Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1619

Xia Tian is still leisurely and carefree lying down there. That person how?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. Died!” Xia Tian said. Died?” Mountain of day Lingshan main puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I bury personally, before he dies, makes me ask you, why has not gone to visit him.” Xia Tian light saying, these words are not the day of spirit second child let ask that but Xia Tian knows that the day of spirit second child wants to know this answer. Reason that 200 years, we did not visit him are because past years, if were not he, the seventh child will not die, the Boss will not retire.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan look at Xia Tian to say. These were needless to say with me that I cannot convey.” On the Xia Tian mouth said that but in fact this is helps the day of spirit second child ask. Thanks!” Xia Tian knows the day spirit second child in sea to say. Does not need to thank me, actually you should already know the answer.” Xia Tian responded: I do not want to know that your pasts, you know in heart well.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan looked at Xia Tian, without the speech, their several continued to study Formation, Xia Tian has shortly after fallen asleep, but secure and the others naturally also can only stand there. After all Shan Zhu and the others here, they cannot go ahead. Here this time most awkward was Yuanyuan, her oneself stood there, was unable to walk, like pill spirit and the others, pill did not work their several people also to study Formation, chatted, only then she there specially awkward. Xia Tian does not know how long one have rested, when he wakes, the person was exposed, only then secure sits in his side. How long have I rested?” Xia Tian asked. Close three days? Master, you also really can rest, I have not seen have slept the person who you are more fragrant.” Saying that secure worships, in him thinks that Xia Tian is legendary figure, sleeps rests compared with others well. Possibly was too tired, was right, did you say a moment ago for several days?” Xia Tian has lifted the head.

Three Heavens!.” secure very optional saying. „Is lying trough, three days, that today the entrance big ratio?” Xia Tian asked. Yes, Master, do not participate in that entrance big ratio?” A secure face strange looks at Xia Tian, he thinks that Xia Tian participates in the entrance big ratio is bullies the person simply. Naturally must go, moreover low-key is better.” Xia Tian said that has stood directly, but he discovered that his body unexpectedly is very weak, this stands has almost not thrown down, he understood, this Rank 4 Formation is very big to the side effect that he brings: secure, asked your matter.” Master, has any matter you to tell.” secure strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Carries me to participate.” Xia Tian present has not recovered, he did not hope to waste stamina again, moreover his present speed cannot follow, he feared to be late. Relax master.” secure carries Xia Tian to run like outside directly. secure speed is quick. He after is scarlet list second Expert, first Expert besides Abao. Abao in day Lingshan is only a legend, actually everybody does not regard him at heart is the scarlet disciple, but existence of Advanced, but secure is different, secure strength is more reasonable, letting the following these people also a little expectation. Master, your extraordinary, you know really after you have fallen asleep, what happened?” secure said at the back of Xia Tian. You are silly, I have fallen asleep, knows that what happened.” Xia Tian is very speechless. Master said right, after you have fallen asleep, the mountain advocates their several to find the way to break through the enemy lines, but they have not succeeded, finally can only leave, Yuanyuan also comes up to ask Shan Zhu to help, finally you guess how Shan Zhu did say?” secure asked. Does not know.” Xia Tian is coordinating. Mountain lord said: You also saw, we cannot break, your oneself try to find the solution.” secure very happy saying.

Yuanyuan this time had the family unable to go back, moreover her thing part in this No. 5 mansion, part in No. 3 mansion, cannot take now, No. 3 mansion pill spirit did not let, No. 5 mansion displaying Formation surrounded by Xia Tian. Her not only thing with, went back the place that rested not to have continually. It can be said that this time she was in the scarlet list most miserable one. In the first institute. How Xia Tian has not come back, his competition must start, if has not come back to the time, he must be eliminated.” The blood anxious very saying, he has often sent for looking for Xia Tian. But did not have the news. Now he most is worried was Xia Tian because of coming back late to lose the quota. Hey, the blood often, your person cannot come, did not come directly to admit defeat.” 200 th group of Leader of said. The person of 100 th group to war is the 200 th group of people. This is above has divided. Finally the first group to fighting the 100 th another group, and so on, the person who wins is disrupted, redistributes. Day Lingshan white clothing disciple altogether 300 groups, one group of three people are 900 people, in other words first time must eliminate 50% population to the war, only then 450 people can be promoted. Time has not arrived, you worry.” The blood often said. „, I thought that your person feared.” 200 th group of Leader of said. This time Xia Tian has gotten down from secure body: Do not go with me, your this clothes attracted attention.”

secure after is the scarlet disciple, sees him at the back of own words, who also dares to compare with oneself, definitely will cause not the small stir, Xia Tian does not plan in strong that in front of the people displays. Good, master keep it up.” secure has given a Xia Tian encouragement look. Fuck! Xia Tian scolded one. Came, came, the blood often Senior Brother, Xia Tian came.” 100 th group of brothers excited shouting of. Finally came.” Blood often excited saying. „, Came to come, as for excitedly became this.” Saying that 200 th group of Leader of disdain, because his match is Xia Tian, he is not great, lets give the team member the quota. Therefore he is participating. But his match Xia Tian. „Haven't I been late?” Xia Tian goes forward to ask. No, the time was just good.” The blood often said. I come to power first you.” 200 th group of Leader have swept Xia Tian, afterward his diving posture jumped up directly the arena, the movement has formed a coherent whole, the movement was charming, making the person seem has a Expert style. The arena is two meters high. Xia Tian saw 100 th group of brothers, then awkward flexure scratching the head: „Can brothers, look for a ladder to me?”