Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1621

In the first institute white clothing disciple strength strongest generally is about cauldron Rank 5. Person strength that this time attended the competition between cauldron Rank 4 and cauldron Rank 5, match who if, Xia Tian really has usually not cared about this rank, but he cannot raise the air/Qi now, moreover in this type greatly compared with above he cannot extremely in dazzling. Comes up is the strength of 45 types of element, that definitely will be regarded the monster. His lifetime principle is low key. Next had referee, if the support does not live, you called the referee.” The blood often reminded, although he knows that the Xia Tian strength was good, but this time match had 15 people after all. Moreover currently the body of Xia Tian also has the wound. Therefore he is quite worried. Relax.” Xia Tian sat there has rested a meeting, probably after one hour, the competition ended. At this time the remaining people altogether have 450 people. This time starts is 15 person arenas, then can only have a person to win, in other words this round competition only the remaining 30 people, hundred people of teams underwent two rounds screening only to be able the remaining 30 people. After one hour, Xia Tian draws lots, above writes 15. In other words, he carries on the competition in No. 15 arena. This time arena compared with on the beforehand arena big ten times, but well in highly is also two meters, otherwise the Xia Tian ladder insufficiently grew. Brothers, I must come to power.” Xia Tian looked at a blood often to wait for the person. keep it up!” The blood often now said words that worries about were useless, he can only give Xia Tian keep it up. You feel relieved.” Xia Tian was saying while has moved to nearby ladder the arena. Saw that his action everybody has no way to feel relieved.

On the arena needs to depend on the ladder, thus it can be seen, the Xia Tian situation really is not quite good, Xia Tian the action has also caused in the arena the attention of these people, these people all are bewildered look to Xia Tian. Hello, time that anything, you one will hit does not need to manage me, you hit your.” Xia Tian awkward saying. This person has the strangeness.” The people on stage looked to Xia Tian. One will compete to start to kill him first.” Does not know that is who proposed, all people nodded finally. Stops, feeds, do you do? What kills me first, amn't I long Shuai Dian? Leads also to have the mistake? Why must cope with me first.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well. Because you were too strange.” Volume, like my this person seems the moonlight in dark night, how is unable to block from my vast ray, my life maxim is the low key, has not thought that I was so low-key, but can also bring to others' attention.” Shaking the head that Xia Tian keeps. As if is regretting to be the same. Heard his words, the blood under stage often waits for the person almost directly to collapse, Xia Tian also was really Top Grade. Such crawls on the ladder arena to be low-key? This attracted the attention of all people, is this low key? Other 14 people on stage as if were looking game same looks at Xia Tian, they have decided that so long as competes together gets rid to Xia Tian from the beginning, then carries on the tangled warfare. This is the custom of tangled warfare. Who seems most noticeable, first kills anyone, is looked whose strength is strongest, everybody once more unites, gets rid to deal with this person together. The referee is not the disciple in day Lingshan, but wears the blue Chinese-style gown, above writes a big sentencing character. First said contest rule, the competition presents the casualties to be unavoidable, but remembered was unable the voluntary manslaughter, if saw that the opposite party has not revolted against the ability to call a halt obviously, otherwise not only deprived the qualifications, will also be delivered to enforce the law hall.” The referee said that the vision took a fast look around after the surroundings continues saying: Was good, I rubbish, the competition formally starts, loses the combat capability, or the falling down arena calculates that loses.”

In his mouth started two characters just to fall, that 14 people on neat has fired into Xia Tian. Lying trough!” Xia Tian saw when such scene stares slightly: Paternal grandmother, is you forces my.” Xia Tian in the normal condition is absolutely is now impossible to defeat these many people, therefore he must leave the method, sees only his right hand to wield, compounded drug presented in his hands, him throws the compounded drug afterward directly to the middle of opposite that 14 person. The speed of that 14 person is quick, in an instant they rushed to the Xia Tian front, but they saw compounded drug at this moment. Explode! Xia Tian both hands pinch, give a loud shout. Bang! A formidable explosive force erupted from the compounded drug directly, at the same time, in the compounded drug projects the white flame, the white flame speed is fast, might very big, penetrated the arms and bodies of these people directly. Moreover the penetrated place is also burning. Puff! The scene blood light four shoot, 14 the bodies of people have all flown upside down, at the same time, their bodies all start to catch fire. These people difficultly are all resisting the flame. Treads! Xia Tian moved toward one of them, afterward a foot kicks on the body of this person: Long commander-in-chief mistake?” That person has no time to care about Xia Tian at this time radically. His body also like this kicked out by Xia Tian.

Treads! Xia Tian moved toward the next person, is a foot kicks: Long commander-in-chief mistake? Why can hit me?” Treads! Xia Tian moved toward the third person, is a foot: Grows to lead the mistake?” Still was a foot has kicked the match, after kicking three people, he was also tired, sat on the ground directly rests: You get down, I was too tired.” At this time these people have the wound, they are unable to continue to fight, the flame is firing their bodies, Xia Tian the one who attacks in pill to put is the day fire, the might wants to be bigger than the ordinary flame, moreover explodes time is away from them to be too near, the strength of inside air compression is also very big. Bang! Bang! Bang! These people have jumped down the arena, they know that they lost, although lost was not very willingly, but they have not been able to continue to resist the Xia Tian next attack, they must process the wound immediately, otherwise later will leave behind internal injury. Won! Xia Tian second round is promoted once more, moreover what wins is such relaxed. Although everybody saw, he does not win depending on the skill, but with any thing sneak attack, but itself competes has not forbidden any hidden weapon class the thing, therefore Xia Tian won. „Do you name?” The referee arrives at side Xia Tian to ask. Xia Tian.” Em, congratulates you to be promoted, tomorrow ballot competition.” The referee looks at Xia Tian light saying. Xia Tian, some people snatch your ladder.” At this moment, under the stage some people shout suddenly.