Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1603

That did not look to you that this attacks pill is I am remaining usefully.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, if usually he may unable to build up to attack pill, because he does not have that many good materials. But was now different, yesterday Tianan just gave him that many materials, he happen to be used for Pill Refining. This attacks pill is also the master who he keeps is being used to cope with the ugly slave. The Xia Tian disposition is this, once the crisis approaches, he will not sit waiting for death, he must strengthen itself fast, with the time race, increases own card in a hand, this can guarantee absolutely safe. He does not hope one have slight leaving things to chance. These leaving things to chance may want his life. „!” Hears the Xia Tian words, they all cast the vision of despising to him. They think that Xia Tian this was really too exasperating. Good, starts next.” Xia Tian changes the topic hurriedly. What next is?” pill asked spirit. Controls the fire!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, controls the fire not to be actually difficult, especially is less difficult to a cauldron Rank 5 above person, but controls the open fight between factions is not all people can control, looks like walks, although everybody will walk, but is not everyone can go to the world in the stage to walk. „Doesn't Xia Tian, why challenge the black clothing disciple by your strength?” pill asked spirit suddenly, her very curious this issue, although the Xia Tian strength could not compare them, but the Xia Tian strength coped with several black clothing disciples absolutely not to have any issue.

What challenged the black clothing disciple I to obtain? Can one month be many some contribution coins? Is useful, that contribution coin regarding me useless, next is the place that lives in can the Freshman point, but these I cannot use, I live feel here also very well.” Xia Tian light saying, he wants to pass the matter that challenges the black clothing disciple, afterward had been considered carefully by him, finally denied this idea. Volume, you said probably is also very reasonable.” pill said spirit. I, when my white clothing disciple will be very relaxed, here nobody can control me, I will not come across the too big crisis, but after I became the black clothing disciple, might come across a bigger crisis very much, after all you know, if the status of Pill Refining master had been discovered by others, my trouble definitely will probably have, even some people because will envy and other reasons to kill me.” Xia Tian answered. Who dares, who dares to move my master, I have killed them.” secure has stood at this time. Ha Ha, nobody must kill me, right I had read the honor roll, you are the fire clay double attribute is right, happen to can also study my controls the hot technique.” Xia Tian said. Thanks the master.” secure excited saying. My controls the hot technique and your element thing is different, the element thing becomes the hot element incarnation the method of attack or defense, but my controls the hot technique actually as one desires to send, controls the fire using Spiritual Force, do not regard the flame is own attack, must regard them is own partner.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, one group of white flame present in his hands, the flame walk randomly in his hand afterward. Probably is a mischievous child is the same, flame unexpectedly happy played. Control is never the best method, if you respect the flame, that flame naturally also will respect you, you want to control the flame time, flame incarnation for your part, casual control, but does not transfer from the air.” The flame in Xia Tian hand is transforming the shape there. Quite mysterious, I have never heard this method.” pill spirit surprised saying, even if she is the scarlet disciple, even if in day Lingshan the rare book are innumerable, but can achieve Xia Tian this from nobody, becomes the friend with the flame. Regards as the flame is part of body.

Normal, general Heaven Grade Expert adjusts getting angry element from the outside, this is a reassignment of compulsion, some talents are good, the opportunity good person starts to cultivate the flame in within the body, but the flame might is too big, therefore they must be careful, at this time they must use the strong method to suppress the flame. pill spirit and secure are the latter type. But Xia Tian is different, the Xia Tian procedure can make him wave the flame to form on the nature. Master, how can we achieve this point?” secure asked. Communication, is trying and flame with own Spiritual Force communicates, do not think it unable to understand, so long as your long-term communication, you can produce the resonance with it, naturally this absolutely is not in one single day, some people only take one day with the flame to communicate, some people actually take one year two years, this must look one and between flame was tacit.” Xia Tian is that only takes one day with the person who the flame communicates: Method I told you, I was a little tired, you go back to try, best to study, exchanges each other sensibility, this can quicker grasps to control the hot technique.” Good, Master, I understood.” secure gives the expression that Xia Tian has understood. Xia Tian this is gives him to create the opportunity obvious. Studies! Exchanges each other sensibility! This simply him and pill binds together spirit, secure this is from the heart thanks Xia Tian. Was good, I went back to rest.” Xia Tian said that returned to own cave directly.

He opens secure and pill spirit intentionally to give ugly slave an opportunity of beginning, if they in this, that ugly slave definitely do not dare to attack him, will get suspicious. From the darkness also several hours, Xia Tian lies on the bed starts the techniques of cultivation eight Qi, this is to restore own stamina and Spiritual Force, only then under the most perfect condition, he can have a bigger assurance. Xia Tian this lies down is several hours, the night falls. In the 100 th group is still that lively, many people came with admiration, actually wants to have a look at Xia Tian is what kind of person, but often they kept off by the blood outside finally, has made several days of mission continuously, in the 100 th group of person hands of also had the contribution point, they in these contribution sets of points, bought several rare books in the trading market, the people started together cultivation. The ugly slave came. Xia Tian lies down on the ship has not moved, saw that Xia Tian has not moved, ugly slave any surprised, instead has not thought that this is in the reason: Boy, do not blame me, must blame to blame you, is all right idly must build up the body to do, now my master had a liking for your body, but you could rest assured that the master will not treat unjustly your this body, in the future your this body will also praise to set up ten thousand.” The hand of ugly slave wields, black venom entered on the Xia Tian palm, at the same time, his hand grasped directly to the shoulder of Xia Tian.