Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1608

The ugly slave at this time to own strength is very self-confident. Because his strength already infinite approaching in two cauldrons. Although the Xia Tian domain might is powerful, but Xia Tian after is only a cauldron Rank 2 person, can resist a cauldron Rank 9 this is his limit, this has been lucky the domains and his elements. Otherwise he is impossible to have such big superiority. Cauldron Rank 2 suppresses cauldron Rank 9. This broke existence of legend, but the strength of ugly slave has evolved to approach in the strengths of two cauldrons now infinitely. The ugly slave opened the third gear later strength to obtain the infinite strengthening. You did not have the opportunity, obedient suffering to death, I do not want to make him damage your this body.” Day spirit second child light saying, believes in him at this time that the ugly slave has won. No matter Xia Tian method fierce, is the same in the face of the absolute strength. Father has not fought the custom of admitting defeat, here can only have a person to live in any case today, I hope living the person is I.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist. I will make your human body live.” The day spirit second child said. But I think that the whole person is living.” Xia Tian said. That must think you to have that skill.” Saying that the day spirit second child disdains. Skill? Naturally had, so long as I use, I will not make the person who sees live.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. „? Card in a hand? I must have a look at your the method of each family also to be able but actually to be what kind.” The day spirit second child thinks the Xia Tian method, although are many, but in the face of the true strength is each family. Perhaps copes with some ordinary Expert also to be able unexpectedly, but copes with the present ugly slave also by far insufficient. Right?” The Xia Tian sound just fell, his body had the huge change, his eye grow darks instantaneously, white pupil thorough vanished, the hair also turned into the pure black.

A black aura erupts from Xia Tian within the body. Em? This is any aura!” A day spirit second child brow wrinkle. At this moment, the day spirit second child saw more inconceivable one. Kazakh Ah! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his dorsal unexpectedly grew two wings stiffly, black wing under moonlight sparkling. What? What thing is this?” The day spirit second child on the face has written all over at this time inconceivable. He has never seen such terrifying situation, had not heard that the excellent body can be winged, this broke his cognition completely, before Xia Tian used the domain time, although he was also surprised, but that has not surpassed his cognition, he knew existence of domain. But is now different, he never sees the body of person to grow the wing, moreover this black wing seems very sharp, that black feather is sharper than any god soldier. The black wing is representing the dark King. Fallen angel. Really now I have not been able completely to control this strength.” Xia Tian is feeling side light saying in within the body, but a best point will be he is controlled by the desire of that slaughtering now. This with his strength promotion, removes the strength of Heavenly Connection to be related. What strength is your this?” The day spirit second child is staring at Xia Tian stubbornly, although his whole person hides under Black Gown, but his ice-cold aura is very terrifying. Do not kill me? Come, your disabled person.” Xia Tian looks that the day of spirit second child said. „Do not be impolite to the master.” The ugly slave said that has fired into Xia Tian directly. Bang!

When the ugly slave fires into Xia Tian, his body stopped directly in same place, because he felt behind crisis, at this time he felt that he behind the ice-cold eyes is visiting him. Quite quick!” Ugly slave turning head of gradually. Bang! Time that his body has not returned, he had been hit to fly. What?” Day spirit second child whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: Your unexpectedly is flying.” At this time the day spirit second child understands finally Xia Tian behind that effect on wing, that flies, you run can have flying again quickly quick? Xia Tian arrived at the ugly slave in airborne rapid a moment ago behind. Has saying that this shocks absolutely. Just this that flash, ugly slave even had forgotten how should attack. „, This is a secret.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. A unexpectedly so many card in a hand and secret of person, it seems like you is a big destiny will add the person of body, this time I hoped to obtain your this body, so long as obtained your this body, perhaps I in the future can aspire to seize this world the high point, became with Yu Wang the same legend.” The day spirit second child is still the incomparable excitement. The big destiny is in the spirit world everybody yearns. So long as a person has big destiny to add the body, that major entrances will fight for him, gives his infinite advantage, making him join own entrance, because his destiny can lead a destiny of entrance. Moreover the big destiny adds the person strength of body, once promotes to Realm, will lead the entrance to move toward magnificently. For example, the soccer on Earth. Iraq that year Asian champion, but country was done to fly in circles by American imperialists \; Italian Spain won the world champion, the economy collapses \; Greece took European Cup that year, then went bankrupt \; Germany takes World Cup, the wave of refugees came \; Northern Song Dynasty just discovered that world giant star tall Qiu, the emperor made the [gold/metal] country seize. Do you know that has endured humiliation, the protection country destiny, who making entire China develop dozens years of protecting country wizards stably is?

Comes everybody to shout that four characters together: China men's football team. Here, everybody must bow to the China men's football team, these years, you have been working hard. It looks like in Xia Tian, the China destiny should be prosperous, because he believes the strength of China men's football team. Hateful, I must kill you, I do not allow you to destroy the plan of master absolutely.” The ugly slave looks angrily to Xia Tian, he has protected master for a lifetime, today finally has the opportunity of rebirth. He will not make anybody destroy this opportunity. Perhaps you do not have that skill.” The Xia Tian sound just fell, his body vanished in same place. Bang! The body of ugly slave was hit to fly again. I will not make you destroy the plan of master.” The ugly slave stands up once more, but the Xia Tian leg also as if whip same pulled out to him, but this time has not kicked him, but was blocked by the ugly slave. Meanwhile, the head of ugly slave presented four stars. „Is ugly slave, you doing? You will meet a cruel death.” The day spirit second child said. Master, has sorry, the ugly slave will possibly injure to this body, but this is the ugly slave can the master person do finally.” The left hand of ugly slave held the calf of Xia Tian directly, at the same time, the body of ugly slave starts to inflate.