Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1602

What? Can the compounded drug also be used to attack?” pill spirit whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, she was understood today, perhaps Xia Tian must use the real skill, she can look at attainments of Xia Tian finally in Pill Refining technique. Regarding her, the Pill Refining technique of Xia Tian is a fan. In was extremely mystical. To the present she does not know that Xia Tian is several levels of Pill Refining masters, she only knows that Xia Tian waves to be able casually Pill Refining, moreover are many to the sensibility of Pill Refining, the experience is many fearfulness. This should not appear on Xia Tian this age. Xia Tian starts cultivation from mother belly, is very difficult so many experiences. Perhaps today she can see the Xia Tian true skill. Right, the compounded drug can also be used to attack . Moreover the attack of compounded drug be sharper than the normal attack, because it prepares beforehand, does not need to gather the strength to use directly, is the excellent treasure of self-defense.” Xia Tian answered. „But actually should this type of compounded drug how refine?” pill cannot think through spirit, the compounded drug that Xia Tian said actually should how refine. You know why own Pill Refining will usually explode the furnace?” Xia Tian looked that asked to pill spirit. This you have told me, because of method not, moreover pours the cold water the reason.” pill said spirit. You said also related, what is main is because the properties of some materials are excessively fierce, the irritating quality is strong, will therefore explode the furnace, the refinement attack compounded drug must use this irritating quality to be strong, moreover firm material.” Xia Tian answered. „!” pill spirit light saying. „The principle of this type of compounded drug has two, first is air current pill, second is element pill.” Xia Tian looked that explained spirit to pill: „The air current pill's principle the air compression, you can try to imagine, after one cubic meter air was compressed to one cubic centimeter, what might suddenly explodes is, if ten cubic meters air compression? 100 cubic meters air compression?”

„Is this possible? The air cannot see unable to feel, wants not to be easy the air compression? Moreover compounded drug so is small, compresses.” pill spirit more listens to be blurrier, if this saying is not Xia Tian says, perhaps she thinks that this is a lunatic neurosis says. But the Xia Tian strength she is clear, therefore she trusts Xia Tian. Cannot compress the air on the compression flame, refines the vacuum the compounded drug the appearance, then pours into the flame, afterward is close the compounded drug, so long as isolates the air, inside flame will not light, at this time the compounded drug did not have what difference with the ordinary compounded drug, once you compounded drug pour into Inner Strength, then throws, then the compounded drug can.” Xia Tian spoke of here time stopped, pill spirit was also looks to Xia Tian that a face anticipated: Bang, blasts out directly, flame will form the sneak attack.” Good terrifying, this sneak attack way not to have seen the person to use, the might is very certainly big.” pill spirit surprised saying, the compounded drug that if Xia Tian said can refine successfully, that will perhaps be fashionable for a time, will alarm when the time comes even the entire entrance. Has remembered, with anybody do not say that I teach you Pill Refining matter.” Xia Tian light saying. Master, you feel relieved.” secure took a stand directly. Master?” Hears secure words, pill spirit doubts looked to secure and Xia Tian. Em, he has requested me to be the master, must study Pill Refining with me, I also agreed.” Xia Tian said. Why? I do not want to study with him.” pill spirit also in fit of temper. „, You do not want to learn from him together, that easy to do.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Hears the Xia Tian words, pill was mad along a point spirit finally. He is my apprentice, I am to teach him now, you do not want with study, then I do not teach him on the time learned.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, the heavy line of pill spirit face.

secure is silently has selected a to praise to Xia Tian, he really thought that now Xia Tian was too powerful. „!” pill spirit this time did not say anything. She does to understand now that originally she is audits. Was good, I must start.” Xia Tian refines the attack compounded drug today goal is to cope with the ugly slave, after all he does not know that actually when the time comes to have anything, ugly slave behind person strength what. Therefore he refines to attack pill to provide against contingencies. Seeing Xia Tian must Pill Refining, pill spirit not dare to wink the eye once more, feared that will miss any detail. Xia Tian one time has put out 20 diverse materials, completely float in midair, then uses the day fire simultaneously the calcine, flame on each material is all different, although pill knows Xia Tian to be able spirit simultaneously calcine many materials. But she sees with one's own eyes Xia Tian simultaneously the calcine 20 diverse materials to think somewhat inconceivable. After all she wanted to increase her calcine number of times yesterday as far as possible, but has not succeeded, this made her have a very difficult feeling, but at this time Xia Tian actually appeared very relaxed. Durations and degrees of cooking on these types of materials are good, the size is different, but finally is simultaneously perfect decomposes the material. This Xia Tian refinement unusual is careful, what because he refines attacks pill, has slightly may the explosion carelessly, he does not want injured in this critical moment again. pill spirit and secure all looking at steadily looks at the Xia Tian movement. pill more looks spirit is more surprised, she has not thought that Xia Tian technique unexpectedly can be terrorist, the Xia Tian technique has been able with shocking everybody described, since this is the goal that she has pursued.

From now henceforth Xia Tian is her goal, she must become and Xia Tian is equally fierce. Although secure does not understand Pill Refining, the technique that but he was also dazzled by Xia Tian that shaking, with the words that Xia Tian compared, before him, saw these Pill Refining masters simply has been the department of pediatrics. These people do not match to call the Pill Refining master in the Xia Tian front. The Xia Tian entire Pill Refining process is careful, moreover this refinement has one to attack pill. He day fire compression, in has attacked in pill, then has the irritant raw material for medicine to include these outside. This Pill Refining process enough four hours, but pill spirit and secure is impatient, they watched a Pill Refining grand feast. „Becoming!” Xia Tian both hands pinch, a thumb covered the size the compounded drug becomes. Looks that this compounded drug forms, pill spirit and secure all anticipate looked to Xia Tian, how because they wanted to have a look at this compounded drug the might, although had not seen temporarily, but they can determine that the might of this compounded drug was very absolutely big. „To look at its might?” Xia Tian looked that asked to them. Em.” They also nodded.