Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1616

Xia Tian wanted to arrange several Rank 3 Formation. But at this moment, his within the body as if had an arrogance. This arrogance in reminding him, on a Formation way, cannot to look down upon absolutely, therefore his in the mind presented Rank 4 Formation at this moment, at this moment, Xia Tian was a little also blurry. He confirmed that he cannot arrange Rank 4 Formation absolutely, by his present strength, although can arrange Rank 3 Formation, but cannot achieve handily, that say nothing was Rank 4 Formation. But in within the body sudden the arrogance is making him probably arrange this Rank 4 sleepy. This arrogance came from broken day. Although the broken day died, but he studied the lifetime all teaches to Xia Tian, he was Formation Master, the Rank 5 Formation master in legend, in the entire spirit world was very famous existences, list super Expert. At this time Xia Tian was provoked by Yuanyuan on Formation, his within the body also came out from in Potian the arrogance. The broken day is a super talent, if he does not die, then he has the confidence becomes the spirit world first Formation master, what a pity he unfortunately died, but this existence died, the arrogance will also exist forever. Therefore at this time Xia Tian also feels very tremendous pressure. Because he fears the consumption of his spiritual energy supply not on this Rank 4 Formation. Quite strange, are actually his these hand signals what meaning?” Yuanyuan looks at the Xia Tian hand signal puzzled, she has as if thought of anything, but probably suddenly could not think. secure and the others by the hand signal that Xia Tian that was dazzled shaking. „It is not good, Inner Strength that Rank 4 Formation consumes was too big, will want to arrange such big Rank 4 Formation to knock up me absolutely.” Xia Tian wants to stop the movement in oneself hand, but he suddenly discovered one cannot stop. Hateful, how can like this?” Xia Tian discovered that own hand fast probably became quicker and quicker. Ties the speed of seal becomes incomparably terrifying, he all swallows the poly miracle cure of mouth hurriedly, but speed that restores the speed still not to compare to consume, saw that spiritual energy in within the body must consume.

Xia Tian this time flustered. Such gets down, he spits blood unable to arrange tired absolutely. Quite quick, is actually he doing?” pill spirit completely by Xia Tian hand signal of being dazzled shaking. Xia Tian saw that the spiritual energy consumption in within the body is getting bigger and bigger, at this moment. Bang! Xia Tian Inner Strength fully restored instantaneously. What?” This Xia Tian hoodwinked, the matter occurred was too quick, his unexpectedly has not done to understand that actually what happened: Why spiritual energy of my within the body will restore instantaneously.” The movement on Xia Tian has not stopped, this time, is still that quick, but the spiritual energy consumption of his within the body is also very big. This Xia Tian stared to tighten the change of oneself within the body. When his within the body spiritual energy must dry up. Bang! Probably is keep it up is the same, in the Xia Tian dantian spiritual energy supplemented to fill once more, this Xia Tian saw, was the small insect, before the small insect swallowed his all spirit stone, Xia Tian also thought very depressed, but he finally has discovered the know-how now. Originally the small insect did not swallow his spirit stone, but helped him digest spirit stone directly. Usually he absorbs spirit stone, although restores the spiritual energy speed not to be slow, but wants spiritual energy to supplement he emptied also takes one hour completely, but he discovered that now he does not need to absorb spirit stone probably or takes the gathering miracle cure and so on. Xia Tian has discovered that own spiritual energy arranges this Rank 4 Formation only to take ten minutes to consume, at this time every other ten minutes his spiritual energy will be supplemented one time, several times Xia Tian discovered that own spiritual energy storage capacity unexpectedly is also increasing.

Consumes each time, then supplemented that this can develop own spiritual energy reserves. However does not last forever, when the small insect helps him supplement the tenth time, Xia Tian discovered that small insect unexpectedly has not been supplementing for him, was good arranges because of him slightly gathered spirit, otherwise also really wanted the misdemeanor. ! Weapon of Xia Tian Spirit Tool rank in ten has all thrown into Formation, has formed a base. Moreover Formation also finally took shape. Bang! In the hand of Xia Tian last time strikes in the ground, in the ground transmitted one to rock. Becoming! bo! When Formation has become that moment, the surrounding air coagulated, afterward a naked eye obvious light cover has formed, this light covered all covers the entire mansion in directly. Is so quick? Arranges Formation not to need to spend least 45 days of?” pill spirit puzzled asking. „, Simpler Formation is quicker, he arranges possibly is Rank 1 Formation, therefore is so quick.” Saying that Yuanyuan disdains, in her opinion the speed of Xia Tian lineup is so fast, definitely has arranged preliminary Formation. He just started to guess that Xia Tian definitely bullies the weak by relying on powerful connections, here the pig nose inserts the green onion, feigns ignorance. Shouted!” Xia Tian has not spoken, but lay down on the ground directly. Tired!

He never has such tired, he felt tired that own all places could not say from top to bottom, this fatigue makes him only want to rest now, he wanted sleeping well, no one can disturb him. Do not rest.” At this moment the Xia Tian knowledge into the sea suddenly presented a sound. Why?” Xia Tian asked. Is the outcome that you arrange what Formation? unexpectedly has brought in that several old fogies.” The day spirit second child can only see the Xia Tian lineup, but he could not feel what completely Xia Tian arrangement is any rank Formation. „Do you guess?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Does not know, but is not absolutely simple, will otherwise not alarm that several old fogies.” The day spirit second child said. „Do you guess again?” Xia Tian is knowing the into the sea to say. Isn't Rank 4 Formation?” The day spirit second child hears Rank 4 Formation time wishes one could to give itself directly two palms of the hand: I have made a mistake, I have made a mistake, my unexpectedly must seize a shed Rank 4 Formation master.” Gives the space that you infinite think blindly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Entire serious famine inside Rank 4 Formation masters do not have, you are only one, you so are young, in the future you can grow to absolutely with Yu Wang a rank.” The day spirit second child also starts a little to worship Xia Tian now, before he also thinks one were only poor the point to win Xia Tian, now he knows, at that time also difference far. Master, the is that you arrange several levels of Formation?” secure opens the mouth to ask. Child crosses the acrobatics of each family.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Also calculates that you had self-knowledge, knows what one arranged was the child crosses the acrobatics of each family, looked that I broke your Formation now, pill worked, gets down the vice minister to select the memory, can win me with Formation nobody.” Saying that Yuanyuan disdains.