Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1607

Unties a grade of ugly slave becomes very terrifying. The overall strength was promoted, although Xia Tian method are many, but his Realm is insufficient, therefore was hit one to be caught off guard by the ugly slave, four defense armor have blocked four attacks for him. He was also hit meanwhile to fly by the fifth attack of ugly slave. Has been a pity, you are not obedient, that must many by a suffering.” Saying of day spirit second child coldly. His being obedient is referring to makes Xia Tian stand in giving up of there little darling, making him use to seize the soul big law. You , if obedient, I can also little make you be selected the crime.” The Xia Tian day cold sword stands in the front, at the same time his body presented a radius 20 meters region centered on him. In this region suddenly peaceful. Well? This is.” The day spirit second child stares slightly, afterward his complexion suddenly changes: Ugly slave, unties two grades, that is the domain.” Domain! What Xia Tian this time uses is the domain. The domain is the super talent may awaken. This point Lei Feng had said in the past, but Xia Tian does not have what concept, until after he arrived at the spirit world , discovered that Xia Tian has seen the person little said also several millions, but had the domain people not to have. Generally the domain appears, in the same step is invincible, because in this domain, he can control all. The element that in this domain all he can control belongs to him, he can casual mixing. This is the domain. The domain was formidable enough. The Xia Tian attribute are also many to is so terrorist, person who therefore similarly has the domain also absolutely is not the Xia Tian match, because he can transfer in the domain besides the [gold/metal] element, other elements. Hot, wooden, earth, water, wind, ice.

Around the body of Xia Tian presented six color rays. Domain, is really domain, was really good, was really good, his unexpectedly has also awakened the domain, it seems like I do not want to become peerless Expert am impossible.” The day spirit second child wishes one could oneself to overrun Xia Tian now directly kills. Even if his body has not damaged, after he sees the Xia Tian talent, will unable to bear trade a body. Because Xia Tian ear body has really gone against heaven's will, goes against heaven's will makes him feel the terrifying, feels to suffocate, Xia Tian is the true peerless talent, unique peerless talent. Even if places the entire spirit world in the stage, he can also shine to shine. Too extraordinary, talent unexpectedly of person has been able strong to this.” Even if the experience of day spirit second child is broad, he also never saw the so terrifying person, existence of Xia Tian has surpassed his cognition. Unties the ugly slave who two keep off with cauldron Rank 9 Expert to fighting. But he does not dare to have slight careless at this time, because his match is Xia Tian, although Xia Tian is only a cauldron Rank 2 new person, but he cannot with regarding ordinary cauldron Rank 2 Expert absolutely such regards Xia Tian. Before the Xia Tian strength was very terrifying. Now Xia Tian uses domain, this made him formidable, but the domain the thing in legend, the ugly slave has not seen, therefore he must be careful. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Around the body of Xia Tian presented six types of color swords. Each type of color sword is containing the strength of different element, the strength of most terrorist places these elements were they changed into the sharp knife blade, at this time the Xia Tian surroundings had over ten thousand sharp knife blade. Worthily is the domain, is quite magnificent, good terrifying.” The day spirit second child is unable to conceal joy on oneself face, he knows that he this time has gotten rich absolutely, the domain might imagines him is more terrorist. Moreover on Xia Tian is grasping six types of elements, these six types of elements and domains superimpose, that might is growth doubled and re-doubled. The sharp knife blade of fire, The sharp knife blade of wood,

The sharp knife blade of water, The sharp knife blade of ice, The sharp knife blade of wind, The sharp knife blade of earth. Over ten thousand sharp knife blade revolve around the body of Xia Tian, seems very terrifying. At this time around Xia Tian a radius 20 meters place is his attack range. Kills!” In the Xia Tian mouth put out one to kill the character, these sharp knife blade all have shot afterward at the ugly slave. Absolute defense. The ugly slave wants to use the earth element to form defends absolutely, but he suddenly discovered own unexpectedly cannot transfer too many earth elements, because all earth elements in this domain listens to Xia Tian, the earth element that he transfers is outside comes. This is another characteristics of domain. If the same attribute person, by the domain direct pressing, will be wanted with Xia Tian is not the same attribute will be very perhaps difficult, only if the [gold/metal] element. At this time all earth elements in domain were all transferred by Xia Tian. The ugly slave can only adjust the breaking ground element from the domain, formed one to defend absolutely. Opens two grades of him, is quite therefore cauldron Rank 9 Expert. Bang! Several thousand sword glow have shot at the ugly slave directly. Strength of unexpectedly domain coordination such many element can fiercely to this degree, this not be the same step is completely invincible, but is invincible with the cauldron.” The day spirit second child a little worried finally.

Strength that because Xia Tian shows was really too strong. If I active, I only need one move to trig him, what a pity my present body cannot move.” Saying that the day spirit second child hates. He hopes own present can move, like this he can rush to immediately goes to trig Xia Tian, he wanted to obtain the body of Xia Tian impatiently, regarding him, the body of Xia Tian was really too perfect. dīng dīng dāng dāng. The absolute defense of ugly slave by routing gradually, the ability of absolute defense is being very strong, but in the Xia Tian domain, the earth element all had already been controlled by Xia Tian, therefore he already not any opportunity. Bang! „The words that such gets down, the ugly slave lost.” A day spirit second child brow wrinkle. At this moment, an incomparably intense earth element erupts from the body of ugly slave, at the same time, on the forehead of ugly slave presented the third star. „Is ugly slave, you doing, like this you will die.” The day spirit second child shouts loudly. For the master, the ugly slave does not fear death, so long as can let the master rebirth, that ugly slave dies is also happy.” Ugly slave light saying. Ugly slave, accompanied my these many years, was really laborious you.” The day spirit second child has not advised against the ugly slave again, because he wants the body of Xia Tian now. When this earth element appears, the body of Xia Tian rebounded directly. What?” Sees such situation, the Xia Tian complexion immediately changes. You did not have the opportunity, because opened the third gear my strength already infinite approaching in two cauldrons, two cauldron and a cauldrons strength disparity between were the disparities in quality, therefore you must die without doubt, although I will also die, but the master can finally the rebirth.” Regarding the ugly slave, he biggest desire is to look at the master rebirth.