Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1617

Yuanyuan may have at this time self-confidently. She has recognized, Xia Tian arrangement definitely is preliminary Formation, otherwise is impossible to be so quick. Although she does not know actually what Xia Tian arranges is any Formation, because preliminary Formation also has, she is impossible to grasp completely, but preliminary Formation forever is preliminary Formation, she momentarily can explain. She as if not worry to explain this Formation now. Because she must show off, making pill know her fierce spirit on Formation. In her opinion, pill asks the Formation master to cope with her to bring contempt upon oneself spirit simply, because in the entire day Lingshan was stronger than her Formation on nobody, Formation arranges to need to spend a lot of time, does not favor to the words of war, she did not fear that pill spirits. But a Formation arrangement needs to spend on several days, truly to war is impractical, nobody will wait for your several days saying that makes you arrange Formation to fight with all might with you again. Therefore her rank only in fifth, even if the fifth position is also others embarrassed challenges her to preserve. Works like pill, the jade, Yuanyuan their three are the special talented person, therefore everybody is not willing to challenge them, everybody is willing to be on good terms their three. Idle talk are really many.” Xia Tian lies down on the ground said. Is, how you with vixen, stand that to shout abuse in public, have the skill to break through the enemy lines.” secure very impolite saying. Snort, I must make you have a look at anything now to be called the true Formation master.” Yuanyuan cold snort, she moves toward the position that Formation was at afterward directly, when she arrives around Formation, carefully looked: Well?” Well what? A bit faster breaks through the enemy lines.” secure shouts. What Formation is this?” On Yuanyuan's face suddenly one startled, because she suddenly discovered one stand , in front of this Formation probably is a child is the same, ability that has not revolted against slightly.

Breaks through the enemy lines normally first seeks for the spiritual energy root from Formation, then breaks through the enemy lines directly, but she discovered that this Formation unexpectedly slight spiritual energy flowing, not having kept her from starting. Like this, not to be how impossible, is impossible not to have the flaw.” Yuanyuan to the present had not discovered that this Formation is several levels of Formation, moreover she discovered place that one any cannot start. That true Formation normal university person, do not look at this, begins, is in a big hurry quick, we wait to look.” A secure face badly smiles looks at Yuanyuan. No, is impossible, is impossible not to have the flaw.” Yuanyuan lifts her fist directly, she wants to attack this Formation to have a look to have the fluctuation, good to discover the Formation flaw from this above. Yo, the Formation master will also go to the force to break through the enemy lines.” Shaking the head of secure disdains very: I also think that the Formation master will only break through the enemy lines using the Formation method.” Snort, I must look at the fluctuation of Formation.” Yuanyuan cold snort, fights with the fists afterward above Formation. Bang! At this moment, Yuanyuan's body has flown upside down directly. What?” On the Yuanyuan's face has written all over inconceivable, Formation unexpectedly her attack rebounding: „Is this possible? Actually is this Formation of what rank?” At this time secure and the others have doubts looks to Xia Tian. They have also discovered the difference of Formation, a moment ago Yuanyuan that if hits on Rank 1 Formation should direct shatter be right, even if Rank 2 Formation should also have the vibration, the Formation that but Xia Tian arranges not only does not have the slight fluctuation, but also her attack rebounding. Comes out to mix, said that makes you unable to go back, certainly will make you unable to go back.” Xia Tian lies down in ground leisurely and carefree saying. Hateful, I do not believe.” Yuanyuan stands up to continue toward Formation walks, she revolves around that Formation keeps, but Formation does not have the slight fluctuation, is unable to start, her first time has the feeling that this type is unable to start.

Why, why can like this.” Shaking the head that Yuanyuan keeps. She had said is Formation Expert, day Lingshan first Formation Expert, but she now is living hits own face, still in that boasted a moment ago one are the true Formation master, making these people favor. Finally now her means do not have. Moreover she experimented a moment ago, this Formation can rebound the attack, she currently really has the family unable to return. Bored, that Formation Expert, are you good, was not good we to walk, continued to watch the fun does not have the meaning.” Very optional saying, he finally vents anger safely now. Before he had the strength unable to use, he cannot go to begin to a woman. Therefore at that time he can only look that pill spirit was bullied by Yuanyuan. Now was but good, he even without beginning also to be able very relaxed vented anger, saw the appearance that Yuanyuan worries now, he thinks very crisp. pill spirit also thoroughly vents anger now. Before Yuanyuan, does not have in her there little rampantly. Is impossible, the impossible boundary unable to find, I am the Rank 3 Formation master.” Yuanyuan is unable to accept this fact, Formation that but after all she day Lingshan first Formation master, unexpectedly is arranged by a white clothing disciple now baffled. This regarding her is a serious attack. Will not arrange 1-2 Rank 3 Formation to say one were the Formation master.” Xia Tian lies down there very optional saying.

Actually this is Formation several levels?” Although Yuanyuan does not want to acknowledge, but she knows that she is unable to seek for the boundary, that only then an explanation, this Formation has surpassed his cognition. But she is not willing to believe now. After all Xia Tian arranged the Formation time to be too short, in such short time should unable to arrange strong Formation to be right. Oneself guess, was right, pill spirit Senior Sister, you may probably favor the family, do not enter the thief.” The eye of Xia Tian has not opened, very optional saying. You were saying anyone.” Yuanyuan hears the meaning of Xia Tian indirect insult, unusual anger. For you were worried, still bellows to yell in this now, does not know in the evening which you must live, was right, your thing all could not take probably.” Xia Tian light saying. You. pill spirit, do not go too far.” Yuanyuan does not have the means only to go with Xia Tian to talk with pill spirit. Goes too far? Has?” pill shook the head spirit: I did not think that we are very optional, you just started to challenge me, finally we broke your Formation, now we give in your mansion arrangement Formation, this is very just.” You.” Yuanyuan is speechless. Good Formation, good Formation, not to know that several of us old fogy can try?” At this moment the vigorous powerful sound appears together.