Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1618

When hears this vigorous sound, the people turn head completely, only then Xia Tian also lies down there is motionless. He was too tired, moreover he knows the person who who was. These old fogies peeped there are very long. Master teacher's younger brother the one's teacher's older brother is good.” secure and the others respectful saying, their scarlet two Junior Brother all are Master, although is Master, but they together have not seen Master, moreover their masters usually do not meet with them. Em.” One line of four old men nodded. Snort, third child, fourth child, fifth child, sixth child.” Saying that the Xia Tian culmination of spirit second child knowledge sea is not feeling well, his has been complaining at heart these Senior Brother younger brother these years have not gone to visit him, have not gone to manage him. That several scarlet disciples are saluting, but Xia Tian this white clothing disciple unexpectedly lies down on the ground. Xia Tian, a bit faster gets up.” pill has kicked Xia Tian spirit gently, at this time their surface advance party, but the big shots in day Lingshan, the mountain of day Lingshan advocate peace several elders, absolutely best B figure. However Xia Tian unexpectedly does not get up the salute. Scarlet disciples must the salute of little darling, that Xia Tian this white clothing disciple unexpectedly also dare to lie down on the ground. This is disrespectful. Ok, making him lie down.” Mountain main light saying of day Lingshan. Heard Shan Zhu of day Lingshan saying that several people very surprised, a white clothing disciple did not get up the salute is disrespectful, but the mountain advocated unexpectedly to give this privilege. This was also too good. The mountain advocated unexpectedly to give him privilege. Master!” Yuanyuan looked to the day spirit fifth child, he was the masters of honor roll all disciples. This is a lesson, although you are the scarlet disciples, keeps aloof in day Lingshan, but you in the entire serious famine, can only be the talents, cannot be Expert, say nothing in the entire spirit world, you were clear, outside the person had the person, one should always strive for better.” The day spirit fifth child teaches said. I knew, Master.” Yuanyuan said.

Xia Tian is still lazily lying down there, the meaning of not having gotten up. That four old monster moved toward Formation directly, when their hands bump into Formation, on four people of faces simultaneously one startled: Rank 4 Formation.” Hears Rank 4 Formation these four characters time, all people have been shocked, Yuanyuan almost directly collapses. Rank 4 Formation, is Rank 4 Formation, your lunatic, you is a super talent big lunatic.” The Xia Tian knowledge into the sea day spirit second child shouts loudly, in the Xia Tian knowledge into the sea what he is unable to investigate the Xia Tian arrangement is any Formation. But at this time that four old monster said. Xia Tian arrangement is Rank 4 Formation. Rank 4 Formation at the serious famine is a legend, in the entire serious famine also only then the Rank 5 city sounds of nature city super Rank 4 defend Formation, moreover it is said this was past sounds of nature city all families gathers capital to find the person to arrange together. The price is very expensive. Entire serious famine inside Rank 4 Formation masters do not have. But at this time white clothing disciple unexpectedly of Xia Tian this day Lingshan arranged Rank 4 Formation, moreover only used for one hour to arrange this Rank 4 Formation. Too also too exaggerated. These four old fogies are also a face strange looks at Xia Tian. „Can several of us try?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan looked that asked to Xia Tian. Casual.” Xia Tian lazily saying. Good, several of us old fogy is impolite.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said that moved toward Formation directly. At this time secure and the others have not spoken, although their several are the scarlet disciples, however in day Lingshan Shan Zhu and the others the front, they must be low-key, after all among them is not a rank. In the entire day Lingshan has a person to be able with the mountain of day Lingshan main and the others the direct dialog.

This person is the honor roll first Abao. He is an exceptional case. He is an exceptional case of entire day Lingshan, in day Lingshan the best B disciple, it is said that he has been decided as the mountain lord in next day Lingshan, moreover he is also is honored as god's son's person. Had once legend he to inherit from the Ancient old monster. Also some people said that he is a God's favored one, ascended the sky the person who selects. However a little confirmation, he is one has the big destiny person, he can lead day Lingshan to move toward magnificently. The before mountain hosts in day Lingshan arrive at Formation, looked, afterward fights with the fists. Bang! His attack was rebounded instantaneously, but he had already prepared, therefore these was shunted by him directly: Truly interesting, this obviously is one Rank 4 sleepy, but can actually rebound the injury, the strength that uses is bigger, rebounds is bigger, moreover Formation as if no limit to be the same.” It seems like this Formation cannot strong broken, his limit is very as if big.” Day spirit fourth child light saying. Only if our several day and night the attack that here keeps can break it, the probability that otherwise breaks through the enemy lines forcefully was too low.” The day spirit fifth child said. Each Formation has the weakest place, so long as we found the weakest place to be able to break.” The day spirit sixth child said. Their several watching that gathers round Formation to keep, the experiment, disappointedly turned over to finally. secure, the time drew near, held me to go back.” Xia Tian present body did not have strength, therefore he can only make secure hold him to exit. Em.” secure this time has not called Master, perhaps after all the day spirit fifth child, his name is Master Xia Tian to bring to Xia Tian here troublesome. I authorized you not to have the time to limit in the fourth institute.” The mountain main start to talk of day Lingshan said. The words that the mountain hosts in day Lingshan said were the imperial decree.

He said that did not have the time to limit, that Xia Tian naturally will not receive to punish. „, I sleep.” Xia Tian said that the lying down ground must open rests. „Does boy, you name?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. Xia Tian.” Xia Tian light saying. Your does Formation learn from whom? unexpectedly is so abnormal.” The mountain of day Lingshan main asked again. Oneself study.” Xia Tian said. „? One study can also be so fierce?” The mountain of day Lingshan main does not believe obviously. Father is very low-key.” Xia Tian lies down there very optional saying. Father! Low key! These two glossaries were too sensitive, Xia Tian unexpectedly dares the mountain hosts with day Lingshan to say the father, moreover his unexpectedly added own low key, had the fourth institute surrounding the mansion of others scarlet disciple, added the low key? What is main, Xia Tian unexpectedly dares in the mountain of day Lingshan main front saying that is the father. Hears this name time, a mountain main brow wrinkle of day Lingshan: „Have you gone to that place?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he understands, that place that day Lingshan Shan Zhu said is the palace of day of spirit second child, moreover this father is also the pet phrase of day of spirit second child. This that several old monster simultaneously looked to Xia Tian.