Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1609

Inflation! The body of ugly slave starts the fast inflation. „It is not good, this is must from exploding.” Xia Tian looked to understand finally, the opposite party this was must from exploding. If were affected by the opposite party so short distance explosion, that Xia Tian does not dare to imagine. Bang! Bang! Trampling that another leg of Xia Tian keeps on the body of ugly slave, but the ugly slave does not let go, does not let go, whatever Xia Tian that can trample the broken rock the foot such to trample on him. At this time the body of ugly slave inflated was getting more and more serious, even must turn into the circular. Hateful.” In the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges. Puff! Ugly slave that strong arm cut off by the [gold/metal] blade together with his Spirit Tool wrister directly. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place, flew to airborne. Meanwhile. Bang! The body of ugly slave explodes directly, the formidable explosive force makes Xia Tian think the heart startled, around ground that the ugly slave stood a moment ago already exploded changed beyond all recognition, below was exploded a three meters deep pit. If he in that explosion range, he perhaps also ended a moment ago. What?” Saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly evaded the explosion, on the face of day spirit second child has written all over inconceivable, he had not seen clearly that golden light a moment ago is anything, but he believes that normally, the weapon of any rank impossible to cut off the arm of ugly slave within two seconds, moreover on the arm of ugly slave was also bringing the wrister of Spirit Tool rank.

Two seconds, have sufficed ugly slave from exploding. But Xia Tian unexpectedly hid. This was also too inconceivable. Truly narrow squeak.” Body falling of Xia Tian slowly, he looked afterward to the day spirit second child: He died, you have any skill to use.” The ugly slave dies, on that day the spirit second child did not have taking advantage. The day spirit second child has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly so many cards in a hand, the ugly slave opened the third gear unable to win Xia Tian. Your talent is I have seen strongly, does not have one, I can also guarantee that your talent also absolutely is unique in the entire spirit world, I promise you, after using your body, will display your this body well.” Day spirit second child voice incomparably gloomy saying. Em?” Hears the words of day of spirit second child, Xia Tian does not think that he is boasting, after all day spirit second child but in the past legendary figure, although he was now disabled, but no one can guarantee that he does not have what card in a hand method. Compares in Chounu, Xia Tian is more discrete to the day spirit second child. How because the ugly slave is strong, he also forcefully promotes his strength, but the day spirit second child is different, he 200 years ago is super Expert in serious famine, although he already disabled 200 years. But he definitely also has the method of any secret. Xia Tian now X-Ray Vision eye full, wing also outstretched, to provide against contingencies. „Did you fear?” The day spirit second child ponders looks at Xia Tian. Did not fear that facing the old monster of your this rank, I must be careful, my life does not allow to make the mistake.” The discretion of Xia Tian let many time from the life and death. Therefore regardless of he will not be when negligent. Really is very discrete, but you have made a mistake, the boy, I also disdains in sneak attacks.” Day spirit second child light saying of: You should hear two cauldron above Expert were many same ability?”

What ability?” Xia Tian asked. Imperial beast, two cauldron above Expert can imperial be beastly, my spirit beast is the Rank 4 spirit beast aardvark, its deep sleep 200 years, today is the day that it regains consciousness.” The voice of day spirit second child just fell, his ground started to rock, afterward -and-a-half meter high brown young pigs appeared before his foot. Volume!” Sees this brown young pig time, Xia Tian stares slightly. When a moment ago he heard the Rank 4 spirit beast somewhat was anxious, especially heard that the deep sleep 200 years, he even has thought this any aardvark met the height hundred meters, a foot can trample flat of ground, but he has not thought of this any Rank 4 spirit beast aardvark unexpectedly less than half meter high. Such young fellow.” Xia Tian stares slightly. But in Kungfu of this god, he suddenly feels an under foot pain. His sole unexpectedly was punctured directly suddenly for piercing. What?” Xia Tian immediately one startled, afterward he flew directly. He has not thought that this seems such young kid strength unexpectedly so will be terrorist, these punctured a moment ago suddenly frighten Xia Tian to jump , before the thorn appears suddenly, does not have the indication, and powerful force. Unsophisticated Monarch, looked your, have not dismembered him as far as possible, so long as did not dismember, I had the means.” Day spirit second child light saying. This Rank 2 spirit beast aardvark is he biggest card in a hand, as for the ugly slave is just a servant who he raises, although he truly cared about the ugly slave a moment ago, but he is because the ugly slave died nobody to go for him to handle matters. After all the ugly slave is the dog that is obedient very much. Therefore dies he not to hand over the aardvark to come out to the ugly slave. He has thought before ugly slave final from exploding should be able to win, he did not need to awaken the aardvark, after all the time of aardvark deep sleep has not arrived, now comes out to affect its growth. However now the day spirit second child has had no alternative. He can only make the aardvark come out.

! In ground punctures suddenly shoots at suddenly airborne, is the Xia Tian position, Xia Tian dodging that starts to keep, starts him to discover where, regardless of dodge, ground the thorn of suddenly can shoot at him. Hateful, my unexpectedly by running around in circles that your this bastard plays, this how.” The Xia Tian tooth bites, has fired into the aardvark directly, his speed is fast, the wing just instigated him to arrive at the front of aardvark, afterward his fist hit directly to the aardvark. Bang! At this moment, the aardvark rolled a ball, then hit directly above the chest of Xia Tian. Bang! The entire body of Xia Tian was hit to fly directly. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth, his also directly recovered the original design, the wing vanished, the black aura vanished, the eye also turned into the normal color, saw such change, Xia Tian hoodwinks. He has not withdrawn this hidden essence and blood, but this hidden essence and blood unexpectedly abolished automatically. Snort, although does not know what you use is any ability, but absolutely is not the strength of main body, in five lines of elements, the earth attribute is a seal, the aardvark the seal your dantian, therefore your condition vanished a moment ago, moreover spiritual energy that you cannot mention now, you lost.” Saying of day spirit second child coldly. All as he expected, he as if already expected the matter to turn into this. The aardvark moved toward Xia Tian gradually. The death arrived. At this moment, the Xia Tian clothes move suddenly.