha!” The person under that Black Gown laughs to say excitedly that his laughter is very gloomy, incomparable terrifying.