Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1610

The aardvark is extinguishes kills Xia Tian. So long as it arrives at the Xia Tian front, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, it is impossible to let off Xia Tian. The day spirit second child had a liking for the body of Xia Tian, he is impossible to let off Xia Tian, he must kill Xia Tian, then eliminates the body of Xia Tian thoroughly, the Xia Tian talent is he has seen strongly, is most terrorist. Talent that Xia Tian just displayed has gone against heaven's will. The day spirit second child has never seen the Xia Tian such formidable talent. His talent has surpassed humanity to have the talent that. Surmounts all talents. The day spirit second child is absolutely impossible to let off Xia Tian. The aardvark moved toward Xia Tian at this time nearby. Hissing hissing! The aardvark withdrew suddenly two steps, but a shadow shot at the aardvark at this moment directly, shadow only then gentleman many in sizes, but on the face of aardvark appeared panic-stricken. ! In the mouth of aardvark has sent out a pitiful yell. Bang! Its body fell down directly. Died! Entire journey less than two seconds, the aardvark such died, has not waited for Xia Tian surprised time, he discovered that the small snake started to swallow the aardvark, ten centimeters small snake unexpectedly was eating half meter high aardvark, its mouth directly supported unusual was big. What the snake represents is the bloodthirsty, Berserk.

Snake is greedy. Regardless of they saw that any biology wants to eat, the small snake is no exception. What?” This day spirit second child has flustered, has sat the day spirit second child there steadily thorough has flustered, he biggest card in a hand unexpectedly bit to death by a ten centimeters small snake directly, and ate. This was also too inconceivable. He has never seen such terrifying small snake. Xia Tian is also surprised, although the small snake has detoxified for him, but he has not thought that small snake unexpectedly is so fierce, since he injects the strength of Heavenly Connection to in within the body of small snake, he has not gone to the control small snake. He hopes at that time the small snake runs its own course. That sage Liu Zhi had told him, the snake can work as the carrier, especially wants the small snake, ordinarier is better, because of this, this snake is unable to use the strength of Heavenly Connection, but obviously Xia Tian makes a mistake now. At that time he saw the small snake time, thinks that the small snake definitely is the ordinary small snake. Now looked that discovered is he makes a mistake, this small snake is not absolutely ordinary. Initially when the woods of Songyuan he, he just bled off the small snake, there had Berserk, afterward he had looked at one, died, all snakes died a scene piece in confusion, all did not have including the snake egg. He thinks very strange. But he has not thought is the small snake does, the small snake seemed too small, absolutely did not have that skill. He made a mistake. Now the careful recollection, was the small snake did at that time, small snake unexpectedly all killed that over ten thousand terrifying ominous beast. This time, the small snake has even killed the day spirit second child biggest card in a hand. The present was the final moment, Xia Tian and day spirit second child was competing the card in a hand, Xia Tian has defeated the first card in a hand of day spirit second child with the method that his emerged one after another incessantly.

Ugly slave! Then the day spirit second child summoned his spirit beast, the aardvark. But Xia Tian has also emitted small snake. Their this cards in a hand put, the aardvark has defeated Xia Tian, but small snake direct Insta-kill the aardvark, this time small snake has actually been lying on the ground, its belly little changes is small, present small snake belly circle looks like a ball is the same. Opposite that disabled person, this was you lost probably, the seal could not insist how long, my strength will immediately recover, when the time comes I will not approach you, my remote control element will extinguish directly kills you.” Regardless of Xia Tian will not be at any time negligent. The day spirit second child after is existence of old monster rank. Although he now is a disabled person, but Xia Tian will not arrive around him absolutely arrogantly act high and mighty. Hateful, hateful.” Day spirit second child angry shouting, this time he was really breathless, even if were the ugly slave died the time, he has not cared, because in his eyes the ugly slave was always only a slave. Which to is when the aardvark died he thorough anger. The aardvark is he biggest card in a hand. After he planned to occupy the Xia Tian human body, the positive governing aardvark, when the time comes he has the strongest physique talent, in addition his formidable Spiritual Force, the aardvark protection, soon, he can aspire to seize the peak. But now aardvark unexpectedly is killed by Xia Tian. Hissing hissing! Small snake recovered the original design gradually, afterward the small snake returned to the Xia Tian clothes to rest, although thus it can be seen this fight has won, but the small snake won was also very laborious. Boy, I want you dead.” The day spirit second child said his body but actually. Meanwhile, Xia Tian X-Ray Vision saw the soul of opposite party. Day spirit second child unexpectedly must seize to abandon forcefully.

Hateful, my strength fully has not recovered, moreover my Spiritual Force absolutely does not have his formidable.” Xia Tian these was a little hurried, if his strength restored, he can extinguish the soul of opposite party with many methods directly kills. But now his strength by seal. They are mutually are competing the card in a hand at this time, final card in a hand. Whose card in a hand are more, who can achieve the final success. The winner is the king, the defeated invader. Leave alone you lose undeserved, why only almost, lost lost. Xia Tian is unable to stop the attack of day spirit second child, at this time the soul of day spirit second child has crashed in the Xia Tian knowledge sea. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I have come in finally, has not thought that your soul unexpectedly so is also formidable, what a pity, my soul be more formidable than you.” Day spirit second child incomparably excited shouting. Their souls started to battle. Xia Tian radically is not the match of day of spirit second child. Although his soul is very formidable, but cannot achieve two cauldrons already soul, but the soul of day spirit second child was different, his soul is two cauldrons above, therefore Xia Tian, if solely competes the soul, absolutely is not his match. Hateful!” Xia Tian angry looks at the day of spirit second child. But he does not have any means to expel his knowledge sea the day spirit second child, at this time the day spirit second child is occupying his entire knowledge sea gradually, the words that such gets down, the Xia Tian soul is going finally thorough disappearance. Ha Ha, the boy, this time knows that my fierce, this is my final card in a hand, although the aardvark died, but your spirit beast probably also good, I one and accepted.” Day spirit second child incomparably excited saying, regarding him, what present is the most excited time. Because he must be able to break through the Xia Tian knowledge sea immediately, when the time comes this body was he. Mahler desert!” Xia Tian obloquies one: Isn't competes the card in a hand? The small insect, your TM a bit faster leave to me, otherwise the father died.”