Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1622

Heard the ladder to be snatched, Xia Tian has stood hurriedly: Paternal grandmother, the father many does not think that easily such an already low key can also the act high and mighty way, your unexpectedly snatched my ladder.” Robs robs, looked for one not to be good again.” The blood often said. Volume, good, I cannot overtake in any case.” Xia Tian helpless saying. That person is hopefully the person who this year takes the new person king.” Referee light saying. „? Is he very fierce?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. That is natural, if he wants into the black clothing disciple, he already became the black clothing disciple, he to participate in the entrance compared with intentionally did not challenge the black clothing disciple greatly.” The referee answered, obviously he knew about this white clothing disciple. That also snatches my ladder.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well. Possibly he thought that party comes up to be very charming.” Referee helpless saying. He does really does not understand that why the present white clothing disciple such will like playing the commander-in-chief. After Xia Tian went to the arena, directly returned to own residence, in the 100 th group of brothers of only then a Xia Tian person entered first three Shijia, therefore everybody gave Xia Tian to celebrate. Xia Tian, congratulates you, you were really bring honor for our 100 groups.” Blood often excited looks at Xia Tian, he was still worrying Xia Tian wound can have the issue, but now looks like, Xia Tian is very fierce. In this case unexpectedly can also win the victory of competition to enter first 30. Luck is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Your this was not luck is good, is injured has also been able to win the competition, but Xia Tian you must the limelight, this time top three not be simple, that three people were established Expert, they did not challenge the black clothing disciple, to become the top three of entrance competition, then exited to participate on behalf of the entrance, goes to dispute with the disciples of other entrances, when the time comes has won not only can praise to set up ten thousand, will also obtain the massive contribution coins.” The blood often said. Contribution coin?” Xia Tian hears the contribution coin time at present one bright, obtained the contribution coin to be equal to obtaining all in day Lingshan, he trading market does not dare to stroll before: How many can obtain to contribute the coin?” So long as it is said wins the least probably 10,000 contribution coins.” The blood often said. These many!” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright. 10,000 contribution coins enough Xia Tian spent. Therefore their three talents will not challenge the black clothing disciple, moreover their Realm are below cauldron Rank 5, although their Realm are only below cauldron Rank 5, but their true strengths may continue this, I heard that our presented an ultra extremely white clothing disciple, the strength of that white clothing disciple even can defeat the yellow clothes disciple, he is a super talent.” Blood often light saying. „Does white clothing disciple defeat yellow clothes disciple?” Xia Tian stares slightly, the strength of yellow clothes disciple generally in cauldron Rank 8 above, moreover must be the talent very formidable person, but unexpectedly presents the white clothing disciple who has been able to defeat the yellow clothes disciple now. Right, the remaining that two people are not simple, their battle efficiencies are very formidable, therefore wants to obtain the top three can be said as the unusual difficulty.” Blood Chang Jiang know all told to Xia Tian. I listened to the referee saying that snatched that person of my ladder is that super talent?” Xia Tian thought. Em, his name is the crown prince, your ladder is he robs, this is very good to understand that the appearance of crown prince is charming, it can be said that in day Lingshan most graceful person, generally speaking he, so long as thinks that can increase the charming matter to do, today he saw you compete party thought that was too graceful, robbed your ladder.” Blood often light saying. Also leads compared with me?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking. Volume!” The blood often waited for person awkward flexure scratching the head: You have not led, was right, besides the crown prince, another two people are called Tang separately three and sword demon.”

Em!” Xia Tian nodded, he has remembered the names of these three people. In day Lingshan is really the crouching tiger , hidden dragon, first did not say these scarlet disciple each strengths are the super cows, solely was in the white clothing disciple unexpectedly hid these many Expert, if were not this time entrance big ratio, they will not come out. After Xia Tian has rested for night, the next day spirit was better, although has not restored, but will most at least not run like before several steps on panting: Today should also be two competitions, is good because of does not fight continuously, otherwise my body will not perhaps be able to endure.” Xia Tian understands, although blood Chang Zhi said the crown prince three people to him, but can intrude the first 30 people, does not have a card in a hand without any. They not only strength formidable, but also the talent is also very good. Therefore they all have Expert of card in a hand. The white clothing disciple when carries on the competition, the black clothing disciple is also carrying on the competition, naturally the yellow clothes disciple also had the competition, this competition is this, the white clothing disciple finally only then the first three people can represent the entrance competition, the black clothing disciple also only then first three can replace the entrance to compete, the yellow clothes disciple also similarly is only then first three can replace the entrance to compete. Finally the competion between scarlet disciples not so was simple. What they compete is Formation, Pill Refining, the refiner, the element resistance. Xia Tian keep it up, after your competition ended, we look at the competition and competition of yellow clothes of disciple black clothing disciple.” Blood often excited saying. „Can we also watch?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally has been OK, moreover they compare be slower than us, therefore the white clothing disciple selects the top three, the competition of black clothing disciple and yellow clothes disciple will not end.” The blood often answered.

Good, should be able the remaining eight people, to compete today from now on to be similar tomorrow.” Xia Tian nodded. 100 th group of all brothers whole staff of send out, they must give Xia Tian keep it up, they understand that the Xia Tian goal absolutely is the top three, although the top three has the platform, Tang three and sword demon three people. But they have been full of confidence with Xia Tian. Today's competition should very be interested.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Meanwhile, the Sawon-ri surface had an important matter, all scarlet disciples all do not have cultivation today, has not gone out, Yuanyuan also hid in her cohabitant mansion. Bang! A bang transmits. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I went out finally.” The sound has spread over the entire fourth institute together, the entire fourth institute all disciples all understood, day Lingshan is going to raise the sanguinary rule once more.