Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1611

Bang! When Xia Tian these words shouted, his knowledge sea had the drastic change. Swallow! The small insect started to swallow. What? What is this?” On the face of day spirit second child presented the incomparably frightened facial expression, at this moment, he has feared, he has a dream has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also has the card in a hand, unexpectedly can go against heaven's will in this final moment. Small insect, this was the Xia Tian biggest card in a hand. Although it usually in Xia Tian place of deep sleep dantian, but there is a matter it is on. At this time the soul of day spirit second child by small insect fast is swallowing. Stops! Stops, stops quickly, I do not want dead, I admitted defeat.” The day spirit second child shouts hurriedly loudly, he fears death, he has put in great inconvenience for 200 years, he fears death really very much, since these 200 years, he has been hoping for the opportunity of rebirth. His original manuscript thinks one must win. The card in a hand that but Xia Tian uses finally thorough broke his cognition. How possibly to stop, I have forgiven you, you meeting must certainly kill me.” Xia Tian said. I asked you, made it stop quickly, I did not bump you, I exchanged, I used my experience, the knowledge, the wealth to exchange with you, I can also momentarily be able to extinguish to you kill my soul the method, I asked you, do not kill me.” Begging for mercy that the day spirit second child starts to keep. „?” Heard the words of day of spirit second child, Xia Tian makes the small insect stop, these he who because the day spirit second child said was interested: I do not like listening to the idle talk, said.”

This is the warning. If the day spirit second child said that the idle talk, that Xia Tian will make the small insect begin absolutely once more. I have rich knowledge, the fight experience, these I can little told you, moreover this main hall was my, in the main hall also the wealth, was my, now all turns over to you, moreover in the past cloudy Yangzong fought, although I was sneak attacked, but the final buried treasure was also hidden by me, these buried treasures are also being hidden now, nobody discovered that but the buried treasure of cloudy Yangzong was inexhaustible, these buried treasures arrived innumerably, I could not carry off, therefore I all hid them.” The day spirit second child to maintain life, all said own chip. „?” Xia Tian asked. Right, you can open a space in your knowledge sea, closes me in inside, like this you can extinguish at any time kill my soul, moreover you want to make me notice that outside I can see outside, you do not want to make me notice that outside I cannot see outside.” The day spirit second child said. You did not fear after I took the thing, has killed you?” Xia Tian asked. Did not fear, because this is my final opportunity, moreover I confessed all matters, if you also kill me, you having a mind demon will appear in the future, you killed a waste to cause the heart demon, did you think the value?” The day spirit second child asked. Good, I promise you, I will look for a good body to you in the future, but, do not have my idea, extinguishing that otherwise I can be relentless kills you, regardless of when the time comes you put forward any condition to be useless with me, in the face of the life and wealth, I forever chooses the life.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, said it and meant it.” The day spirit second child hears Xia Tian these words also to relax. Xia Tian opened a shackles in own knowledge sea directly, he closed the day spirit second child in the shackles directly: Now I asked that your first issue, does know the crevice prison?” Knows.” The day spirit second child said. Xia Tian immediately one happy: Told me the matter of crevice prison.” Crevice prison is the spirit world first big prison, he belongs to the demon domain, that inside has detained three in innumerable Expert, it is said in can only enter, cannot leave, naturally, has been able to spend to redeem a slave, perhaps but that wealth is nine levels of cities can the anxiety, therefore had not heard until now there some people can live coming out.” Day spirit second child light saying.

How can go to the crevice prison?” Xia Tian already prepared for at heart. In serious famine can go to demon only the place, only then, that is the Rank 5 city sounds of nature city, but went to demon, the crevice prison is not good to look, knows the person in crevice prison position in demon, perhaps also only then existences of these big shot ranks.” The day spirit second child said. Deeping frown of Xia Tian, he has not thought that he obtained with great difficulty went to the news of crevice prison, finally what unexpectedly obtained was such news, he knows that the day of spirit second child will not deceive him absolutely. Moreover in the library records should with similar that he knows, therefore Xia Tian also can only know these many news now. Knew after these many news, Xia Tian was still anything does not do. Now does he go to demon to be what kind of? Demon is very big, he does not know that which the crevice prison, him does look? Can make him look for Wang Bao? What does this and bring death to distinguish? Wang Bao is the demon lord, demon first Expert, existence of legend rank. Xia Tian passes now, perhaps others blow the tone to blow him. Hateful, I was too weak.” Xia Tian longs for obtaining the strength at this time, if he has the absolute strength, he can rescue Brother Xiaoma now, can return to Earth and own family members reunites. He does not want to treat actually in the spirit world, because here throughout is not his family. He cannot receive the graduation certificate to the present, he does not know, how saw his father to say. In the past his father hopes that his university graduated. Puff!

Xia Tian seal has untied completely, the Xia Tian strength also restored, at this time sees here in confusion Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, but here is still very luxurious: From now henceforth, here turned over to me.” Right, Xia Tian now was here master. This resplendent in gold and jade green main hall was his. Was your, if outward some people asked that you could be said as my disciple, some people will not say anything, although that several old fogies could not have a liking for me, but they could not have achieved my final thing take away, otherwise they were also ashamed to the generation.” The day spirit second child said. Was right, your here treasure where?” Now Xia Tian cares is the treasure. Had the treasure he to have the method of promotion strength, every skyscraper starts with its foundation, although Xia Tian wanted to rescue Brother Xiaoma wholeheartedly, but his same also needs to promote own strength, moreover he also had many matters to do. He must go to revenge for pill emperor, helping the broken day look for the dream, found own father and mother. The father enters the spirit world compared with him first, but does not know where, but mother is a riddle. Buried treasure is a sitting room.” The day spirit second child said.