Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1606

Three types of elements! He thinks Xia Tian is only human body formidable, will formidable, the binary element is the accident was happy, he has not thought that can also present three elements, this is the super talent. Water, fire, earth! When these three element appearances, the day spirit second child has no alternative but to be surprised. This is the accident the happy accident is absolutely pleasantly surprised. At this time he has been interested in the body of Xia Tian, he hopes that now the body of Xia Tian is he, although he has self-confidently returns to the peak once more, but the talent of this body is higher, his future achievement will be bigger. Good, good, the ugly slave, has given me a bit faster to solve him, I started not to receive broken.” Day spirit second child incomparably excited shouting, his body to Xia Tian wins now. Bang! When the ugly slave attacks once more to Xia Tian, in the right hand of Xia Tian presented a long spear, in the upper extreme direct winding of long spear the wooden element branch, then on the lance point left the earth element. Bang! When Xia Tian the spear of long spear and ugly slave to striking in the same place, the wooden element branch wraps directly the ugly slave, Xia Tian left hand one group of white flame depart. The wooden element burns instantaneously. The wood lights a fire! Bang! The flame starts to burn down directly. Wooden element! The fourth type of element.” The day spirit second child could not say at this time with amazement incoming call, Xia Tian unexpectedly used in five lines of element four types, this was really too extraordinary. What is called the talent? At least when the day spirit second child peak never heard that some people can simultaneously have four types of elements. He now completely by the Xia Tian talent shaking. Talent, how in this world possibly has the talent that so goes against heaven's will, if I obtained his body, I can certainly aspire to seize the peak.” Day spirit second child incomparably excited saying.

This time he has no alternative but to be excited, moreover super excited. Around the body of ugly slave presents the armor of earth, defended completely him. At this moment, the Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his hands, dozens cold light fling directly to the ugly slave, the swords of these dozens cold light probably dozens cold ice equally directly ugly slave all round surrounded. Protect! The ugly slave stands in directly same place, afterward around his body presented an earth ball, his entire body was wrapped in the earth ball. Has not ended.” The Xia Tian left hand wields, dozens wind edges include directly cold light. Bang! Rumbling! The earth ball of ugly slave collapses instantaneously, but on the body of ugly slave also had the wound, the cold ice is spreading, the ugly slave sees that stiffly directly that meat shearing. Variation element, ices the gentle breeze, is this boy the monster?” The day spirit second child does not know that at this time anything was surprised, he saw too many inconceivable on the body of Xia Tian today. Xia Tian obviously is only a cauldron Rank 2 strength, the ugly slave is cauldron Rank 7 Expert . Moreover the foundation of ugly slave is steady, therefore below cauldron Rank 8, almost does not have the match. The method that but Xia Tian emerges one after another incessantly with his with ugly slave fight unexpectedly now had the superiority. This is element advantage. Whenever Xia Tian uses an element time, the ugly slave has thought copes with the Xia Tian method, but Xia Tian has cut immediately the element, making the ugly slave virtually impossible to guard against. This body I must decide, ha ha ha ha, if I obtained this body, perhaps I can become in the spirit world great Expert, any serious famine, basic on fetter I.” The day spirit second child laughs was saying. The region that they are is the serious famine region, is managed by the Rank 5 city sounds of nature city unification. Although said is the management, but sounds of nature area next to a city wall no matter originally these entrances and small towns, whatever they develop voluntarily. Naturally, once there is any important matter has a time, comes out to manage by the sounds of nature city. The day spirit second child sees Xia Tian talent so formidable time, he felt one can go out of the serious famine, has a look outside world.

He believes that by the Xia Tian talent in the entire spirit world is very high, moreover young of Xia Tian, this represents the potential that he can use also to have not to be unearthed. After he occupied the body of Xia Tian, he all will tap the potential of Xia Tian within the body. Hot, earth, wooden, water, ice, wind. Xia Tian has used six species, these six species by incisiveness of Xia Tian display. Dodging that the ugly slave can only keep. But the Xia Tian fight consumption is so big, but the ugly slave consumes few. But does Xia Tian fear the consumption? Naturally does not fear. His mouth holds more than 100 gathering miracle cures now, his one second eats one grain. This time's fight by the incisiveness of Xia Tian display, Xia Tian unexpectedly has been suppressed the ugly slave by a cauldron Rank 2 strength simply, such passive that the ugly slave suppresses, but on the face of day spirit second child does not have any worry, the strength that Xia Tian shows is stronger, he is more excited, because after these abilities, was his. Good, is very good, is very good, the boy, you have not disappointed me, to repay you, I will use your body to praise to set up ten thousand in this world, when the time comes was also does right by you.” Day spirit second child incomparably excited saying. Considers as finished, I like myself coming.” A Xia Tian foot trampled to fly ugly slave directly. Ugly slave, left politely, untied one grade.” The day spirit second child orders to say directly. A grade? Hears this glossary time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he does not think absolutely the day of spirit second child said that perhaps in other words the ugly slave must use any card in a hand, thinks of here, Xia Tian starts to attack hurriedly. Hand culmination cold sword flings directly to the ugly slave. Ding-dong works as. The earth armor on ugly slave body obtained the evolution once more, but above the forehead of ugly slave also left a star. A grade! Open!

The body of ugly slave vanished in instantaneously same place. Quite quick.” The armor of fire, the armor of earth, the armor of wood, the armor of ice. Around the body of Xia Tian presented four armor immediately. Bang! Bang! The attack of ugly slave also directly hit above the Xia Tian armor, the first armor was stave, afterward the day cold sword in Xia Tian hand punctured directly, but was moved aside directly by the ugly slave. Bang! The Xia Tian second armor broke. Xia Tian has brandished the day cold sword directly. Bang! The third armor was shattered. Has not waited for Xia Tian to respond that his fourth armor also broke, but his body directly has also flown upside down, is only the flash, the ugly slave launched four attacks, directly all broken the Xia Tian four armor. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth, afterward he has stood directly: Paternal grandmother, the father does not assume an awe-inspiring pose you to work as the sickness cat father.” Day cold sword directly float in the Xia Tian front.