Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1604

The ugly slave works on the body of Xia Tian to run directly to outside, this time is the black day . Moreover the place that other place distance people who Xia Tian is occupied by live is not near, therefore basic discovers the ugly slave on nobody. The ugly slave has not walked the gate, has upturned from the wall directly. All as if moving clouds and flowing water is the same, this road he has passed through several times, for today. The ugly slave fell into to excitement at this time, because he can help the master complete immediately to vainly hope. This is his lifetime desire. He had not discovered that a small snake crawled at this time to the Xia Tian control, all suction all venom, afterward the small snake crawled in the Xia Tian clothes, but Xia Tian as if has not waked. The body such fast shuttle of ugly slave in day Lingshan. His destination is not the first institute to the fourth institute, but the place of deep place, but here is very as if remote, although belongs compared with the fourth institute must approach the central the position, but here remote somewhat desolated. Was quick, was quick, the master, I must soon lead him.” In the heart of ugly slave is also the incomparable excitement. The surroundings everywhere are the weed, these weeds even had one person to be high, is sharp, if trades to do is the average person, here shuttles back and forth, will make his body be injured absolutely. Meaning that the ugly slave has not stopped, his footsteps were even getting quicker and quicker.

Probably after 20-30 minutes. They arrived at a resplendent in gold and jade green main hall. These mansions of this main hall compared with fourth institute is luxurious, if not here seems somewhat ruined, that definitely has the strength of day of Lingshan sovereign mansion. What a pity this gold coin magnificent main hall at this time everywhere is the weed, even has tied the spider web. Master, I came back.” The ugly slave shouts loudly. Afterward ugly slave fast shuttles back and forth to inside. You came back finally.” The person sound under Black Gown is somewhat hoarse, is somewhat gloomy. Master, he lost now has realized, we can start.” Ugly slave incomparably excited saying. Does not worry, Seven stars manifests suddenly also to need a meeting poisonously, now he should be the spatial bright condition, he can hear us to speak, but is unable to control own body, because of his soul by Seven stars poisonous swallowing gradually.” That person under Black Gown said. „Does master, what need me to prepare?” The ugly slave asked.

Does not need, I of this preparation have prepared for 200 years, already prepared.” That person under Black Gown continues saying: Ugly slave, I adopts to grow up you, who has not told you me has been, today I can tell you finally me am, because I can seize to abandon today successfully, my rebirth, this boy was when the time comes healthy, was very good.” Ugly slave is only a slave, does not need to know the status of master.” The ugly slave kneels on the ground said. I now was very happy that I want to say listens to you.” In that person of expression under Black Gown is having the order, afterward he then said: My skill day spirit seven child in second child, in the past our day spirit seven child could be said as able to move unhindered the serious famines, under serious famine we seven reputations were most resounding, the past cloudy Yangzong was the branch of demon clan, the person of our correct path formed the alliance to capture cloudy Yangzong, at that time in the alliance Expert were innumerable, but crashed in the Yin-Yang sovereign palace first was our day spirit seven, but we have not thought that finally our unexpectedly intermediate total.” That person under Black Gown spoke of here time sound somewhat to shiver. Initially our seven had studied, who can first crash in the main hall, who is day Lingshan next Shan Zhu, although we said that but, the big Senior Brother strength is as we all know strongest, he definitely meets first to clash, therefore we entered several other palaces respectively, because there was collecting the treasure, our seven have separated, my opened several other Senior Brother younger brothers intentionally, because I discovered that in front of me the palace was the cloudy Yangzong genuine treasure house, is turned into the present by me greedily like this.” That person of sound under Black Gown somewhat twisted. I hate, after I enter that palace, inside is the treasure, the blotting out the sky most precious object, these treasures arrive innumerably, at that time my excited serious, was when I was most excited, my had been sneak attacked, the Expert ambush of cloudy Yangzong was waiting for me there, sneak attacked not only had me, seventh child's life was worse, I know that he was rushing to the cloudy Yangzong ancient book, therefore he similarly was also sneak attacked, but also he died in directly, although I have not died, but these for 200 years I have been living the life that was inferior to die, I do not dare to see the person, because my flesh and blood vanished, my body cannot move, can only sit on the wheelchair.” That person under Black Gown roared was saying. In his sound has been full of the endless anger. Really is the good fortune makes the person, I think could not struggle big Senior Brother, therefore I have not struggled, was rushing to the treasure, result big Senior Brother by person of strength alone war cloudy Yangzong two big Expert, was cut the right arm, since then he also retired, disappeared without a trace, Shan Zhu position unexpectedly turned into the third child, if I to the treasure, that present mountain main should not be I.” That person of angry shouting under Black Gown. He is the legend of previous generation day Lingshan. Day spirit seven child in second child.

He should be a God's favored one, but he turned into a disabled person now, a disabled person of soul, although his main hall continuously, but here already long grass, thus it can be seen he actually distressed. 200 years, he is hating every day, his very all people. No matter who he hates, his disposition already twisted. However he has not died, because he had found a very marvelous merit law in cloudy Yangzong, that seizes the soul big law, this is his hope, but seizes the request of soul big law to be harsh, the first human body of opposite party must formidable, otherwise cannot withstand to seize the soul the process. This point he has tried three times, is first three climbs up the person in day Lingshan, that three people are not ordinary, when was they have not displayed their will died in the hand of day spirit second child. Can climb up the person in day Lingshan, solely is not will, can't this person possibly work out? Reason that they cannot rush to the reason of positive result are because they have not waited to rush died. These many years, I have been regarded a deceased person, the third child they have not visited me, I know how they think, when they I am a waste, but they have made a mistake, so long as I can the rebirth, I be able to step the peak once more, when the time comes I will recapture to belong to all my.” The day spirit second child said that the vision looks directly to Xia Tian.